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Midnight Skies

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Job Details:
Job Name:Day 1
Job Rank:
Job Location: Imuchakk Village
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The job is simple. A 5 day contract with the night watch. Join two other Imuchakk guards to watch the entrance of the village at night and prevent any wildness animals from entering. The imuchakk people should really learn to build better walls. Regardless it's an Jones honset work for a decent pay. Fire day let's hopes nothing bad he nothing bad happens.

Enemy Name: Northern Bear 
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Abilities: Maul: The bear used both is claws to attack the target. Causing 2x D-Tier damage. 
Pin Down: The bear launches at the target inflicting C-Tier damage and target will be immobilized for 1 post. 

Equipment Brought:
Name: Rampaging Crystal World
Tier C-Tier
Type:Ring Blade/Charkram
Material: Rampaging Unicorn Scales, Special Alloy Steel.
Appearance: The blade of the ring is dull on the inside but sharp on the outside, allowing Xandros, to swing it around without injuring himself. Using the scales off the rampaging U unciorn to place special alloys metals along wih it. The OVerall width and weight of the weapon is, 42in = 1.07 m, and 60lbs = 27.22kg

An day after the events of an group of Iweth lions attacking, Xandros had begun his plans to join the 5 day watch. The morning day light was bright, and sunshine was brenching through his houses curtains. Sipping on some cool water from an mug, his parents had just woken up and greeted their son with hugs and kisses. This making Xandros's laughs, before he returned to his room and gathered his equipment, basically his chakra rams, placing them on his belt. Tieing his hair in an quick lose fashion with thoughts of his new contractor thinking many possibilities could happen. What if theirs an bear? What if I grow bored? Are we gonna have food ?  Not really knowing why he thought of the last one like that but reassuring himself that he can do it.

Word Count. 136/500


Midnight Skies FFpaX6R

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Xandros, gather together an Lunch in the kitchen after getting together his equipment. Lately the winter has gotten worse, so he needed to bring warmer clothing. Not having much of an wardrobe technically, having the same kind of fabric style since he was little, he should've questioned his parents opinion on his style until now. Closing his eyes about this until rotating and circling his finger in the air with an thought, shortly walking out the kitchen with an bag of food for the job. First thing first, he needs to go sigh the contract and get the 5 days in for this little job. 

Heading over to the guards hut, or barracks to meet the contractor to go over the papers and assessment. Feeling giddy from the getting a new job, he just been someone who helped his people, but this...this would allow him to officially join the ranks of his people for a short amount of days, getting the same feel for the love they express while protecting those he or she loves. Festivals weren't something he been too in his life many times, but it couldn't hurt if he went to the next grand festivals of the villages. His charkrams jingling at his side, before stomping down into the white snow, his shoulders having bandages on them. Crunching through the snow, moving all the way to the barracks to get ready and file out he papers for his contract. 

"Hello there Xandros, today the day you start your 5 day contract. You ready?! " the captain explain, dropping an small stack of about 10 pieces of paper. " I'm excited for the nights watch, I heard it can really shape someone into shape. " speaking to the captain, looking down at the stack going over the terms and such. Both men shared a couple of chuckles, Xandros grabbing an feather with ink scribbling his name down on the line signing the contract. " Come back later tonight, Xandros, hahah everything will be good and ready to do " Standing near the exit, showing Xandros out and shaking hands. 


Later that day. Xandros was walking out to his post shift, when loud snarls were heard from the gate. Two Guards holding their horns out to guard themselves against what seemed to be a snowy white bear?, blending in with the enivorment. Jogging over to the others who's on watch alongside him, he thought of helping scathing off what became clear to be a bear without a doubt. Unsheathing, and Sprinting, Charkrams taking into his hands, gripped firmly as he Slashed diagonally  into the bears pelt and fat, nothing too deep but weaving through his/her flesh to injury it. Loud huffing from the northean bear begun to come from its mouth with warm mist coming out its mouth, as it stood tall on its hinge legs, Rotating and Crashing down on the second guard, leaving Xandros and the first guard to attempt and pry it off him while it crushed the man. Scaling the hits for another two slashes on the besr, left side opposite to the first indicated spot, causing more damage and wounding it worse than before, Kicking with the first guard to knock it off the guy. The bear noticing it can't handle this kind of strength, feeling and now fearing for its life, limping and leaving a trail of blood away from the gate. Xandros making sure the second guard is okay, the night going back silent, as morning quickly came nothing further happening. Xandros went home to retire and get some sleep.
 Wc: 500+/500
Stamina: 130/150
Magoi: 70/70 
Scaled: Once +10 Stamina to Slash I

Abilities Used:
Slash I

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive 
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires the usage of the Ring Blade. 
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 :: 0

    Xandros, wielding a ring blade would slash diagonally into his opponent dealing D-Tier Damage.


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