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Course Of Action [Solo]

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Aseroth had been having some heavy dreams, his mind clouded and the music ain't playing the strings of his heart anymore. Riots and rebellions have begun to increase greatly around town lately but none has happen on his shift during the watch at night, nothing really making him find his place with the guards anymore. Aquila hasn't been around lately, but he stills ponders when he gonna met up with her once more. Raising up from the bed, sheets covering his lower body as his feet hanged over the edge. Yawning while waving over his mouth releasing a loud yawn in the progress.

Getting up from his position, body fully nude as he walked across his room to head into the bathroom. Brushing his teeth  and  washing his face, brushing over his hair than heading back into his room. Worrying about the citizens life's while finally getting dressed to go outside, placing on his regular kimono, and some sandals. Leaving out his room he passed a few close maids and butlers as they basically lived inside the house and got paided by Aseroth, for taking care of the duties. He passed his little brother and gave him a quick hug before taking leave out the door. The platinum hair waving in the wind behind him, the sun risen high and the light blazing pretty harsh this day. Hearing people gossip and talk behind they stalls and many other continue bussniess and usually still keeping their eyes peeled for action that could happen. Strolling over to the barracks to check up on the other soldiers, Aseroth came to see that no one was positioned there and it had been empty with heavy damage.

Scratching underneath his chin and continuing about searching the building noticing barely any resources were left behind. ' They must've been in a hurry or something, because I haven't seen anything like this rushed and heavily destroyed barrack before ' kicking over some rubble as he noticed a dead citizen body underneath it. His stomach feeling utterly uneasy and his head thumbing from the site deciding it was time for him to take his leave. ' What is Emeperor Yoshiro gonna do about all this suffering that's has happen. It even seems the government hasn't made any announcements on it. ' walking away from the barracks, distorted humming playing in his head as he'd rub his chin with a uneasy feelings. Afternoon coming by soon and all the stalls still bursting with business like nothing happen but the scenery on the secrets say other wise, leaving Aseroth to think about his only two friends. Reggie the bartender, and Miss Aquila Lukious, also the exception of his family this leaving him quite  anxious. Walking over to Reggies small tavern/bar for some bottle service and hopefully  better insight on all these small but large issues.

Shaking his head with his eyes closed continuing down the path heading directly for Reggie's bar/tavern, Aseroth came across a child weeping  on the street alone. Walking up to the little boy, reaching out his right hand to touch his shoulder Aseroth spoke.

" Little boy, where's your father or mother? Have they left you alone in these streets? Hmmm "

*sobbing* "M..My mom and father went to join the rebellion against emperor Yoshiro,... *sniff* I don't kn..know if they coming back... "

The boy continue to wipe with his forearm and stand there crying alone as Aseroth seemed intangible to him. His right hand still placed on the boy shoulder thinking if someone has gather all the rebels or something, it seemed less likely to know from how quite and emptied the city been without the guard over here on this side. Aseroth thinking to himself about what to do with the kid. ' Should I help him find his parents or bring him to my father estate to live there until after the what seems to be a rebellion? So many choices. Should I think like Aquila, hmmm she would first get all red in the face than twitch angerly. ' Aseroth keep thinking as the boy begun to tug at his kimono sleeve being ignored at Aseroth train of thought wasn't focused on something else. "Um.. mister could you find my parents.. I just don't want them to... to be hurt or dead. " speaking  to Aseroth, his attention finally turning toward the boy. " Could you say that again, once more please? Little hard at hearing today "

Attempting to get the boy to speak once more. " I.. I said could you find my parents. " Aseroth looking upon the boy request with a shock expression knowing he could not do so as other things were happening. " Sorry little friend, but... but I can't accept your request humbly... I can bring to my home for the time being, if you want to come " the tears streaming down the boys face as Aseroth towered over him, his expression not happy nor sad but short of unforgiving rather say. " If you have a drawing, I'll look for them if I see them in the streets or jade mountains " the tears slowly stopping as the boy ran into his home to gather a few drawing of his parents to give Aseroth. " This will be quite helpfully, little friend. " feeling a little better being able to help a little. After getting the pictures Aseroth explained where his family estate was and to told the butlers with crimson hair that you were sent by him to be a guest inside the home for a while. The little boy went back into his home to gather some belongings and head to the De Lucas estate.

Finally coming to the tavern/bar of his friend Reggie, Aseroth went straight to the counter to notice few soldiers inside but highly drunk King about something. Speaking over to Reggie to get some info, Aseroth looked upon the soldiers eyeing them.

" So Aseroth, you haven't heard of the government being pushed back. Or which I can't believe the return of Gao yu... the emperor before Yoshiro. " says Reggie cleaning out some Tankard, getting ready to serve one over to Aseroth. " Hmm really.. the old emperor has return. Hahaha you crack me up and I'm not even drunk yet, Reggie. For real though the government pushed back by whom? The citizens who barely been able to work in unison. " the tankard being placed down in front of Aseroth forearm, foam going over the side and on the counter his tongue going across his lips as he zoomed to grab and drink from it taking a large gulp. Reggie continue talking. "Aseroth, I'm serious bout this my resources say that they say a living ghost as in seeing the old emeperor ride in and turn tide on the fleeing government behind the guards. Seems like Yoshiro is in for a civil war. "

Aseroth finishing the tankard of beer. " Reggie, civil war hahaha you really got lose sources, I don't think the people have gotten that well built together yet for such thin-- " an drunken guard chiming in shortly to correct Aseroth. " Young lad, what the bartender says has officially happen. I was there fighting back the raging citizens and skilled soldiers commissioned by General/Old Emperor Gao. You best choose your side wisely young untamed buck. " going back to drinking his beer while loudly yelling back to the others. " I apologize than Reggie, your contact hasn't been untrustworthy by far as I known you. " another tankard dropping down in front of Aseroth for him to drink. " Aseroth, you best choose wisely. Yoshiro is young and barely holding this country together but have the best interest for the people. While his father has the same good intention, but wants to bring back the old tradition which had high slavery but really good conditions very good indeed. Yoshiro, still wants to ambolish slavery and better help the homeless which the old tradition doesn't do. The choice is yours my friend "

Leaving Aseroth to think about his choice for tomorrow. He continued to drink for the night afterwards. The more he drunk the more his worry went away and the good times begun to go through and through. By time he rememberd anything it was the next mourning and time for him to come to deicisons with his next course of action.  

Word Count: 1,386/1,000

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