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Name: Iboni Sarkis
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Age + Birthdate: Twenty | October 13
Nationality: Heliohapt
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence | Lightning Magic

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Personality: Iboni's not one to go out of her way to establish close relationships. Friends come few and far between thanks to her tendency to distance herself, that being said; she can deal with the few individuals within a reasonable number but she does have a very distinct attraction toward solitude. Giving her the air of a lone wolf and perhaps even hostility depending on her mood, which can vary from uninterested and indifferent to morbidly amused. She doesn't make a habit of setting her true emotions out on display for all to see. As mentioned, Iboni's sense of what is funny dwells on the border of...morally could say. Although putting it like that makes it seem to be be more of a crime than anything. Simply put; Iboni's humour delves into dark humour. And at times her inputs can be seen as either disturbing or comical to those she's with she personally doesn't see anything wrong with it.

What she does in life she normally does out of self-preservation. Very rarely will she act out of the goodness of her heart for others unless it benefits her in some way or another. Having been faces with the harsher realities of life from an early age Iboni has developed a mild belief revolving around 'the strongest survive'. However, she is not exempt to the feeling of pity no matter how much she tries to ignore it. She may find herself discussed with how pitiful a situation is and resort to offering her minor assistance.

Antagonising others gives her some kind of satisfaction but she keeps a weather-eye on her own limits. She's intelligent enough to know when she's out of her depth when it comes down to facing opponents and keeps her tongue in check. In turn this means Iboni also has a cap on her rash temper and usually only finds herself giving in to hot-headedness under dire straits. A lazy-streak is something else she's got going for her. Procrastination is something she practices with a ferocity concerning certain tasks she has little to no interest in. She would much rather leave it to the last minute despite regretting doing so each and every time. At present she's dismissed it as a trait of hers that's unlikely to change any time soon. A part of her that rarely reaches the surface is her attraction toward forms of romance. It's something she'll never admit and viciously deny if ever accused. Her status as a closet romantic (and perhaps a closet pervert) will remain hidden for as long as she can keep it.


  • Cherries; Not really much to elaborate on, since it's a simple food preference. Granted there are many fruits Iboni enjoys eating but cherries are by far her favourite and their rarity in desert landscapes makes her cherish their taste all the more. As well as the juice being reminiscent of blood.
  • Reading; Whatever reading materials she can get her hands on she'll claim to be reading out of boredom when in actuality she finds enjoyment in it. As a magician she finds knowledge priceless and won't turn down an opportunity to further educate herself.
  • Sleeping; Or lazing about to be more specific. When Iboni's level of motivation reaches zero, or near it, she'll be likely to put it off and rest regardless of whether or not she's actually exerted any energy beforehand. She can't resist the feeling of comfort.


  • Alcohol; The attraction to drinking until you lose all sense. She just doesn't see it. The first tip a drop of alcohol touched her lips was the last and she very much likes keeping her head clear and thinking.
  • Dogs; Can't stand the beasts. Their penchants for blind loyalty to whoever shows them a sliver of kindness irks her greatly and sees them as unintelligent and needy beasts for acting as they do.
  • Slavery; Now she's no vagabond set on riding the world of it and letting lose every slave she can find. It's a noble dream to pursue but otherwise a foolish one. The only reason she hates it so is because she was one in the past during most of her childhood.


  • Confinement; Since gaining her freedom independence is something she treasures greatly. The last place she wants to find herself is under the rule of some oppressive master similar to her old one. On another and somewhat similar note she can't stand confined spaces. She'll become irritable and slightly panicked if she finds herself in a situation like that so if the time ever comes where she's required to shuffle through some kind of narrow passage it won't be done with a happy face.


  • Enlightenment; The mysteries surrounding existence are the questions that keep her up at night. Generally brought about by a lack of other things to ponder which leads her to want answers to the bigger questions. She wouldn't say it's an aspiration that invokes a great deal of enthusiasm in her. But with little regard for anything else in life like fame or wealth she feels it's adequate enough to look into. After all they say knowledge is power, don't they?

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Face-Claim: Tharja - Fire Emblem: Awakening
Weight: 119 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple
Height: 5'7"
Rukh Alignment: Dark
Special Traits: Several scars some shades lighter than her skin tone spanning across her back, remnants of her slave days. Typically remain unseen thanks to her cape.
Images: [x ] | [x ]
The first noticeable things about Iboni's clothing is the distinct lack of it. Well, in actuality the majority of her body is covered; only with a semi-transparent fabric.The main sections of her clothing are a navy-black and highly decorated with sections of gold to compliment her jewellery. A gold collar which her cape remains firmly attached to along with ankle, leg, writs braces and overlapped strap sandals.

As far as biological appearances go Iboni would be considered an attractive woman, with her athletic figure and exotic pigmentation. Long black hair reached the end of her back and can just barely be made out to see a smaller section in the back pinned in a minuscule ponytail. Her skin tone is somewhat lighter than Heliohapt's normal inhabitants thanks to her heritage as well as her amethyst eyes. She has been known to don extra clothing should the climate differ though not by much; merely a helm and more skirt wrappings.

