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Innocent Cherilyn!

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Innocent Cherilyn! Cheril10

Innocent Cherilyn! AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name:  Cherilyn Rosethorn
Tier: D
Gender:  Female.
Sexuality:  Straight only loves human like races.
Age + Birthdate:  15 l December 25.
Nationality: Traveler
Race:  Human. (Elf)
Specialization:  Intelligent, Life

Innocent Cherilyn! JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality: Cherilyn... what is she truly you might wonder? Well her race is elf, so she is like at peace with nature, a very kind but yet young girl! She doesn't really have the time or attitude for people who are rude and heartless. She loves being in the light she feels as if she is being reborn, like how a plant probably feels absorbing the suns beautiful rays! Cherilyn also is a hard worker the hardest worker you will probably know, she hopes to one day build two things. A Charity for the poor and a Orphanage, and to restore the lost hope in anyone who lost it at their child hood!

Cherilyn is a very cherry person get it cherry? She is also full of respect she tries to respect others younger or not she also has a soft spot for kids below thirteen. She usually ends up pinching there cheeks and hugging them, she just thinks they are so cute! Cherilyn is full of a lot of love, especially for her clan, which she thinks is the greatest race alive! She would risk even the people around her to save her own clan in a dirty fight of battle wounds.

~ She loves plants or nature anything green or full of color and life! This is mostly because of her Elf blood, which makes her like a guardian to nature itself.
~ She loves children she wants to have a baby someday with that special someone. She wants to be responsible of a new life form being brought into the world.
~ She loves fashion, believe it or not this little nature girl loves to be fashionable! This is because she loves to look beautiful!

~ She does not do well with ignorant people. This is because being ignorant can get you killed!
~ She does not do well with tight spots. She feels uncomfortable and smushed together with others and she wants to feel free and unique!
~ She does not do good with disrespectful people, this is mostly because of how she was raised.

She has a terrible fear of fires. This has to do with her race and magic, also that fire is a huge destruction to nature! This also makes her avoid fire at all cost.
People stronger then her, that is because she does not want to lose the one dearest to her heart, like a sister or brother!
She also fears losing all her clan or kin which ever you prefer. This is because she doesn't want to be the last of her kind, cause if she dies then there are no more elves!

Her main goal in life is to get stronger to be able to protect others. Mostly to protect her loved ones, and to keep her clan from dying out from betraying elves or evil people.
To get enough money to get a orphanage and charity building up and running. She wants to provide the homeless children, and hopefully they see her as a mom, with a home and the charity for the poor.
She want's to become a model or a very recognizable beautiful person. To show that elves are also very pretty just like the demons and cat-like people.

Innocent Cherilyn! ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim:  Face-Claim: Asuna. (Alfheim)
Weight:  118.
Hair Color: Long, blue and beautiful
Eye Color: Beautiful light tone of blue.
Height:  5'5
Rukh Alignment: White.
Special Traits:  Elf ears because of her blood.
Appearance:  It is very normal for this little elf girl to be wearing something close to a dress and shows quite some skin. It doesn't mean she is a slut she just finds that clothing close to nature and beautiful! She had decent sized boobs and a good curved body. She is sort of average among the Elf girls if not maybe a inch or two smaller. She isn't fat in fact she never has been! She isn't the one with muscles shes more of the strong but pretty girl. Her common clothe coloring is white and blue and a very delicate white that is.
She doesn't really have a battle stance just whatever suits the moment and time, and sometimes she seems to just stand there indemnifying the person.

Innocent Cherilyn! YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History: Lets start off the day Cherilyn was born the Elves of Gold forest had celebrated. They hosted a big festival to celebrate the Chosen elf being born the Elf who was born with the magic Gaia life and not Life magic, many elves were sacrificed to make a tribe of elves learn it long ago, they had done that to study the magic and soon they were the leaders of the Gold Elves! Anyways December twenty fifth was the date of birth of the 'Chosen' Elf she had blue hair unique from the others, the others had blonde or a forest green color!

Growing up people were very formal with her always calling her Princess Cherilyn she had asked them to call her Cheri, but it seemed to not catch on with the others! She loved her magic she spent nights magic flowers grow baby tress grow, she had been titled the Gold Guardian. When the elves mean gold they mean Gold with life and nature, sense Cherilyn was always making stuff grow and playing with baby animals they had titled her Gold Guardian. She was always on the look out for danger, if she spotted it she would tell the Elf council and the troubles would just fade.

She never really knew, what the Elves did in combat till one day the village was waging at war with Elves that betrayed and learned water and fire magic, this was when Cherilyn had to learn to fight while the waged she learned simple spells. She was a quick learner they thought she was ready, and the day she was ready the Golden Elves were losing. Although that provoked her, her eyes turned green she turned to face the people at war, she growled and then yelled simple words like. "Rise nature and show your Beauty!" With that said vines grabbed the betrayers and dragged them in the ground suffocating them. With that said the Princess had fallen asleep from the age of seven to the age of fifteen.

By the time she awoke the Village seemed to add a little technology to the culture she had checked in with the Elf council and they decided she could leave the village, sense the spell was too much for a little elf like Cherilyn she had been in slumber for a long time she had been brought back to step one learning her magic! In a month she learned simple spells and kept it at that, she was excited to learn her magic again! She then decided she should start traveling the world, or find some friends for her journey!

Role-Play Sample: The cold war waged on outside I watched the Elves and the betrayers, I wondered why would my people be at war like this it's ridiculous, Mr.Yagama taught me the spells of my magic he was a Royal Elf just like me! I wondered what was so different in us? Was it because they went off and didn't stay true to the Elf code to protect nature? No, that couldn't be it! It was another restless night for me I feel asleep, I remembered how mother told me, how we were all the same by blood but different by actions. She was a wise women, too bad she came down with a flu that was her death.

Cherilyn had wrote it all down in her diary the next day was different for her though she awoke and saw her people still at war so much blood shed, her blood boiled she had to stop the fight and save her home! She would not let it be like one of those sad fairy tales, where her kind dies and she is the last one! Her eyes went from a beautiful blue to a dark green. Vines wrapped up on all the betrayers and dragged them underground so far there bodies were crushed. The war was over she fell into slumber.[/b]

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Use the actual character template please. You're missing bolds on all of the headers, and you're missing the header icons as well (the ones with the four magi on them].

Copy and paste everything in the box below, and fill it out with your information again (just copy and paste that into the new template too). After you do that I'll check your application in more detail. :)


[center][img]*Link To Character Image Here*[/img][/center]

[b]Age + Birthdate:[/b]






[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Rukh Alignment:[/b]
[b]Special Traits:[/b]
[b]Appearance: [/b]


[b]Role-Play Sample:[/b]


Innocent Cherilyn! SJLmrwl

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Innocent Cherilyn! DDXWAWk

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Your app still has those coding errors and I'm not 100% on your history so I'll say that an admin can jump in at any time and revoke this. But the character meets our minimum standards and the character is otherwise all set and good to go!

Innocent Cherilyn! 21oyps5


Thank you all, for everything.

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The "Minimum Standards" requires that you use the template properly and meet all the word requirements. You still have to fix up the coding. So make sure that only the headers are bolded and not the information itself.

Fix that and I'll re-approve the app. :)


Innocent Cherilyn! SJLmrwl

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I checked my coding its fixed and on the word requirements I passed the requirements so shouldn't I be approved Jael <3~ Love ya~ Again thanks for letting me come...


Innocent Cherilyn! DDXWAWk

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Looks fine to me.

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