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03. A Tale of two

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103. A Tale of two Empty 03. A Tale of two on 13/09/16, 09:47 pm

Azrael Godfrey

Azrael Godfrey

Az's opponent:

03. A Tale of two Mai-kof13-stance
Enemy Name: Silver Fox
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier to defeat
Description/background: Formerly trained as an assassin in Balbadd, the Silver Fox decided to leave that life behind and began to travel the world. Having heard of Reim's legendary Coliseum, she decided to see it for herself. The Silver Fox was in luck too, a historic match was about to occur, the undefeated Decimus had been challenged by the King of Reim himself. After seeing the strongest warriors Reim had to offer clash head-to-head, the Silver Fox vowed that she would one day defeat Decimus herself. With two wins under her belt so far, she is working her way up to obtain that dream.

Abilities: The Silver Fox wields an collapsible fan that deals C-Tier damage. She wears a two meter long length of cloth, with a metal ball tied to one end, around her waist, that deals C-Tier damage when struck. She moves at 6 m/s and sprints up to 12 m/s.

Parry: Using her fan, the Silver Fox parries one ability that deals up to B-Tier damage away at 15 m/s.

Paper-cut: The Silver fox aims a twenty meter per second diagonal slash with her fan at an opponent's tendons to disable them, dealing B-Tier damage.

Rapid-Spin: Spinning her body at 15 m/s the Silver Fox hits an opponent with the metal ball, dealing C-Tier damage.

Brave Fox: The Silver Fox dashes forward at 15 m/s to travel up to 10 meters away.
Riku's opponent:

03. A Tale of two Urbicus
Enemy Name: Breaker
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A-tier
Abilities: An experienced gladiator with numerous fights under his belt. Breaker is feared by other combatants for his tendency to break his opponent's weapons. He runs at 7m/s and sprints at 12m/s. Breaker wields a C-tier gauntlet on his left arm, a B-tier shortsword in his left hand, and a C-tier tower shield in his right hand.

Brace ~  Breaker raises his tower shield and blocks up to 1 A-tier's worth of damage. He raises the shield at 20m/s.

Deflecting Parry ~ Breaker steps into an attack and flashes his left arm through the air using his gauntlet to deflect an incoming attack blocking up to 1 B-tier worth of damage. This movement occurs at 15m/s.

Crushing Rush ~ Breaker performs a wild downwards slash at 15m/s capable of dealing B-tier cutting damage,

Sleep was for the weak.

After decimating both Rufi and Giana with relative ease, the Fanalis was projected to enter the massive coliseum once more for the day. Abnormal for any competitor, such feats were truly rare and was a credit to his strength and dominance. With little physical damage and the totality of his endurance and stamina in place, the man was primed for combat once more.

You’re up again—this time you’ll have partner,” The Fanalis scuffed, his brow lifting in the process as the guardsman walked off, though not before informing Azrael of his next challenge. A partner? Surely a joke was being pulled at the moment. While his third fight for the day, the young man had competed in lesser venues and fights several times over; none of which involved a third and fourth party. A dire-wolf absent a pack, Azrael knew nothing of teamwork on the battlefield; he only knew victory and defeat. Still, if this was what the masses wanted, the man knew he couldn’t deny them the opportunity to chuckle and wage wallets on their picks any longer.

Picking himself up from the wooden bench, Azrael would stretch his tense muscles before reaching to grab Damocles. Stringing the massive blade overhead, hoisting it on his back, the warrior soon marched forward, his body guiding him towards the Coliseum’s entrance and into the fray. His partner would be arriving soon, and subsequently, so would his opponents in this dispute of four.

