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Inhumane Actions [Job]

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Job Name: Baby Bandit
Job Rank: C-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Bandits have been targeting the farm lands just on the outskirts to avoid the dangers of the guards, you have been asked by the farmers themselves for protection. Shall you aid the farmers in dealing with their danger of losing crops and livestock or even their lives or shall you seek the support of the bandits for your own purposes. You could pose as the enemy army and help the bandits to lower public opinion of them. Or you can try to improve opinion of your own faction by helping the farmers. *+2 influence for your faction of choice if you help the villagers, -2 influence to your claimed faction if you help the bandits.*
Enemy Name: Bandit x 4
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: You can tell these are the lackeys they do not look that strong but know to stay in numbers. All of them wear the tater cloths stolen from others and each of them carry a short sword.
Knuckles ~ The Bandit will use their fist in a attempt to punch and deal C-Tier damage.
Stab ~ The Bandit will grab his short sword in a attempt to stab dealing C-Tier damage.

Enemy Name: Bandit Leader
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: He holds an axe just over his shoulder, cloths tattered from someone else obviously with the stains on them. He is Fanalis race, he would have a gold piercing through his lip and two on his right ear. He stands 182.88 tall and looks just as strong as you.
Axe Drop ~ The Leader will use his axe and swing it down upon you in a attempt to punch and deal B-Tier damage.
Body Smash ~ The Leader will charge with his large body in a attempt to deal B-Tier damage
Boot ~ The Leader will attempt to kick you dealing C-Tier damage
Following after the day in which Trently was tested for a foot soldier within Gao Yuan Zu's rebellion army. Those whom were sought to be strong assets were given tasks around the territory in which Gao Yuan Zu has conquered during his return. Though Yoshiro controlled a majority of the Kou Empire, Gao Yuan Zu happened to be regaining strength as an influential leader for the rebellion taking place. As a piece on the board, Trently was assigned by the higher ups within the rebellion's ranks to watch over an area with a select few of people. This was a turf war, Trently and others's vital roles were to protect farms from recent bandit assaults that are speculated to be sent by Yoshiro's faction. Upon one of the bandit attacks within these farming villages, there was one in particular that left a foul taste in Trently's mouth.

Strolling along a path with a few other foot soldiers, they conversed about the situation of the Kou Civil War. "Oi Trently! You come from the Yanaihara family huh? Sounds almost like a Kina family name, maybe your ancestors stem from Kina?" Discussing with Trently on how he might partially be from the Kingdom of Kina, Guo; a soldier part of Gao Yuan Zu's faction asks Trently. "Actually I once heard from my grandfather that his mother was part of the Kingdom of Kina. Though I don't get how the name passed down since it was my great grandmother who owned the Yanaihara name and not my great grandfather. Weird huh? Its probably best not to think about it too much. Anyways, what is going on over there?" Pointing out a suspicious group of men who were snooping around a farm in pitch black clothing whilst both hands of his were intertwined behind his head.

"Wait a second! Those are bandits! Hurry up! We can't let them get away!" Sprinting off as held his right hand on top the katana resting beside his waist on his left side, Trently attempted to stay quiet and catch the intruding bandits off guard. "Trently! Wait! We'll accompany you!" Chasing after Trently as the youth ran off in hopes of capturing the bandits and turning them into Gao Yuan Zu's faction. "If you're going to follow me then shut up cause if we are caught trying to ambush them then we'll be attacked." Hiding amidst the crops as they witnessed the men start to lay waste to the farm itself, one of the foot soldiers accompanying Trently lashed out too early. "The hell you think you're doing these crops!? Do you know how hard it takes to do all this!?" Jumping out of the crops too early, Guo ended up being cut down with a wound covering part of his arm and torso by a bandit. "Guo!" Enraged that those bandits dared to strike down Guo, Trently pounced out of the crops and cut down the bandit with one swift vertical strike to the man's arm.

