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Shardfall[Site-Wide Plot]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy


In a grand and opulent space, fundamentally separated from the world, sorrowful eyes watched as the great flow gradually shrunk. For hundreds of years, the rukh of countless people had been lost one at a time. Those who died with their rukh painted black would not return to the great flow. The guardian of the Sacred Palace and creator of the world humanity now occupied, Ugo, had set laws in place to prevent this. The golden light that brought people back from the dead had been his attempts to limit the number of people who fell into depravity. Perhaps if loved ones were not so easily lost to fate, they would come to accept their lives no matter the hardship. For a time it had been working. Centuries passed and while some still regrettably fell through the cracks, the plague of despair and black rukh seemed to be kept to a minimum. However, there had also been unforeseen consequences...

The fear of death had been limited just as effectively as black rukh had. This made men and women in power all the more bold, their soldiers ever more willing to step onto the battlefield. The constant wars fought between peoples of the world had always filled Ugo with great concern. There should have been Magi who could guide Kings to unify people, but alas, an unspeakable tragedy had befallen the original three magi Ugo had chosen. The three the world started with quarreled and in the aftermath, three magi had become one, and this sole Magi had been causing mischief as of late. Going by the name of "The Contractor" this Magi was sowing seeds of chaos and cultivating black rukh in mass quantities.

Realizing that a change is needed, Ugo wearily sighed as he resolved to make his decision. "Solomon, my king... If only you were here..." The guardian djinn sighed to himself as he spoke aloud. There had been a righteous soul, Ariella, whom he'd given the power of a Magi to recently in hopes that she could turn the tide of fate back to its intended flow. But the burden was too much for a lone woman to handle, Magi or not. It was time to take action himself despite a great hesitation in doing so. Fate was already twisted from its original flow from when Ugo had first intervened. There was no telling how much good or bad a change like the one Ugo had in mind would reap. But the wise djinn saw no alternatives. He would undo the mistake made all those years ago when he disturbed the flow of fate by removing death from the cycle of life...

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It was a night like any other as fall season began to set in. Until suddenly countless streaks of light began to fly through the air. It was almost as if the heavens themselves were falling, or perhaps... crying. For hours, the night sky was alight with a seemingly endless stream of falling stars. They scattered all across the globe falling to the earth in the form of strange crystals.

Shardfall[Site-Wide Plot] HREQtj1

These shards were small enough to fit in a child's grip and were packed so densely with rukh that even non-magician's could see them fluttering around inside. The appearance of these strange objects and their strange skyborne origins instantly became a subject of great mystery and much debate. Upon picking one up, the name of the enigmatic crystals would instantly flash into one's mind. "Shards of Solomon!" along with a fleeting desire to crush the fragile gems in hand. Soon, once the value of these shards becomes known, countries and citizens would seek to hoard and gather them up. However the sheer number that rained down onto the earth that night made certain that every single person alive would have possession of at least one.

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