Stamina: 195/195
Magoi: 30/30

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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant
The blue haired woman grabbed her hat and took it off before combing her fingers through her hair. She never thought that the vibe that she felt in this barrack could be so intense, there was determination in some of the warriors’ eyes but unfortunately for someone else, the fire wasn’t burning so bright in their eyes. Lilithia began to ask herself about her purpose to enter the coliseum not as a spectator but as a fighter, everyone in the room had a purpose it seemed so she should have one as well even though she didn’t give it a thought that much before. Some came to enjoy the fight, feeling the adrenaline rushing in their vines as they clash with the other gladiator. Some might came for the thrill, for the blood and dead bodies falling to the ground because of their deadly attacks. Another came because they forced themselves, either to break the boundaries, to proof that they were strong… or perhaps they just ran out of money and needed another source of income.

To make things more interesting, Lilithia signed up for a 2 vs 2 match. The registration member offered her to take up the challenge before and the Imuchakk thought that it would be a good idea and dangerous, but that would be a good experience. She brought her magic items along, knowing that it would be a good timing to actually use them at the moment. Her physical strength was enough but she wanted more variations, especially when she was a body manipulator user who could control her body with her own will.

As her name was being called, her face was decorated by a smile and she began to walk through the door that would lead her to the arena. Her hair swayed left and right as she walked in the dark corridor towards the only source of light just a few meters in front of her, humming cheerfully as she kept walking. The moment she entered the arena, she could hear the loud cheers from the crowds, thirsty to see some action from the gladiators. Right in front of the entrance, she saw a red haired man and smirked. She would whistle and said, “A Fanalis?” Liltihia slowly approached her companion and continued, “Pleased to meet you, hope it will be a good fight.”

WC: 392/800


03. A Tale of two MzH8gu

303. A Tale of two Empty Re: 03. A Tale of two on 13/09/16, 11:30 pm

Azrael Godfrey

Azrael Godfrey

Nothing reflected the true glee that came with arena combat. Was it the pure fandom that radiated throughout the coliseum, and how such a feral and primitive sport garnished such comradery that it diminished he efforts of rebellions and betrayal. In truth, Azrael couldn’t answer the question, as he only knew one truth. This arena was where he belonged; at least for now. Standing patiently, awaiting the arrival of his comrade, the man started analyzing his strategy. Not knowing who his opponent would be was nothing more than an excuse to not be prudent. As such, he devised several maps within his own thought process. All general with little specifics, the goal was to adapt them to any and all situations to be the most prepared warrior on the battlefield.

It wasn’t until moments after, however, that his mental preparation was halted by a peer of large breasts. “One can hope,” nodding his head in agreeance, Azrael, through his peripheral gaze, captured a full glimpse of her assets. She was a beautiful soul and had the body of a sculpted goddess. However, would any of that translate onto the battlefield? He wouldn’t have to wait long to find out, nonetheless, as the opposing arena gates opened, and approaching from within, two entities emerging into the grand light. One a woman, and the other, what appeared to be an armored male?

Akin to his partner, the female opposition was gifted with rather impressive and ample assets, though her speed and approach were far from amicable. Entering a full sprint, Azrael was surprised by her speed, however, he was faster. Venturing off to his right, Azrael left the blue-haired warrior to her own devices, and most importantly, the armored combatant across, while he managed the fan-wielding assassin before him. Why did the women of the coliseum favor such impractical weapons like an edged fan? A sword would have sufficed just as much.


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Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant
“Ahh~” Lilithia was more than delighted when she saw their opponents, one female and one male warrior entered the arena. The cheers from the spectators getting louder and they were expecting an entertaining fight; perhaps the crowds would be more excited if one of them got killed in the fight but unless she felt like she need to do it, she wouldn’t kill anyone….for now. Her blue eyes were scanning the woman first, obviously, who didn’t want to stare at those racks and assets that she got? Lili licked her upper lips slowly, liking what she saw. Then she noticed a fan that she was wielding, wondering what kind of move that she could do with that fan.

