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Welcome Back to Kou! [Job/Training]

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Job Name: Infantry!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:
Both Emperor Yoshiro and Gao Yuan Zu have been actively recruiting soldiers to their respective sides. You hear of the recruitment process and decide to join one of the sides, however you must first go through some basic training before you are ready to face the enemy! Report to the Guard Captain of your chosen side to start your training and before part of the Infantry! *+2 influence to the side you choose to join*
Enemy Name: Footsoldiers x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description:These men hardly look like seasoned warriors, in fact they seem to be fresh off the farm! They hold their wooden swords in a sloppy stance as they face you in mock combat!
Slash ~ using the wooden training sword the footsoldier slashes at you aggressively, dealing D rank damage.
Defend ~ the footsoldier uses the small makeshift shield to block your attack!
Discerning a massive silhouette off in the distance as he rode with Amirah inside her merchant wagon, Trently arrived at the Empire of Kou as it entered his keen sight. "So this is the Kou Empire!? Never been here before actually. How are the men?" Is what the Balbadd native; Amirah had told Trently as they advanced toward and into the Kou Empire's territory. "Anyways, who are you even supplying all these weapons?" Questioning Amirah on whom she will be handing over all these gathered up weapons that she and her merchant group have rode all the way out here for.

"These are high quality weapons for those participating on Gao Yuan Zu's side! Meaning that were heading into one of the camps of Gao Yuan Zu right now. Isn't that the Gao Yuan the previous King who your grandfather had large trust in? You enlisting in their infantry Trently?" Pondering on Trently's stance with the whole revolution taking place in the grand empire of Kou. "Yeah, its the side my grandfather had trust in but also had doubts for due to Gao Yuan's policies on slavery. Amirah, its my goal to become that man's sword and in turn I will gain the power to abolish polices like that." Declaring his stance on the whole matter and debacle that Yoshiro sprung up. "Well, we have arrived Trently! At one of Gao Yuan's infantry camps! His Guard Captain had been stationed in this camp to recruit men in the villages around here. If your planning on enlisting into their infantry then its probably best if you find the Guard Captain of this infantry camp. From here on out Trently, its all up to you. Go reap some huge rewards from that Gao Yuan guy, Trently!" Exclaiming her temporary farewell until next time to Trently as they both decided to part ways from here on out. "Alright! Will do! Ehehe, I'm off Amirah!" Waving his hand off to Amirah and her merchant group as he pounced off the wagon, Trently went in search of the Guard Captain stationed in this infantry camp recruiting men in near by villages.

Advancing forward into the infantry camp, Trently starts to ask around for the location of the Guard Captain as Trently is seeking to enlist into their ranks. "Oi! Fellas! Who you think that kid is? Looks like he comes from a decent family. Anyways, you think he is trying to join Gao Yuan's rebellion? I'll go see if he is trying to join." Approaching the lost youth, an older man in his middle aged asked Trently if he happened to be joining the rebellion of Gao Yuan Zu. "Yeah, I was told to meet up with the Guard Captain of this camp for basic training." Letting the middle aged foot soldier know about him wishing to join the rebellion's army. "Then you've come to the right place. Just follow me and I'll lead you to the place." Guiding Trently to the Guard Captain's tent as the sun began to set, gazing around, it could be seen that there were lots of newly recruited foot soldiers into Gao Yuan Zu's opposition.

"Captain! We have another kid wanting to join in! Says he wants basic training!" Alarming the Guard Captain of Gao Yuan Zu's army about Trently whom wishes to have basic training. "That young fellow? Give it to him then! We'll test out that boy's capabilities with this test. Have him go against four foot soldiers." Commanding the middle aged man to gather four of the infantry's foot soldiers to go against Trently. "Yes, Sir! I'll train the boy fit enough for the role in the infantry!" Promising to ensure Trently is ready and prepared for combat on the battlefield.

"Aight Trently! We're going to have you go up against four of our foot soldiers as training." Arranging a practice fight with four soldiers, the middle aged man chose men to go up against the youth. Having chosen a four man squad to battle it out with Trently for practice, the middle aged man known as; Shian, stepped back and observed from a few meters away. "You may begin!" Announcing the start of the practice match, two of the men swung at Trently with wooden swords as they owned a sloppy stance. Stopping the motion of one of the wooden blades by parrying the strike, Trently took this chance to slip behind the man and strike him with his katana. Cutting him in one swift horizontal movement, Trently pounced back from the three men with the second remaining from the original duo stuck close to the youth. "Doesn't seem to be just any run of the mill boy, looks to be a boy who was trained by a true veteran with the sword. Wonder if he can keep up with the next three so easily."

Examining Trently's swordsmanship from a slight distance. "Hmph! Don't get cocky boy! Swords aren't anything to play with!" Angrily assaulting Trently head on with a vertical cutting slash, Trently steps to the side and strikes the man's arm with an identical vertical cutting slash. Remaining duo of men facing Trently decided to close in on Trently and try to pressure him. Noticing this trick, Trently baits one of them as if he were about to strike and instead cuts the shoulder of the one that his back was turned around toward. Moment that Trently turned around to cut the man's shoulder, the foot soldier took no rest and or hesitation in striking Trently's once again turned back. Grazing Trently's arm as Trently bounced forward, turning around to make some distance between them as Trently didn't wish to get caught by the man's sword.

"Jumping back huh? Face me like a man!" Taunting Trently for his retreating bounce back, the foot soldier ran up on Trently attempting to get off a horizontal cut on the boy. Swiftly as if he was a leaf, ducked under the man's wooden blade and lunged his blade onto the skin the man's torso. Efficiently, Trently defeated all four of his opponents and was enlisted as part of the army's foot soldiers. "Jeesh.. This kid sure has gotten some training. What is your name kid?" Whispering the first part, Shian asked of Trently's name. "Name is Torento Yanaihara! Of the Yanaihara family! Anyways, is there any grub? I'm starving." And so like that, Trently was enlisted into the rebellion army. "Sure kid! We got some grub cooking down at the campfire, lets introduce you to the folks!" Accepting Trently as a fellow comrade out on the battlefield fighting for all the similar reasons, Shian introduced Trently around the rebel camp of Gao Yuan Zu.

WC: 1152


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