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The Bar night(Solo)

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Dante's grin grew as he kicked open the doors to the local pub "GUESS WHO IS BACK!" Dante would say to see nobody in the pub, this was one of the oddest sights he had seen, actually not really as he sat down, the table in the back to the right, as he sat he hear what seemed like whispers "Did you hear?Kou is having a feud" was what Dante heard as his skin began to crawl on his back 'This can't be...there's no way...' Dante thought with a gulp. Dante would look towards the pub and beckon the bar maid to come, her figure was slim as she came she place a mug of ale on the table, and Dante began to speak "Sit down please" he would say as the bar maiden would agree with little to no argument.With this happening without any problems Dante would begin to speak "I have been away for a while, but I am in need of information, so if you would please...Tell me what is happening in Kou at this moment" Dante would ask his cold eyes staring into the bar maids.

The Maid would take a deep breath and begin to speak.
"T...The king of Kou...Y....You see he has ..... His son is rebelling...The state has been in the route of slavery you see, this is wrong, not only in my eyes but in his sons too, the young lad seemed to be name Yoshiro, he has built hi own army...It seems like he intends to battle his father to the death for his ideals..." The bar maid said before leaving the table leaving the ale, the ale was downed in a instant by Dante "There is no way" Dante thought to himself smashing the half filled glass against the table, it caused a loud shake as Dante's hands wrapped around his face he felt liquids slowly streaming from his eyes "IT'S SO FUCKING WRONG!" Dante would scream leaving the bar, and climbing to the top of his home located next to the bar still crying in his hands "I can't...I can't let this happen" He would mutter "I dont care what reasons these people have, killing your own family will leave wounds on both sides" Dante would speak between his sobs, never before had he cried for anyone else, never the less a entire country? never would someone assume Dante to have such emotions as he wiped away his tears with his palm "That is it" Dante would say standing on top of his roof "I swear...This fighting...Wont end either of those mens life...I make this Oath" Dante would say pulling Bane from it's sheathe and slowly slicing his palm, caused him pain but he made sure to only break skin and not cut off his damn hand as his blood would cover the steel sword and begin to drip on the roof.

"With this blood spilled, and with this sharpened blade, I swear this Oath, to end this violence, I will not let either of those men kill or hurt each other, this is my oath as a man...No as a warrior, I shall keep this Oath, even at the cost of my life or many others, I refuse to stand by and let the lives fall like live stalk, with this blood tribute, I finalize my ideals in one single motion, one single hope, a single pray rest on this....My Oath is to bring Peace upon Kou, and a quick blade that shall strike down all whom stand in my way..."

Dante would say the blood on his blade began to drip on his tiled roof his hand would bring the blade up comparing it to the moon 'my ideals....for peace...will kill me' Dante would think looking at the bar he would see two suspicious men moving towards the bar with weapons equipped, Dante would slowly climb down his house and move to the door of the pub, looking in seeing the two men holding both the bar owner and maid at knife point Dante would move quick smashing the first man with his old beer mug knocking one man out, the other got cold feet and ran from the pub, Dante let out a sigh dragging the other man to the front of the bar then returning to a hug from the bar maid and a smile from the owner "So then do I get another cup of Ale?Or maybe yaknow like twenty? I have had a pretty long night" Dante would say with a chuckle as his hand continued to bleed the bar maid took it upon herself and began to wrap the cut, Dante sighed.After drinking himself beyond drunk he began to hobble home sitting on his stairs that led to his apartment "So then...I'll be the only man to stop them...A simple low ranked warrior AHAHAHAH AHAHAHHAHAH AHHAAHAHHA .... Guess by the end of this I'll have a few more scars" Dante would say in a drunken way his words slurred as he would pick himself up moving up the stairs and into his house, running to the bathroom and puking into the toilet "Oh yeah...I can't handle my ale can I?" Dante would say clenching the toilet like it was his god.

He would say he learned something from the experience but he didn't he would drink again, the fact was he had only learned one thing, the fact he was going to try and change this war, not to better either side, no that would only hone more violence, he only wanted to better the country, stop the violence, and try and get the leader and his son to see eye to eye, by the end of it Dante would hope Slavery was gone, hating Slavery more than most but that wasn't the worst thing to Dante, it was family trying to kill each other that made him decide his actions, these thoughts would continue through his head as he would pass out on the floor.

(Wc:1000 and decided on his action in the Kou war)


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