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Julius Virgil (COMPLETE!/ Ready for Review)

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Julius Virgil

Julius Virgil
Julius Virgil (COMPLETE!/ Ready for Review) Henry_hartgold_by_sharandula-d9oazdg
Name: Julius Virgil
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Human
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Age + Birthdate: 39, April 15th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Sexual Pirate
Personality: Julius is a greedy and ambitious man. He would rather further his own goals then further the one’s of others. It is why he hates being stuck as an underling. If there’s something that he wants, he will put the blood and sweat into it and eventually claim his reward. As outright awful as pirate’s are said to be, Virgil isn’t a shoot first, think second kind of man. He will play his cards and will minimize conflict when he can, diplomacy is a virtue at times. Although his actions shoot him down as dumb and dramatic at times, the pirate has a mind that can be compared to a genius or military strategist. What makes him even smarter is that he won’t tell you that.

In day to day life, Julius can be described as a kind-hearted working man. If one were to walk up in order to talk with him, he’d probably reply with a smile. Being angry and/or being an asshole to random people just isn’t in his best interests. Although sarcasm and snarky remarks are in his dictionary at times, he comes off as a genuinely sympathetic gentleman. However, don’t take the face-value of him and expect it makes him some kind of white knight. He’s not afraid to be a feared, and sure as hell isn’t afraid to commit crimes. When he does, he’s not an idiot about it like most thugs. It’s why he’s superior to the riff raff you see in the streets and the slums.
Oranges - Julius has developed an addiction of sorts to oranges. They were his solstice at the sea and became somewhat of a drug to him over the years of constantly eating them.

The Ocean - Sailing the great tides for so many years has made him grow fond of the salty waters that cover the Earth. He always feels more comfortable when he’s on the ocean rather than on land.

Reading - Surprising but true.

Family and Friends - Julius loves having both friends and family. It always warms his heart to see someone he cares about.

Fire - He has some kind of strange addiction to fire, unexplanatory.

Being On Fire - This is true.

Riding Atop Animals - He’s never liked the feeling of some living creature under his backside.

Being Ordered Around - He enjoys being the leader more than thrown around like a flower sack.

Aspirations: Neptune - Julius aspires to be a mighty king, but not just any kind of king, a king who owns the grand expanse that is the ocean. He wishes to own it as if it were a marvel plot of land. It is well known throughout the world that he who controls the trade within the sea, controls the world. So he will hold out his large crusty hands and have the world eat from his palms!
Phobias/fears: Long Nights - Julius is absolutely mortified by his dreams. People that he loves or loved being skinned alive, people Julius has killed in the past coming back in order to scream his accursed name, and his face being pressed down into the coals of a fire are just some examples. His visions plague his mind; it is enough to the point to drive any normal man mad. His body calls for rest, yet his mind resents it. He’s stayed up periods as long as 48 hours just to avoid his inevitable slumber. Sometimes, alcohol and oranges smooth things over..
Face-Claim: Henry Heartgold - Sharandula
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 213 cm
Weight: 112 Kg
Appearance: Julius is a mammoth in terms of regular men. His extraordinarily large muscles look like they could tear a rock in half if they had wanted to. Amongst a crowd of mature men and women, you could pick him out like a giant in human’s clothing. His body is absolutely covered in different types of patching for wounds, and scars that will never heal. His face is usually covered in a thick black scruff as he neglects shaving at times. A large healed scar crosses over his nose and spans from cheek to cheek. He dresses himself within the normal standard of a sailor, a plain white cotton shirt and brown baggy pants.
Rukh Alignment: White/Conflicting
Special Features: Scars litter Julius’ body, without some of his clothes on, he looks like a monster. The pirate also has no sense of pain and has somewhat of an immunity to drugs. His left eye is made of glass and contains the ashes of Gengis.
Julius Virgil (COMPLETE!/ Ready for Review) Hqdefault
Julius Virgil was born a bastard to a royal family within Reim. His mother was a whore who slept with a washed-up prince. She had the boy under a bridge that was almost never crossed in the middle of bandit-infested woods. She would never be able to tell who’s son she had as she had died shortly after birth. Noone being around to help her through the process of giving birth to a child, she fell to sleep and did not wake up.

