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Graveyard Spark [ Solo | Training ]

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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

xxxxxx Diana had found herself wandering outside of the borders of the city in the wastelands. It wasn't a place she visited quite often due to the scarcity of life. Though it was where she met Bellona for the first time many years ago. The vulture had grown a lot since then in both power and wisdom. After the coliseum fight which made Bellona almost face death itself, she wanted to go to the spot she met her old friend once more. Diana sat down in the dry dirt in what seemed like a graveyard. The air was cold and filled with the company of death. It was not comforting at all. Although everything around her was dry it all seemed to feel damp. Diana looked up into the sky to watch the vultures circle the area looking for scraps. She hadn't seen her companion much since she left to go on her own after her wing was healed.

xxxxxx Bellona circled the graveyard with her kin close by. The animals that wandered into the desolate plains left rotting corpses that they smelled from miles away. Though her nose picked up a scent quite different from the scents of flesh. It was familiar. The vulture followed it. She was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. For the past few days the vulture had been honing her body again. Her body had changed. Able to light itself on fire with just a shiver of her feathers. It terrified her at first but it soon became a blanket of safety. There was a moment during the time she spent away from Diana that she experienced the dangers of the wild.

xxxxxx Times were desperate. Food was scarce. As she traveled with her kin in order to feed herself and her chicks a sudden darkness filled their hearts. There was nothing to be found. It was sudden. Her own kin turning against each other to ensure their survival. Bellona's mate joined in as well. He had been starving himself for days in order to make sure she ate. In fear, Bellona tried to flee yet she got caught in the slaughter. Her mate was defeated. His corpse devoured within seconds. They went after her with speeds greater than her own. Finally they were onto her, ripping at her rough feathers. Her body flailed and sparks flew as the oils on her body bursted into flames. Bellona was terrified. Fire meant sure death in her world but it did not burn her. The vultures around her screeched as they fell to the ground, burning. The bird landed and thrashed around trying to put herself out. It took about an hour until the flames finally died down but it was then she was no longer afraid.

xxxxxx The Fanalis stretched her limbs, watching the clouds roll by as the time passed. Her companion finally found her, swooping down to greet her friend. "Hey," she said as she heard the wings beat their way to a safe landing. Diana rolled over on her stomach to greet the bird. Bellona cooed softly as she shivered in excitement. "You seem different," said Diana, stroking the top of the bird's head, "And feel different." She noticed her feathers were a lot oilier than before and much rougher. After the bird was healed by a shady magician after the fight, the bird seemed to be anatomically different. Thankfully, her personality was the same as always. Bellona scooted closer to her to huddle for warmth. Diana smiled and planted a soft kiss on top of her head. She sat herself up so she could hold her friend closer to her. The bird slowly nodded out, cooing in delight. Diana stroked her body as she reminisced about the time they first met. It was a memory she was quite fond of. She remembered the way her father yelled, as her younger self had brought home an injured chick. No matter what it was he always warmed up to any animal eventually.

xxxxxx The bird had been the family pet for a long time but they still respected her wishes to be wild. Her father named her Bellona after his mother due to the bird's extraordinary spirit. As time went on, the bird eventually woke, flying off into the air. Diana watched as she danced happily in the air, twitching her wings. The sparks flying off of her were magnificent. One caught an ember on her wing and she was set aflame. Diana was in shock at first but as the bird seemed un-phased she was in awe, taking out her book to sketch her friend. Bellona's new powers shocked even herself at first glance but over the time she was away she had learned to hone them. The bird was glad that her companion was proud of her accomplishments so she kept on dancing into the night. Eventually, Diana went back to the city of Reim to go home and sleep.

Training ( Bellona - D to C )
Word Count ( 500+ / 500 )


Graveyard Spark [ Solo | Training ] Bearded_vulture__collab__by_trollcreak-d7sjjld

Name: Bellona

Tier: C

Type: Normal

Species: Bearded Vulture

Appearance: She's a large bird of prey that measures 125cm (48in) long and has a wingspan of 2.8m (9ft). It has red sclera with white iris' and is covered in black, white, and red feathers.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Enhanced Smell
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: A vulture has a good sense of smell and can smell prey from up to a mile away. This bird has been trained to track not just prey but people and items as well.
Trait Effect: The beast may track up to one living thing or object that is within a 1.6 km (1 mi) radius. Weather such as rain or snow will disrupt this trait, making it unable to use until it has cleared.

Trait Name: Flint and Steel
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Bellona
Trait Description: This beast is able to create sparks by rubbing together their wings. A special oil coats their wings to allow them to set themselves aflame.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register flame body abilities.

Trait Name: Enhanced Speed
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: Despite their large bodies their powerful wings can allow them reach high speeds in the air.
Trait Effect: While in flight, the beast can travel as fast as 100 km/h and keep this speed for a few hours.

Trait Name: Heat Immunity
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Vulture
Trait Description: The oils secreted from her body onto her feathers and skin allow her to be unaffected by fire.
Trait Effect: The beast is immune to C Tier flames produced by heat magic or other sources such as herself.


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