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History of Iboni:
For a child who was born to slave parents it was easy enough to say that her parents never truly owned their daughter to begin with. Iboni had been dealt a rough hand by fate during the early years of her life. During the pregnancy her mother had been in poor health, leaving a bleak outlook on the resulting procedure. The newborn pulled through at the cost of her birth-mother's life, however; the child was born weak and frail, those helping had resorted to drastic measures just to keep her breathing. Looking back on it now Iboni was sure she would have been killed by her parent's master had he not been sure she carried magical blood.

Her fragility stayed with her as she grew, and as time passed she had come to know what was expected of her as a slave. Despite the toll the hard labour took on her body she saw it through as best she could and with the help of her father. Iboni was quick enough to learn that disobedience meant something far worse than aching muscles and shortness of breath. Since she had known nothing else in life it left little to be wished for; even if she somewhat envied the free people she often saw wandering the streets as they pleased. Her arcane skills were moulded under the strict tutelage of her father, the only other magician of the noble's estate besides herself. It seemed even that status was enough to elevate him in standing.

She was separated from her father at the age of thirteen, when their master saw it as unresourceful to harbour two skilled magicians when one served plenty. He saw the older slave sold to another household and it was then he began to earn Iboni's hatred in larger amounts than ever. As the years went on she had become somewhat renowned with her magic. Mostly through rumour since she was rarely permitted to leave the estate as she grew older. As it turned out this fact worked in her favour later on.

Iboni had earned the trust of the family she'd been imprisoned by from birth. Becoming as advisor of sorts to the patriarch though she didn't really have a choice in the matter. It was when said man began a travel route to venture the the reaches of the country that she set a plan of her own into motion. And she found it almost pitifully easy to execute it. Both she and her master had decided on the 'safest' travel route. Of course the fat lard of a man she called master had little to no knowledge of the trade routes his own goods travelled; he left that work to those lower on the social food-chain.

Manipulation played a larger part than she would have imagined. And there was a chance of her plan going sour if it didn't meet her expectations. While on the road she'd chosen Iboni knew of the bandits and mercenaries that inhabited it's further reaches. In making her master believe she inly held his best interests at heart and those of the convoy - mainly brutes he'd hired for further protection -  Iboni requested that she scout ahead to secure the path. The moment he said yes he'd sealed his fate. It had been a little tougher to convince them that she would have liked but eventually the group of renegades agreed with her proposal. She would lead the entourage through the bandit base, said bandits would attack and reap the spoils of their transport ans she would leave a free woman. Simple.

Since then she's remained in Heliohapt as a free person was mindful not to wander toward places she would be easily recognized. Now as the years went on and her appearance matured her status as a slave has long been forgotten, the old scars on her back serving as the only reminder.

Role-Play Sample:
Old post from a thread titled 'Slam The Door' on Behind Closed Doors:
After the course of a minute perhaps, her body began to welcome the heated interior of the building. Sliding the gloves from her hands, enjoying the sensation of their fur-lined insides brushing along her skin yet quick to miss the softness once she set them on the table. Her only regret was her failure to bring along something to keep her occupied for whatever amount of time she would be taking advantage of this obligatory hospitality.

The issue could easily have been rectified had she been permitted to allow one of her pokemon free roam of the building, but she hardly expected the owners to allow a flygon avail of their services. The thought was an amusing one though. She had in fact heard of such places that catered to the needs of pokemon, having never actually attended one herself. Even still she found it difficult to believe the larger of the creatures would be granted such.

Ah discrimination, it was potent in every aspect of life despite the contrary reasoning of those who practised it. It seemed her dearest Sol would never meet her gaze from the other end of a pristine, hardwood tabletop. Such injustice.

The welcoming scent of freshly a freshly brewed cappuccino was enough to veer her from the odd through train. It was about time too.Having not bothered to raise her head as per usual, merely awaiting the beverage to by placed silently at her side and the server dismissed; she was surprised by the voice that seemed to regard her with such familiarity. How bold.

However the smirk that threatened to tweak the side of her lips quickly dispersed once she recognized the man standing before her. Well, this was a surprise. A pleasant one or otherwise, she wasn't all too sure at this point. She was half tempted to give a cliché 'flattery will get you nowhere' reply however, it was just too early for this shit.

"'s you." There came the intellectual reply.

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I'd love to approve this app as almost everything is perfect! Unfortunately, the template calls for at least 75 words for both your phobias and aspirations v.v Please expand on those a bit more so you meet the requirements.

Sorry for taking so long to get to approving this, didn't see it get posted up D:


Thank you all, for everything.

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Whoopsie. Sorry about that, the word count for those two totally went over my head. Anywho~ Hope she's all better now.

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Thank you all, for everything.

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