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Zapdos Zulu [LB]

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Bond with your first mate as only a trainer can and trail-blaze the road to championhood! Your mission is not for the weak-willed. The obstacles are many, the challenges arduous and the Enemy in the shadows devious as ever. The regions of Johto and Kanto are but a stage for the biggest play of them all. Enjoy pokémon from all regions!

Zapdos Zulu [LB] SilverStartersSepia

But of course, what makes us so different from those billion-or-so Pokémon roleplaying experiences? Would you like that alphabetically or in order of importance?

Zapdos Zulu [LB] Pokeball_Bullet A simple, player-friendly, battle system. No more calculating EXP and cringing over decimals -- just sit back and let us do it for you! Because RPing should be more about writing and less about number crunching.

Zapdos Zulu [LB] Pokeball_Bullet Literate? Semi-Literate? Shakespearean? Bring it on. No more than a 5 day wait for a Mod reply, or your money back guaranteed!

Zapdos Zulu [LB] Pokeball_Bullet Trainer Shop and Estate services. Generate extra income for your character through your personalized store. Those with the means may also afford land on which to build their own abode, whether it be your very own secret base, cottage, mansion or even a fort!

Zapdos Zulu [LB] Pokeball_Bullet Peacenik not all your style? Do you just feel the need to do something for the evulz? Try our brand-new Rocket Mode! Where you may roleplay as a member of the nefarious Team Rocket, complete with exclusive missions and goodies! Being bad has never felt so good.

Zapdos Zulu [LB] Pokeball_Bullet Alternatively there's always the other side of the moral compass. SOON TO COME: International Police Force missions! Get a badge, a gun, a faithful companion Growlithe, and go out to make the world a safer place.

Zapdos Zulu [LB] Pokeball_Bullet Have a little time to help out? Once established, you may decide to be a mod and we will welcome you with open arms. Mods are also privy to our Mod Rewards Scheme that means your hard work will never go to waste! Prizes include rare Pokemon, TMs, and other paraphernalia. Only between us now, eh?

Zapdos Zulu [LB] JohtoStartersSepia

( )

Link to this ad when apping your character and I'll buy you anything up to $2500 from any shop! Noting custom sprites start at 300 ;D

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