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Signing Up [Mission/Private]

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Job Details:
Job Name: Infantry!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview:
Both Emperor Yoshiro and Gao Yuan Zu have been actively recruiting soldiers to their respective sides. You hear of the recruitment process and decide to join one of the sides, however you must first go through some basic training before you are ready to face the enemy! Report to the Guard Captain of your chosen side to start your training and before part of the Infantry! *+2 influence to the side you choose to join*

Enemy Name: Footsoldiers x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description:These men hardly look like seasoned warriors, in fact they seem to be fresh off the farm! They hold their wooden swords in a sloppy stance as they face you in mock combat!
Slash ~ using the wooden training sword the footsoldier slashes at you aggressively, dealing D rank damage.
Defend ~ the footsoldier uses the small makeshift shield to block your attack!

Having discussed with the rest of the group in which direction they would take action, Zadi headed off to the nearest training camp controlled by Gao Yuan Zu's forces. They have been actively recruiting for their respective sides in hopes of mounting a proper offensive against one another. No peaceful negotiations as it would seem.

Having arrived at the camp, Zadi stopped by the guards. They asked what business he had there and Zadi was honest with them, "I'm here to join the forces of Gao Yuan Zu." Such a simple response warranted a simple reply.

"How do we know you're not a spy?"

Instead of giving a cheeky answer, Zadi just tried to make himself seem transparent, "You may search my person for any evidence of foul play. If that is not enough to convince you of my loyalties..."

Zadi then proceeded to prostrate himself in front of the guards, probably not something necessary in the first place. However, Zadi read a little about Kou culture during his secret studies at Magnostadt and if he knew a thing or two after all, then prostration is important for not only an apology but also for trust. To begin with, Zadi did not have any ill intents, but he didn't want to be interrogated too much during his stay here.

219/1,000 words




"Alright! We get it. Now get up and go to the Guard Captain's tent. He'll train you to become a soldier for the honorable Gao Yuan Zu!"

"Thank you, gentlemen."

And with the prostration complete and some awkwardness having ensued, Zadi made his way to the Guard Captain's tent in the middle of the camp. Zadi explained himself yet again to the guards guarding the tent and made his way through. The blonde, pink kimono wearing warrior stepped inside the tent, spotted by the Guard Captain for this camp.

"I heard you outside. So you want to join the fight for Gao Yuan Zu? Welcome. However, you don't look quite like a soldier just yet. Meet me outside in a few moments while I finish something up in here. You'll need basic training like the rest of the recruits. Dismissed."

Zadi bowed a soldier's bow, he thinks, and left the Guard Captain's tent. He walked around towards the designated training area and prepared himself to be trained. Seeing the fighting style of the other recruits, Zadi decided to only use his sword, Rukh Slayer, for this situation.

413/1,000 words


Rukh Slayer:
Signing Up [Mission/Private] PoQBm2s
Name: Rukh Slayer
Tier: A
Type: Sword
Appearance: A 90 cm long sword that is a mixture between a rapier and a saber. The blade is 55 cm long with the rest of the sword, the hilt, being 35 cm long. The sword is curved like a saber, yet is also straight enough to be comparable to a rapier. The part of the blade closest to the hilt is curved away from the hilt to allow for opposing weapons to slide off the blade. The guard spans the entirety of the hilt, being only 3.5 cm away. However, the guard is hollowed out to allow for more space in case the wielder has a large hand which technically makes the most hollow area 6 cm away from the hilt. The guard also features protrusions to allow for extra sharp punches. The sword is made solely out of a light metal found near Magnostadt.




Zadi unsheathed his sword Rukh Slayer and prepared to show what he's got. Perhaps he would be good enough to get a very important position? No way of knowing until Zadi proved himself capable enough to be seen as important, obviously. Anyway, Rukh Slayer was drawn but the Guard Captain didn't think Zadi was about to show his true skills. The fancy shield on Zadi's back indicated Zadi's proficient skill with using a shield, but the minimal number of scratches indicated either one of four things; Zadi is fairly new to fighting, the shield is new or hardly used, the shield is made of a scratch resistant material, or Zadi knows how to use his shield well enough to minimize damage to even the shield itself. The Guard Captain wanted to find out new rather than later for obvious reasons.