The boy was without food or water for few days before the bridge was finally crossed. Some miracle happened as white rukh guided an old salty sailor named, “Gengis Virgil,” to Julius. Although reluctant at first, Gengis would take the child in and claim him as his own. He was just short of retiring anyway and had no person to continue his legacy, so he let fate be his guide.

For seventeen years, Gengis raised Julius to be one of his own. Julius was taught discipline and responsibility. The old sailor had also taught the orphan everything he knew: how to talk, how to wield a sword, and how to sail. The boy was curious however, and took everything a step further than need be. Julius was incredibly smart for his time and went further. He taught himself how to read and it quickly became a passtime for him. His hobby led to him teaching Gengis as well. He learned so much within the words written on pages. He quickly learned a little bit of everything and it formed who he is, and was the baseline for who he wanted to become. All of this learning didn’t stop him from doing hard labor although; he grew up to be very athletic and strong. The old man worked him hard.

Julius had enlisted in the military at the age of seventeen. He was put down by a recruiter as a sailor, same as Gengis despite having no sailorship experience. He was in bootcamp when he was given a letter. It was from Gengis and stated that he was very sick and was on the brink of death. He requested leave and went straight home. Seven days of sitting next to his old man’s bed, clutching his hand, Julius would keep him company until his inevitable passing.

Julius used the wood-ax that he’s been using for years to chop the firewood for the burial. Gengis was cremated into ashes. Julius had slowly become determined to carry on the Virgil legacy to a higher standard.

Over the years, Julius was promoted multiple times for taking command when commanders had fallen in battle. Some were won in the hands of Julius alone, yet his records were never kept. Julius slowly developed a fault within his stars. In his sleep, nightmares of those he’d killed began to plague his mind. He reported the dreams to his officers a couple weeks after experiencing the first. He was shipped to an asylum shortly after. Inside of it, Julius was left in solitude for days on end. It slowly drove him mad to the point of him knocking down the steel door with pure brute strength in order to gain some sort of social contact.

It took eight men to restrain his hulking form while another four had to tie him down. He was sometimes sedated with drugs, but it only made things so much worse. His outbursts continued to the point where when he managed to free himself, he would kill. The doctors quickly became scared of treating him and diagnosed his illness as incurable. The reports were sent to his officers in command and he was pronounced KIA.

He was a marvelous test subject to the doctors in the asylum. It went from Julius trying to hurt others to Julius trying to run away. They stopped trying to drug him as his body was not accepting pain-killers or sedatives. They carved him to pieces and he still holds the scars to present day. He held it together by will alone.

Julius overheard a conversation in the hall outside of his confinement that he was to be soon put to death. Pictures of Gengis flashed in his head and he came back to his senses. He remembered who he wanted to be and what he wanted to do. He used this new-found hope in order to devise an escape.

The doctors never switched Julius’ bandages or chains, so he used his finger nails to slowly etch away at the steel. He did it until the tips of his fingers bled. About a quarter of a slice through one of the links was all he needed to break the wretched chains to pieces. He made it out in the night and without a second trace, he was gone.

The pirate lived on. He used all of his acquired skills and knowledge to aspire a life plan. A plan that was fueled by newly found hope and vengeance. The dreams and the scars would remain though, but he would not fall to his knees for anyone ever again.

Role-Play Sample:
The pirate couldn't help but cover his mouth with his hand and stifle a small chuckle at what the Balbadd guard had told him. They were going to fine him for tying his boat to a wooden post on their docks. The funny thing was that the only boat that was currently in his possession was a dinghy, the dock was also completely abandoned which added a little more into his laughter.
"Wait, wait, let me get this straight," he replied, continuing to giggle like a fool between breaths, "you're going to fine me for tying my ship; that ship," he continued, weakly pointing in the direction of his parked vessel, "to the empty docking station?" In reality, he'd just wanted to slide out of this debt and maybe embarrass the stuck up guards. If they hadn't want anyone to park there in the first place, maybe they shoulda done a better job guarding it.

