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Sara and Zax Admin Policies

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1Sara and Zax Admin Policies Empty Sara and Zax Admin Policies on 31/12/16, 04:34 pm


This thread will be updated through today and tomorrow as we discuss the different things that we could use to make this site a better place to play, even stronger than the great foundation that is already built.

Introduction: First and foremost, I am Sara. For those of you who know me, good to see you again. for those of you who don't i'll give you an introduction. As some of you can tell I am U3, as in one of the first three accounts. Originally I am the founder/partial owner of this site and I tended to keep up with the site for the most part. I'd sign on every now and lurk around every 4-6 months.  Regardless, I am here to help and run for the head admin position.


  • Magi-World: I created this site along with 2 others. Being a founder/former-owner we helped ran this site efficiently for several months.
  • Natsu Dragneel RP: I was an administrator here, helped make systems and build the site but it never really fell through.
  • Fairy Tail RP: I've been a Jr. Mod to a Head Administrator here. I've held the head administrator spot several times, and other spots on staff as well. Currently one of the longest Fairy Tail sites with a strong memberbase.

Activity: We'll to give you a glance of how my activity looks here is my class schedule for next semester. Basically any hour I'm not in class I can dedicate to the site. As well as I tend to wake up at 9:00 to cook breakfast so in the meantime I can also guarantee the time before class to be on the site.

  • Monday: 10:30-11:20 | 12:30-1:20
  • Tuesday: 10:30-11:50
  • Wednesday: 10:30-11:20 | 12:30-1:20  | 4:30-7:20
  • Thursday: 10:30-11:50
  • Friday: 7:30-10:20 | 10:30-11:20 | 12:30-1:20

Roleplaying: This itself is a separate section because I want to ensure to every member that I will not be biased as an administrator. Hence I will not be roleplaying. I will have no edge towards a certain empire and most likely will play NPC's for plots.

Plots (TBA):

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Reworking some of these policies so they're more presentable, and putting them in one big post.

Please check back later.



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