"Hey! Use your shield and this wooden training sword."

Zadi looked over at the Guard Captain in surprise but complied hastily, catching the wooden sword mid-air. The booming voice jolted Zadi's hearing a little, scaring Zadi a little. Zadi couldn't remember the last time he was yelled at so vigorously. Regardless, the commanding presence of the Guard Captain and his voice really shook Zadi's core. One 'hey' is all it took to get Zadi to use his shield and a wooden sword. Not that Zadi was against using his shield, but Zadi didn't want to put in more effort than he had to. Zadi grabbed Rose from his back and held it firmly in his left hand whereas Rukh Slayer was sheathed, replaced by the wooden sword now laying within the grasp of Zadi's right hand. Nothing complicated, just the way Zadi preferred.

"Y-yes, sir."

Zadi stood ready to battle against a fairly new recruit, a foot-soldier so to speak. Zadi wanted to get this over with quickly, so when the foot-soldier came running in with his own wooden sword, Zadi simply swatted away the strike with his issued wooden sword using his parrying skill Flexible Centipede. Zadi then quickly bashed the foot-solider in the face with his shield using the technique Tackling Beetle. Simple one-two-punch, right? Zadi didn't know exactly what a 'one-two-punch' actually entailed, but what he just preformed felt like a 'one-two-punch', more or less. Anyway, the foot-soldier stumbled for enough time, allowing Zadi to kick the solider in the gut and knock the wind out of the poor guy. The Guard Captain was impressed enough to send another three soldiers into the fray rather than just one at a time. Zadi had proved himself worthy of being a legitimate soldier, but could he be more?

"More? Hm, alright."

Zadi thought he only had to fight one foot-soldier in order to at least become a foot-soldier himself, but Zadi guessed he showed enough to strength thus far to warrant more testing. So then, the three soldiers came in at the same time, still with wooden swords. One from the left of Zadi, the right of Zadi, and finally the last came from Zadi's front. A triple strike capable of catching anybody off guard, including Zadi. However, Zadi didn't feel like moving from his position just because he wouldn't be able to block one of the three strikes using his given equipment. Zadi simply blocked the two strikes from his left and right with his shield and sword respectively, but blocked the third strike by protecting his head using magoi manipulation, Chitin Exoskeleton to be precise.

The three foot-soldiers were blocked by Zadi who did not take a single step from his position, more or less. He had to brace himself so a few inches of foot movement were necessary. Regardless, Zadi was able to block the three strikes simultaneously. Having locked weapons with the foot-soldiers, Zadi then pushed the soldiers weapons away and spun around with his wooden sword stretched out, aimed for the guts of the three foot-soldiers. Zadi used his exceptional strength and speed in order to pull off a triple knock out, making sure not to break any bones in the process. After all, restraint is important during battle, more or less.

The Guard Captain was impressed enough to draw his own, non-wooden sword in order to properly test Zadi's skill. The sword looked VERY sharp, so if Zadi didn't want to get hurt during his dragged out initiation, then he'd have to pull out all the stops. Granted, Zadi technically already used his trump card, magoi manipulation, in order to block a measly wooden sword. Anyway, Zadi raised his cracked wooden sword, realizing that his strength must have made the wood crack and splinter a little at the base of the 'blade' of the wooden sword. Nothing too bad, but perhaps a broken weapon isn't the greatest tool ever, especially against a well trained and seemingly seasoned officer of a Kou based Army.

"Impressive thus far. So impressive in fact that I must test you myself. What is your name?"

"Zadi Medmar, sir."