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Erm, you'll be needing a class.
Maybe something like a Beast Tamer or a Warrior? Those seem to fit him best (in my opinion).


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Julius Virgil

Julius Virgil
I swear, I forget the simplest of things sometimes.


Julius Virgil (COMPLETE!/ Ready for Review) D0s3LPn

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[b]Name:[/b] Julius Virgil
[b]Country Affiliation:[/b] Wanderer
[b]Race:[/b] Human
[b]Tier:[/b] D
[b]Class:[/b] Warrior
[b]Age + Birthdate:[/b] 28 + April 15
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Straight
[b]Personality:[/b] Julius is, plainly put, a pirate. Therefore, he is a man of utmost greed selfishness. He puts his own personal gains above the safety of himself and those that surround him, it doesn't mean he's stupid although. He's only honest with those that he loves and/or respects. That number, however is so little. Those that he hasn't even aquainted himself too are candy wrappers, usually thrown aside after he's done with the chocolate bar within. He's a tough man with a wisecrack attitude, it's gonna take more than a nutcracker to break a salty dog such as himself. He's a handsome man, but he uses his natural good looks wrongs and sees how many easy-picking women he can bed by the end of the day. He doesn't trust anyone with anything, and therefore relies on making up stories either to elevate his position in an argument or conversation. It's also usually a new story every time. He avoids speaking about himself and his true past as much as possible. You won't usually find him in a terribly bad mood however. He's always more than happy to help people if it means to further his goals. When approached with emotional outbreaks, he'll only say what he needs to say in order to further himself into your life. That pretty smile however just hides a thief.
Plundering: He likes to feel triumphant over you as he steals everything you own.
Oranges: These are essentially his drug out on the sea, he can't ever eat enough of these.
Wealth: Gold, Labor, and Land is something no man can turn down.
Boats: A pirate can't be a pirate without a ship!
The Sea: Pirates are known to practically live on the ocean, while land is more foreign.
Those that he respects: People that have saved his life, done something to gain favor from him, etc.
Women: What kinda man would he be if he didn't like women?
Everything cute: He sometimes feels like punting things.
His Past: He hates explaining his past, and often comes up with obviously fake stories to avoid more questions.
Julius wants to be feared throughout the lands, maybe not as a great warrior or mage, but as a king! He wants to be the king of the ocean, yet that goal will long yet be achieved. He would probably need a ship first to even think about starting his journey. He wants to control the trade in the oceans, make every continent that isn't connected his puppets. He wants a loyal crew, a fantastic woman to call his wife, and a sturdy ship that can take him wherever he may want to go. So taking a dungeon is obviously in his best interests. Too bad he's a bum.
Dreams of the Past and the Past Itself: Julius, whenever provoked with this dream, which happens enough to be common for him, has a miniature seizure. He remembers it so clearly sometimes. It's constant flashbacks every time he snoozes. He can only see his ship going under over and over again, the dark figures of the damned swimming below him to reach the surface. Roaring thunder encroaching, blasting his ear drums clear out of his head. He blames himself for what happened to his crew and his ship, and his life being saved never turned out to be fair for him.
Henry Hartgold - Silence is Gold - sharandula(DeviantART)
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
213 cm,
75 kg
Virgil is a tall, toned, human male. However, he's more build towards being slim and able to dodge rather than brute strength. The pirate's incredibly handsome in human standards. He has long hair, but it's usually tied back in a make shift pony tail. Julius has a magnificent jawline which he uses to woo the ladies (and sometimes men.. unwantedly?), that's packed with a perfect amount of scruff. With a mustache to top it all off, he's got some damn good facial hair. A scar crosses his face, cheek to cheek, healed to where it's just a simple white manly scar to add to his collection. He often wears cheap old garb which always smells like the sea and sometimes citrus. He always, always, always, wears a pirate captain hat!
[b]Rukh Alignment:[/b] White
[b]Special Features:[/b] Has abnormally large scars all over his body, including his face. He's woken up with them on multiple occasions. They're most likely from his mysterious saviors.
