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Academy Joining

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" Father I made it, been an couples months since I been gone. Knowing this I'll just be happy with being able to further my magic. " Itum, would be speaking to himself in the back of an passenger carriage. The day was pretty warm for an nice evening the sun getting ready to set, Itum playing with his specter like an airplane in the air hearing the horses on the outside coming to a halt. The carriage man speaking loudly from the front, " Young Sir, we have arrived in Magnostadt, City Of Magic! Please enjoy your time here and thanks for riding with are service. " Stepping out the carriage, the young boy looked around to notice the gate as his eyes pondered at the small line that was formed at the entrance.

Seeing this as his moment to go enter the line, he'd quickly scatter over leaving cloud of dirt moving over there. Placing his specter on his back through the looped straps of his bag, securing it in proceeding within line as more people failed and passed some test. Looking in the direction noticing an expectionally large man holding an club or hammer in both hands testing some sort of ability. Proceeding further into the line people would either be celebrating passing or furious with disappointment as they shouldn't and swore toward the man. The pressure feeling intense but Itum just keep his thoughts to himself, feeling that it was just something uanessacry to have thought about being this is his dream. Being after the next guy taking the test, Itum took out his specter and begun to think what the test is for as went over his spells.  

"Next person trying to enter the city of Magnostadt, please step forth. " The large man with the hammer, having a soft tone behind his voice as he spoke. "Place forth your Borg, for display. If it breaks you shall not pass into the kingdom! " speaking once more to young Itum, as he just stood there readying himself. Channeling the rukh around himself, instantly placing up his borg with the wave of his specter. Itum held his specter out like an sword ready to recover the strike, the large man Rised his hammer and swung striking downward colliding with Itum's specter and being reflected backwards shortly from the clash. Itum passing his test, is guided through the doors of the gate and shown the great city with awe along his face. Standing just beyond the gate he'd begin looking at the dazzling buildings and advance and modern clothing of different people.  


Tier: D-Ω
Specialization: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Once the Borg is broken or damaged, it requires 3 turns to recover.
Scaling: Cannot be scaled
Sustain: No sustain limit
Cool Down: N/A
Cost: 5 Magoi

    A sphere of hardened magoi surrounds the user in an instant. It will defend against damage equal to its tier before shattering.

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Intrigued by all the new enviorment Itum almost forgot the reason of what he was doing there being fulfilled with all sorts of excitement. Looking around the city, stars in his eyes walking over to what seemed to be a regular citizen of the city. " Excuse me, ma'am but could you direct me to the Academy ? " he'd asked the lady with a puzzled look. His borg from before dispersed. "Yeah, its over in that direction, Young boy. It'll be quicker to find an professor. " Not knowing what said professors looked like, Itum wondered to himself as he'd continue to explore the wonderous city thinking this fairly is the perfect place for him to work his creatively side as he grew in the academy once he or if finds it. Strolling alongs the street with an large grin along his lips, he'd stumble into an tall women, with an black hat, the top was pointy and she wore a large gown. "Sorry ma'am didn't mean to stumble into, im new haha" chuckling while dustying himself off than scrumbing an soft cloth against his face multiple times within that transaction. " Hmph, why are you here little child.." Exmaining him a little more closely. " You must be trying to join the academy or a traveling magician?" Assuming things of the young boy.

Itum just stood there looking at the woman as he continue to wipe himself. " Sorry about that, I dislike the touch of others on my body. But Mhmmmm I'm looking to join the academy. " speaking cheerfully to her. In respond with arms crossed, " If your looking for the academy, travel towards that way and you should be able to find some people looking to join " her left index finger pointing in the general direction. " Alright, usually isn't there a professor there? At the entrance to help people? " he question.

"Sorry Kid, I just know the direction of the place. If your done talking with me please head there so you can test in. " she not trying to come off mean but telling him to go. Itum bowing than walking off in the direction of the academy. Arriving their shortly seeing the academy in the distance, feeling overjoyed to have finally arrive at the one place he dreams of getting his dreams accomplished. Heading to the front of the building, looking for the entrance exam place searching around until he asked some people who seemed to be enrolled pointing him in the direction. Pulling up to an booth, an man speaking said "Demostrste your magic ability, young one" Itum hesitated first than raised his specter and circled it around as a light yellow magic circle appeared and an projection of light beamed down into the floor showing the brightness and concentrated beam burning and marking the ground. " Well done, you make enter the academy under the 3rd Kodor. " Itum jumped with a cheer than regained his composure, taking the kodor badge and walking further into the academy to find his dorms. Thus starting his school life.

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