The Guard Captain eked a grin from the corner of his mouth before lunging towards Zadi with impressive speed. A well trained body for a well trained soldier. However, Zadi could outmatch the trained speed using his exceptional speed, sidestepping the thrust of the Kou blade. However, the assault of the Guard Captain didn't stop there. His skill allowed him to recover with a slash to Zadi's left side by transferring some momentum from the earlier thrust. Zadi was only narrowly able to block with his shield, Rose, putting a fine scratch on the fancy shield. Zadi didn't like scratches put on his shield, not even well deserved scratches. With the Guard Captain still stuck with the momentum of his sword swing, Zadi thrust with his own sword, the wooden one, in an attempt to stick it to the Guard Captain where it hurt, the gut. However, the Guard Captained decided to display his efficient style of fighting by using the momentum of his previous slash in order to twirl out of danger. Zadi then attempted to copy the previous technique of the Guard Captain, trying to slash using some the excess momentum of the thrust but didn't quite pull anything spectacular off.

Zadi's slash wasn't nearly as graceful as the Guard Captains, but it did the job, more or less, of forcing the Guard Captain to block with his sharp sword. The Guard Captain took advantage of the fact that Zadi was using a wooden sword, grabbing the 'blade' of the wooden sword after blocking. However, Zadi would have none of that and decided to left go of his crappy weapon. Zadi then went for an uppercut punch using a great deal of his exceptional strength. Not enough to kill, but perhaps that would be a problem more so than Zadi anticipated. Zadi left himself open for an attack on his right side after the Guard Captain twirled out of the way of the punch. The twirl not only pulled the Guard Captain out of the way but also allowed momentum to transfer to the Guard Captain's horizontal kick towards Zadi's unguarded right side. The kick landed, but with a caveat; Zadi quickly retreated his right arm and wrapped it around the Guard Captain's left leg, the same leg used to kick Zadi's right side. The kick hurt like hell, but Zadi had to take the hit in order to take the leg.



Zadi then punched the captured Guard Captain using his shield, Rose, with as much force as Zadi thought necessary. The Guard Captain wasn't in the right position to block and simply had to take the hit as best he could. Unfortunately for the Guard Captain, he was swiftly dealt with. Zadi's shield ended up being more useful than the wooden sword. Funny how things turn out. With his face bruised and battered, the Guard Captain congratulated Zadi on a test well passed. Zadi's strength showed just how tough and sturdy the blonde man could be.

"You seem good enough to be stationed as part of the guard for Gao Yuan Zu himself, but I'll have to ask someone higher up in the ranks. For now, get ready. Your strength is needed elsewhere, regardless of whether or not you become stationed with Gao Yuan Zu."

1,000+/1,000 words


Signing Up [Mission/Private] DighFOH
Name: Rosé
Tier: A-tier
Type: Kite Shield
Appearance: A reforged, 150 cm tall and 90 cm wide, kite shield made from a light metal found in the "land of purity", though the actual name of the location has yet to surface. The shield is 2 cm thick making it all around light and easy to carry. It has two straps and a grip for easier and more comfortable maneuverability. The design on the shield is an array of pink roses. Having been reforged, the former wear-and-tear has been replaced by a shiny gleam. An extra addition to the shield includes the the pink cloth on both sides of the shield in order to keep the shield light but cover a larger area for surprise attacks. The cloth is placed behind the shield, over the grip and straps, and starts at the top going down 150 cm with a 40 cm width.


The Tackling Beetle
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Shield facing the target.
Scaling: Status Length increased by 1 post for every 10 stamina added to the total cost.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 | 10 stamina

    The user tucks their shield close to their body and punches a target's head. The shield-punch doesn't deal damage but it disorientates the struck target for 2 posts. The disorientation doubles the reaction timing of the affected target.

The Flexible Centipede
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Drawn sword at the ready, tip pointed upwards.
Scaling: Amount
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 | 5 stamina

    The user uses their sword to catch and swipe away an incoming attack, aka a parry. The parry only works with physical attacks up to D-tier. After a successful parry, the sword returns to its original position.


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