Julius Virgil was born under a bridge that wasn't crossed much anymore. He'd been shed into the swamps. The father had been god knows where, and the mother delivering the baby herself. With a couple heaves, it was over, and a beautiful baby boy had been born in one of the most unthinkable places. The mother, was a caring woman, and had kept the child safe for the longest of times until she herself fell ill as well. Virgil didn't know either of his parents and was sent to an orphanage before he could utter any words of the matter. There he'd been raised to adulthood, where he was pushed out into the street, suited up and ready for work. He immediately enlisted as a sailor, and for five years did he work on one crew until he was promoted to first mate. The captain thought Julius a special man, and slowly widdled tips and tricks into Virgils vocabulary. Soon enough, they'd been the bestest of friends. Julius trusted no man more than him. The captain taught Julius what the orphanage wouldn't dare go near, including the descriptive sensation of a woman's warmth. He did envy that captain for the longest of times, but one night, two years after his promotion, the captain died of scurvy. They'd been out to sea for 8 months, travelling to just travel. It'd been the first mates job to take the captains role and make it to the homeland before anything else happened.
Two weeks after the captains death, mutiny occured. The crew that Virgil thought he trusted turned on him, calling themselves pirates. The few of those that wanted to protect the legacy of the beloved captain died due to them not having the weapons to defend themselves. Virgil had made a split decision and leapt out into the ocean, for facing an entire crew of men would likely end in death. Land was close enough to swim to, yet it was more of a deserted island than anything else. With a lot of time on his hands, Julius extensively trained himself at all forms of combat. Four days without sight of any ships to save him, he lost hope. He'd been starving and resorted to drinking sea water. Slowly drifting to sleep, he cursed the crew that'd made him abandon ship.
When he woke up, he was in a comfy bed. The drink clattering was obviously mugs, meaning it'd been an inn. He felt completely malnourished, he felt full and healthy. He didn't know who to thank so he simply left a note. "Thank you, you won't regret this," he promised.
There started Virgils journey as a pirate. He was still on a remote island, but this one stuffed with criminals. He amassed a posse of bandits who eventually became a loyal crew of pirates. Virgil had a sixth sense when it came to danger and finding shiny objects worth more than his own life. He became known as, Caesar of the Sea, he became so rich.
It all changed in one bad storm however, the storm was massive, the waves were ferocious, the lightning flashed enough to give seizures, and the thunder boomed. Men were falling off the ship left and right, his friends, those he trusted, dying and nothing he could do would be able to save them besides throwing himself away. The ship eventually tipped over, and all loot and cargo that he'd plundered in the 10 years he was a pirate had gone to Davy Jones locker. Death was evident, and he accepted it.
Yet, he woke up once more in the same bed as last time, ten years ago. However, the inn was empty that time, and the scars had stayed. Virgil stopped trusting people simply because those that he trusted died horribly. Now, he's just a washed up man in a dinghy who travels the seas with little purpose other than to travel.
(My apologies if this seems bland, I dont wanna go to into detail and ruin potential fun later on in the roleplay expieriance, so this is the barebones.)
[b]Role-Play Sample:[/b]

The pirate couldn't help but cover his mouth with his hand and stifle a small chuckle at what the Balbadd guard had told him. They were going to fine him for tying his boat to a wooden post on their docks. The funny thing was that the only boat that was currently in his possession was a dinghy, the dock was also completely abandoned which added a little more into his laughter.
"Wait, wait, let me get this straight," he replied, continuing to giggle like a fool between breaths, "you're going to fine me for tying my ship; that ship," he continued, weakly pointing in the direction of his parked vessel, "to the empty docking station?" In reality, he'd just wanted to slide out of this debt and maybe embarrass the stuck up guards. If they hadn't want anyone to park there in the first place, maybe they shoulda done a better job guarding it.


Thank you all, for everything.

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