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Fly High [Travel to Kou/Private]

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Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
It could be quite scary if you weren’t used to ride a giant bird that could bring you up really high on his back. But not for Tenma as he grinned the moment Garuda brought him up so he could be close to the clouds, he felt somewhat free and alive as he felt the wind roughly caressed his cheeks. Luckily the swordsman was wearing his cloak, protecting his head from the heat as he went past through the harsh climate of the land of sun. He prepared some supplies that he needed as well as he travelled through the sky with Garuda, making sure they had enough food and water for their journey. They would be heading to the dock first though after doing some of not a real flight as he wanted to get used to ride Garuda first.

He would stop by at the mainland area first and it would take 2 months to travel by boat, even though he could just use the giant bird, it would be safer if he used boat for now because it might be hard to find a place to rest. It was a long journey indeed and it was kind of boring sometime in the ship, luckily for Tenma, he could ride Garuda and enjoyed soaring through the sky once in a while to erase the boredom. Once he was arrived to the plains, the swordsman would quickly buy all the supplies that he needed from the traveling merchant that he met and would begin to ride Garuda actively toward Kou. It would take around 6 months for him to reach Kou but at least he won’t be alone in this journey for now thanks to the giant bird.

Sometime when he was soaring to the sky with the bird, Tenma looked sad as he wondered if he could find his sister there in Kou. All attempts to find her in Reim didn’t work… as well as in the Heliohapt unless he got the access to know who all this slaves that was registered there. Probably going to Kou could give him some clue and he honestly thought that he need to find someone that had an ability to find someone else, it would make it easier to find his sister.  But he had a promise to fulfill first, he needed to help someone to create a country even though he would need to be in a disguise. The only reason why he wanted to be in a disguise was to protect his identity if somehow they managed to create the country. He believed that some people wouldn’t be happy if they knew that he was still alive and freely lurking somewhere, but that was not a worry at all.

The first thing that he would do wouldn’t be heading towards where Solomon would be first though, he would wandering around the country to see what was new. He would use the opportunity to see if some layout of the capital had changed or not, that might be useful for later just in case. So far the travelling with Garuda went kind of well, they didn’t really get any problem during the travel and the supplies was enough for both of them. The bird was kind of friendly towards Tenma and he could say that Garuda didn’t really become a burden to the swordsman at all, in fact the avian creature had been helping Tenma in a lot of things. When they arrived, Tenma would release Garuda so the bird could head and find the master although he didn’t know if the Imuchakk had arrived to Kou yet or not. But here he was… in the capital of Zou.



Fly High [Travel to Kou/Private] XNsy1xt

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