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The Hunt Goes On [ Solo | Training ]

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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus

xxxxxx It had been a long time since Diana had gotten her companion. He towered above her higher than ever before now. His face now more defined and mature. She huddled up close to him as they traveled through the forest path. They had grown closer during the time they've traveled together. Quietly they could have a whole conversation without even having to say a word. Pluto had also gotten a lot stronger. His claws were now fully developed, able to produce a nasty toxin and he seemed to have grown in muscle mass. It was time they went for a hunt. The autumn season was just ending but there was still prey to be found. "Pluto," she whispered his name. His ears perked up as he gazed towards his master. "Let's go hunt," she said. The beast's eyes lit up as his body shuddered in excitement. His maw now dripping with acid as he tensed up. Diana smiled as she climbed on top of him. She hunched herself over  and gripped his mane tight. The slight discomfort no longer bothered the pup as he snarled, running towards a scent he picked up.

xxxxxx Pluto just kept running for what seemed like miles but she held on, enjoying every last bit of the ride. His scent made her feel like she was home. It wasn't that of a normal dog but something more ferocious. She couldn't quite put her finger on it. Suddenly he darted into some tall brush in an open field. Large black eyes peaked through the blades of grass as Pluto and the unknown beast circled each other. Diana slowly stood up on her companions back, crouched and ready to pounce with him. The staring contest went on for several minutes before finally it made a move. Diana jumped forward with Pluto, landing on top of the beast. She simply used her raw strength to stay grounded on top of the beast. Diana could see it clearly now. It was a strange creature but not a predator as she suspected. The boar bucked it's body around to get Diana off of it. It's pelt was oily enough for her to lose her footing and crash into a tree.

xxxxxx Diana was fine being the resilient person she was. For safety, she backed off for now. Pluto charged it, meeting their foreheads together. The pressure between the two built up to the point where they swiftly moved back from each other. Pluto went on the offensive as he normally did when he was unchecked. He tapped into his natural instincts and went for the boar's throat. The boar tucked it's head in defensively but it was inevitable. Pluto had it's head locked between his massive jaws, crushing it with a powerful force before letting go. The boar was still half alive, twitching on the floor. It tried to get up and run but the pain it was experiencing was too severe. Diana felt mercy for the poor beast and used her leg strength to crush it's neck.

xxxxxx "Eat up. We have more to do," she said, moving away from the corpse to clean off her boot in a small stream nearby. Pluto consumed his kill quickly, bringing scraps of meat to Diana. She smiled and shook her head before getting on his back again. All that day into the night they went on hunting, testing his new body to see his limits. The day ended with a tired pup and a proud owner with full stomachs. She spent the night writing to her loved ones; especially Minerva, telling them about her day yet again. Although they may not receive these letters, it'll serve as a diary for her adventures. Eventually she fell asleep, huddled into her friend for warmth.

Training ( Pluto - D to C )
Word Count ( 500+ / 500 )


The Hunt Goes On [ Solo | Training ] Sesshomaru_sit_boy_by_metalric

   Name: Pluto
   Tier: C
   Type: Normal
   Species: Lunar Canine
   Appearance: Pluto is a special breed of canine that was bred by Minerva Corvus. It has a voluminous white coat with a large grey mane, long ears and tail. They have red sclera with a blue iris and get their name from the crescent moon shaped mark on their heads. As a full grown male, he is 350cm tall.

   Beast Traits:

   Trait Name: Acidic Maw
   Trait Tier: D
   Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
   Trait Description: Over time through breeding, this species has developed an acidic saliva.
   Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register acidic saliva based abilities and is immune to the saliva in them.

   Trait Name: Necrotic Claws
   Trait Tier: D
   Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
   Trait Description: Over time through breeding, full grown members of this species have developed an ability to secrete a toxin through their claws that causes gangrenous necrosis.
   Trait Effect: Allows the beast to register toxin based abilities and is immune to the toxin in them.

   Trait Name: Poison Resistance
   Trait Tier: D
   Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
   Trait Description: Over time through breeding, this species has developed a resistance to poisons and toxins.
   Trait Effect: The beast is resistant to poisons and toxins, delaying their effect for one post.

   Trait Name: Bred for Battle
   Trait Tier: C
   Trait Requirement: Lunar Canine
   Trait Description: Through sheer genes, size, and good training they can pack more of a punch than other canine breeds.
   Trait Effect: The beast's basic attacks deal B-Tier damage.


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