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A Fateful Encounter from Kou

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1A Fateful Encounter from Kou Empty A Fateful Encounter from Kou on 30/11/16, 02:21 pm


A crowd of onlookers were cheering as a local to the Reim city, Hector, was in a brawl with a warrior from the Kou empire who was there looking to find men who were willing to fight for Yoshiro, the current Emperor of the country. It had become common knowledge lately that a war was brewing in the distant country as its former leader resurfaced after being dethroned and looked forward to reclaiming his throne. However, as always Hector was a bit behind on the knowledge if current events. The only reason he even made contact with the foreigner was because he noticed him and thought that this man would be a great challenger to go up against, and he was correct.
Hector was happy in the brawl, more than happy, thrilled even. He has never seen moves like this before the stranger was pushing him back which was a first for him and as much as he hated to admit it, he was losing. This warrior was a master at various styles of martial arts, some that could only be learned in Kou. If it wasn’t due to his brute strength and durability he would have been defeated long ago. The man kept throwing blow after blow in a speed that was almost as fast as a fanalis and all Hector could do was block or evade. The man finally lands a blow that connect with his face and sends him falling back into the wall.
The crowd gasps as they have never seen Hector be punched much less defeated. The man looked at the young man he just punched and laughs, “Hahaha you put up a much better fight than I had thought you would young man, you will be a fine warrior wonce you hone in your skills”. Hector stands up with a scowl on his face,  he hated to lose it was one of the things he both hated and feared the most in life, yet he must admit he did enjoy the battle it had been awhile since he found a worthy opponent. The man looks back at him with a grin and speaks again, “If you ever have a chance you should travel to the Kou empire and fight for the great and honorable Emperor Yoshiro during the civil war.” What was it the man just said? How had Hector not heard about war yet? “What do you mean about war in Kou? How long has it been happening and who is the Kou Empire warring against? Speak up old geezer and explain.” He replied to the man. The people that had not left the crowd were chuckling at the spectacle Hector was making. It was common for him to speak his mind and be upfront about what he thought. The man chuckles again and replies, “I see now that you seem to be quite behind on the current oncoming’s of the outside world. Well I can tell you all about it if you are willing to discuss it over a drink.” Hector nods, “Sure there is a tavern just a ways down this street.”
They both walk down to the tavern and they find a table and Hector ordered drinks for the both of them. “Alright you have your drink now so speak up and tell me about this so called war that is going on in the Kou Empire.” He says after taking a large swig out of his mug. The large man laughs and nods, “Okay okay, hold you horses there young man and let me drink some first.” He takes a large swig as well and than his face and tone turn serious, “So I shall inform you on the current emperor of my nation first. His name is Emperor Yoshiro and he is a great man who took the throne from a power hungry man that was his father. He is a smart and kind hearted leader, one that the Kou Empire has needed for countless years. He is currently trying to abolish all slavery from the country just like your country of Reim has. But recently his father, who everyone has thought to be dead after the uprising lead by his son, has finally returned and he is leading a revolt and he is trying to take back the throne. He is talking to the citizens of the nation and he is causing a rift throughout the nation. So I plead as a kinsmen of the country for you to take up arms for a nation that is not yours and fight for the freedom of slaves and the end of our cruel past.” The man finishes his drink than stands up, “Well, I must now bid you farewell my young friend. I must now go back to my country and try to get more men.” He waves goodbye to Hector than walks out of the tavern which is almost empty by now.
Hector was now left alone in the almost empty tavern to ponder upon all of the thoughts that are currently going through his head. This was his chance, he had been waiting for a moment like this, the chance for him to finally leave his comfort area and go out into the world to find adventure and make a name for himself. He takes his mug and chugs it down quickly and slams it down into the table and cheers loudly startling some of the passed out patron. “Today I have made a decision my friends and comrades! I am going out to the country of Kou to fight for Yoshiro!” This was more than just a chance for him to make a name for himself. After seeing the skills and power of that man from Kou he is all excited to learn new fighting styles and skill from the warriors there. In his quest to become stronger than anyone this is a great opportunity to gain skill and power all the while trying to put an end to the slavery that had affected his people, the Fanalis for countless years. Like usual when he was trapped in his head he begins to talk out loud. “Besides just gaining more strength and abilities I should be able to become close to this Yoshiro. Hopefully he will be able to give me a clue to some secret way to become stronger or a clue that can lead me to some kind of a grand adventure. Well I better start preparing.” He chuckles and gets up and walks to the inn that he is staying at to prepare.

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