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In The Mix (Action, Adventure)

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The year is 1979, the world is Earth, kinda. Since the dawn of time, Humanity has been hounded and badgered by spooky monsters that didn't exactly like us all that much. We had a lot of time to prepare. Well, advance, really. After some eighteen hundred years trapped in our own little cubby hole of a city in some far off place called "Europe", we finally left, and boy did we leave a trail of destruction. Beasts dead left and right, and we did not stop there. It was finally time to colonize the planet.

In The Mix (Action, Adventure) Ai7AjSz

So, the year is 1979. America has been a thing for 81 years, and it doesn't look like this place is gonna be booming like it is on YOUR Earth any time soon, what with all the untamed wilderness and all these small towns that refuse to expand. But our technology is the same as it is on your Earth. Smart phones, smart TVs, electric cars (not that we can really use them), and all those video games and stuff. Difference being is that our attitude is some forty years behind, and the eighties are close to beginning. Also...some of us aren't exactly normal. So, there's this energy, right? Its called Skro, ya dig? Dunno why it is, but it is. So, Skro has made some of us into fine, well oiled fighting machines. We have the power to do amazing things, and we're prolly gonna end up using them for petty things, like personal squabbles and other dumb shit. After all, what's there to bein' a bombtastic ass-kicker if you don't kick ass?

In The Mix

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