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Rima's Professions [WIP]

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1Rima's Professions [WIP] Empty Rima's Professions [WIP] on 15/12/16, 05:03 pm

Rima Fahim

Rima Fahim
Primary Profession
Related Class: Magician | Beast Tamer
Profession Title: Prophet
Profession Perks:

  • The Connection - A link created within the minds of black blood-infected; connected directly to the 'prophet' nearest to them. This link allows for a one-way conversation straight from prophet themself. Those connected to the prophet will be inclined to obey their every order, as-if they were nothing more than mindless zombies. The prophet can infect and establish a link with another player or registered NPC (as long as they have consent) by performing an 800 total word-count of the process.  
  • A Beast's Blood -

  • Judgement -


Rima's Professions [WIP] BgH0fcQ
Traits Points: 0/8
Shards of Solomon: x2

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