Dropping to the ground within an instant of cutting the man, Trently caught the attention of four other bandits and even the family in charge of caring for the crops. "What happened? Huh!? Bandits! Ming! Protect the baby and hide!" Alarming his son known as Ming of the arrival of Bandits and to keep the baby safe. "We can't have any witnesses! Jung! Jun! Kill them all! Every last person!" Commanding a duo of bandits to slaughter every individual, the leader of these bandits had kept on ravaging the crops at a quick pace along with a grunt of his. "Hell no you aren't!" Right on the tails of the men who chased after the family of three, Trently striked at one of the bandits but missed as the man broke through the window as he pursued the son and the baby.

Unaware that the other bandit put his focus onto him, Trently's backside was grazed by the bandit's short sword. "Ergh! Out of my way!" Stumbling as he swung his blade behind him, Trently cut the bandit's shoulder with a deep horizontal wound. Focusing all of his attention now onto the bandit from before, Trently dashes into the house in which he saw the father and son fending off the bandit. Raising his blade, the bandit cut down the father and grazed the baby's arm that the son held in his hands. "I'll send you!" Rocketing his fist into the bandit's face, the bandit crashes through yet another window. "To hell!" Equipping his katana once more as he faced the bandit with a intent to kill in his eyes, Trently raises his blade and sends it down with power vertical cutting dive that left an almost life threatening wound for the bandit.

"Now to take care of that damn giant!" Roaring thoughts resounding throughout his whole head as he went right for the boss and leader of this group of despicable men. "Apply pressure onto your little sister's and father's wound!" Is what Trently told the boy as he trailed after the boss with a furious intent to raze the man alive. "What the hell does this punk want!? Jeng, take care of this brat once and for all!" Swinging his right arm outward as he pointed out Trently for the grunt can handle. "Hmph!" Dodging under the grunt's horizontal strike, Trently lunges his blade the grunt's arm and finishes him.

"Are you serious!? You can't handle a foot soldier at best? And not just that but a kid!? Pfwah! I'll handle this runt! Axe Drop!" Gripping with a fierce amount of brawniness, the gigantic fanalis man lifts a heavy looking axe and swings it down causing quite an impact. Escaping by a hair, Trently attempts to lunge at the Bandit's Leader but ended up being held back by the man's tough punch. "Mamoru Tori!" Blocking it with his katana luckily, Trently pounced back as the bandit attempted to body smash Trently.

"Kunren Tori!" Bouncing off to the side in an attempt to dodge the attack, Trently took on an offensive stance and immediately began to drill the tip of his blade into the man's arm in one deadly lunge. Digging through the flesh of the fanalis, Trently rips through a large portion of the man's arm. It was finally over as Trently defeated the bandits responsible for a majority of the bandit attacks within Gao Yuan Zu's faction. Requesting assistance of medics on Gao Yuan Zu's side, Trently was able to capture the bandits alive and save a large amount of the farm's crops. Thus bringing peace to a lot of the farms and villages among Gao Yuan's territory.

WC: 1147
Stamina: 130
Magoi: 150

Scaling listed in Costs of Skills Used

Skills Used:

Mamoru Tori
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The requirement in order to perform this defensive technique is to position the blade in a vertical position in front of his chest in order to fend off whatever incoming technique or attack is being sent at the user. The drawback is that the user must plant his feet with force in order to tank and resist the knock-backs of attacks.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 Stamina (20+ Stamina = 30)

    Torento must position his blade vertically and about a meter in front of his chest in order to fend off and parry incoming techniques and damage. This technique also resists all knock back effects of equal tier techniques, attacks, and forces due to the planting of the user's feet. This technique can tank and fend off techniques of the same tier and cut damage in half from a technique that is one tier higher.

Kunren Tori
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Trently must be able to spin the hilt of his blade while performing the technique.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 20 Stamina (10+ Stamina = 30)

    Torento must lunge or thrust his blade or sword into whichever direction he wishes while drilling the hilt and blade at the target. This causes extreme tearing of the skin and muscle that can greatly harm the target. The target has difficulty ignoring the damage and harm done due to the massive tearing, bleeding, and wounding of the whole technique.


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