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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

xxxxxx Diana had been spending her time alone hiking through the mountains of Kou, admiring their beauty. There were many things here that she had never seen before. The atmosphere here was much different than Reim. It was a lot harder to breathe due to all the moisture in the air. All of her companions had left her alone for the time being out in the wilderness. Her loneliness starting to consume her. She was constantly reminded of the time she was put out in the wilderness of Reim to fend for herself as part of her training. In the Corvus family, when a child has their thirteenth birth day they are to undergo a trail of life or death. Their peers had used all the years until then to prepare them for this moment and those who fail aren't worthy of holding the family name. Diana was fortunate enough to be the daughter of the alpha, Marx. He taught her all she needed to know so she was prepared to face the wilderness alone. She could never forget the crippling feeling of the lonliness she felt during the month she spent out there. But it was then she met Bellona.

xxxxxx She spent a few hours scouring through the terrain, taking notes on the various lifeforms that roamed the rocky slopes. Her footsteps soft and mind cautious of her surroundings. A feeling of being followed swept over her as she started seeing figures pass through the brush in her peripheral vision. They certainly weren't humanoid. Quadripeds of some sort. Diana stopped in her tracks, waiting for whatever beast that was stalking her to come out. It was certainly taking it's time but she was staying on her toes. She had stepped into this things territory and it didn't intend to let her simply pass through. Diana slowly dropped her bag onto the floor and rolled her shoulders back, preparing for a fight. A giant beast jumped out at her, knocking her down into the dirt. The struggle was primal-- everything she did was natural to her. The beast clamped it's jaws down on her arm, tearing at her flesh. She used her body to turn the tides and send it crashing onto it's back. It instantly let go of her arm and began kicking her to get her off of it.

xxxxxx The force of the kick sent her up and falling back onto her bum. She used whatever energy she had to scramble herself up on her feet. They circled around each other slowly a few times before going at it again. It was a dominance battle, neither of them intended to kill unless they had to but they didn't want to submit. After a while of fighting she finally won. Her flesh was all torn up, bleeding. Every breath was a struggle but the beast was finally subdued. It's ears back, tail between it's legs. She towered above it as it bowed in submission. The fanalis sat down in front of it, rummaging through her bag for some bandages and water to clean her wounds. It would be a miracle if she didn't get some sort of disease from this animal. As she got a better look at it-- it was a wolf of some sort but looked more like a bear. The thing was huge. It laid down next to her, calm and sore from their fight.

xxxxxx When it turned night it pawed at her and whimpered. The beast wanted her to follow it. Her whole body was shaking from the chill in the air and the pain she was feeling. She followed it into a shallow cavern where there was a lot more of it's kind. She spent the night there, huddled with them for warmth. Their saliva had a healing property to them. Her wounds were thoroughly cleaned and almost healed by the next day. Diana spent about a week or so with the pack, learning how they lived and what they ate. They treated her as one of the pack for the time. She even helped them hunt the local wildlife. Growing closer to these animals was important to her. After a few more days they felt stronger than ever. It was almost as if they came closer together from her being there. It was mid day and they were preparing to go out on a hunt. She recognized their speech patterns of grunts and growls a lot easier now. While she couldn't directly speak to them, they led her through body language.

xxxxxx Out in the forest they spotted a lone elk, separated from it's herd. Diana was nervous about letting the pack hunt this one. They weren't quite as fast compared to the young, strong elk. This one was a fairly large male that would likely put up a fight if they went after it. But the pack was confident and already closing into the beast. The elk knew right away it was being hunted, it's head lowered ready to protect itself. As the pack charged at it, other elk came out at them. It was an ambush of sorts. Diana was astonished at how smart these animals were. The fight went on for a while, Diana tried helping but was always zoned away. A few of the wolf-bears died as they were stomped upon and rammed by the elk. She was on their side-- she couldn't abandon them. They were slowly becoming outnumbered as the elk killed them. Some of the elk were defeated already but there were just too many of them. Diana managed to get in there, swiftly killing the beasts without much effort due to her strength.

xxxxxx After the battle was over, the pack made it back to their den with their dead in tow. Diana helped carry the corpses away from the battlefield. After a few moments of mourning they were then carried to a small grove in the forest. It was littered with skeletal remains but the flora slowly grew over them making it eerily beautiful. They spent a few more moments howling their deceased family members until returning. For the next few days the pack wasn't eating much, perhaps in respect for their dead or out of sadness. The fight had given them a reality check-- they weren't quite as strong even with Diana there. The fanalis realized her stay there had been too long. Diana picked the strongest out of the whole pack, submitting to them for them to take over the leadership. At first the animal was surprised but then took her offer, placing it's paw on her chest and howling. She took a another week to prepare for her trip but left them happy that she helped them find themselves. They would prove to be good allies in the future if she would ever need them. For some reason, she felt a bit like her father. After leading such a strong pack-- it left her feeling more connected to him and her ancestors.

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