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Enuns Bite [Beast Training]

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Ammon stood there in front of Enun. The practice dummy was torn to shreds yet again. Cloth and sand simply did not cut it any more it seemed. He needed a live moving target.

Ammon walked the streets with Enun at his side looking for someone to play the role of target. Finally he settled on a local tavern. One known for those who did odd jobs.

Walking in he looked around and finally sat at an empty table. It did not take long for the men to grow curious as to what a priest wanted.

"What job you got," one man said as gruff as could be. He looked ready to spit at him. However he just did so off to the side.

"Playing bait to my mongrel," Ammon responded.

The man stared at him a bit then laughed. "Yeah sure why not. A mongrel of yours can't be that tough," he barked mockingly.

"Put on your armor then and meet me by the temple," Ammon said standing. "You'll get payment once the job is complete."

Roughly a hour later the man appeared in his leather armor. He smirked at the sight of Ammon with his waist high dog. The man had seen bigger crocodiles.

"Bring it on, priest,"
mocked and pulled out his sword.

"The point is to play the prey," Ammon said frowning.

"Like I'm going to let your mutt attack me without a way to defend myself. I'm not stupid," he scoffed. It was debatable to Ammon.

"So be it," Ammon responded. "Tear," he commanded Enun.

Enun growled as he rushed forth his strong, lanky legs propelling him forward. Faster than the man could react. He had been ill prepared for such speed. He felt a tug on his armor as it was pulled away from his body. The teeth threatening to shred it as it was pulled behind him.

He turned with the pull and tried to slash at the dog. "Rebuke," the call came and the dog let go pushing his blade away as he swung down. What was with this mutt?

"Disarm," came the next call. He started to swing horizontally at the dog. It ducked under and lashed upwards. He cried out as his hand bled and the sword dropped from his grasp pushed away by the force.

"Predator," Ammon commanded. The man had not lasted nearly as long as he had hoped he would. He watched as Enun grabbed ahold of his leg threatening to cut the arteries there. The man fell back trying to pull away. His one foot kicking out at Enuns shoulder making the dog growl all the more.

"Enough, to heel," Ammon finally commanded watching Enun let go of the bleeding leg. The leather having buffered some of the damage."I was hoping for more of a fight mercenary. You won't make it far like that."

"Curse you and your damnable dog," he spat back. He struggled onto one knee and scurried over grabbing his sword before standing favoring one leg.

"We already are cursed. We serve the temple of Anubis after all. Leave before I decide to say your funeral rites. Your performance earned little reward," Ammon said. Normally he wasn't so rude but the man had insisted on making it a full on battle. And losers rarely if ever got a reward.

The man limped away not daring those canines again. Ammon patted Enuns shoulder praisingly. His bite had gotten a lot stronger to go through leather like that.



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