Her gaze would be fixed towards the male contender this time, an experienced fighter if she judged from his body. Perhaps she should take this man as her enemy, as much as she was attracted to the woman’s charm, shield and sword still attracted her more in the term of battle. It would be a nice chance to use her axe that she just bought in the weapon store before; she always wanted to use a weapon to fight instead of using her own body. This axe was no an ordinary one though, it could do wonder even though she had not tested it yet and this must be a good timing to find out.

“I want that male gladiator.” Lili said to her partner as she dragged her axe with right hand, “Name’s Lilithia, by the way.” She smiled to the man, wondering how this Fanalis would fight. Farid was strong in her eyes, but perhaps this man could be much stronger? She would find out soon…

“Ladies and gentlemen! Today’s match, Azrael, the fiery Fanalis and Lilithia, the deadly looking Imuchakk! Their opponents are… with  2 wins under her belt… Silver Fox!! The last but not least… famous from breaking his opponents’ weapons… Breaaaaker!” The crowds clapped their hands and cheered louder, filling the whole coliseum arena with their voice. “Let the match, begin!”

As soon as the bell was ringing, Silver Fox who was around 4 meters from Lilithia and Azrael began to spread her fan. The breaker who was also at the same distance with Silver Fox stayed still though, he was being all defensive by holding his shield tightly since he knew he was fighting someone who came from different races.  The girl however was quite naïve, seemingly to be more comfortable to fight on her own as she ran right towards Lili and Azrael by using her Brave Fox. But the Imuchakk wouldn’t do anything to this girl and would let the redhead to take care of her.

Silver Fox would begin to spin her body, attempting to hit anyone who was close to her at the moment with her metal ball. Unfortunately Azrael was in the range and would get hit unless he did something to stop it; it might be bad if to get hit by such things even if Azrael was a Fanalis.

Meanwhile, Lilithia walked slowly towards the breaker while still holding her axe. As soon as she was 2 meters away from the man, the woman would pull her left hand back before focusing her magoi onto it. It was confusing for the Breaker though, not knowing what the blue haired woman would do by pulling back her hand like that and stayed still like a stone. The Breaker would then decide to watch Lilithia more, preparing his shield just in case.

WC: 800++/800
Combat Note: Charging First Harpoon


03. A Tale of two MzH8gu

503. A Tale of two Empty Re: 03. A Tale of two on 14/09/16, 10:56 am

Azrael Godfrey

Azrael Godfrey

I’m Azrael,” While exchanging names was a courtesy, it was one neither could afford on the field of combat. The ample-chested woman instantly dashed forward, her body moving at impressive speeds as her feet danced across the sandy floor and towards the two teammates. Scuffing, Azrael waited patiently, his body tensing and readying for the eventual clash of titans as the crowd surrounding them erupted into a frenzied cheer. They were seemingly more animalistic then the warriors themselves. She would advance, and without hesitation, begin spinning, her weapon carrying across her form and towards the Fanalis with the intentions of maiming. He had come this far, failure wouldn’t be an option.

Having the luxury of seeing her actions—which were extremely simple in nature—from afar, Azrael was ready enough to react and his Fanalis blood ensured such a reality. Quickly ducking beneath the passing metal sphere, Azrael would erupt upwards with a strong head-butt, his attack leveling the woman, sending her from her standing position to an aerial tumble. Her form gradually flying overhead, the Fanalis would document his attack and act instantly, following up his attack with a leap of his own.

Their bodies positioned over one another, Azrael quickly drew his weapon, attempting a downward sweep with the aims of cleving the woman in half. Nonetheless, she was conscious enough to Parry his blade. Sending his weapon flying. Azrael, nonetheless. Smirked.

As she parried him, the man threw himself into her, albeit still midair, before dropping a knee into her stomach. The resulting action taking the form of the Silver fox crashing into the ground, only to have her form assaulted with a powerful knee, carrying the full weight of the Fanalis’ body with the aid of gravity itself.

Before she could react, her eyes closed and the fight was over in a flash. Two powerful hits from a warrior bred for combat. The gap between power and talent wasn’t even close.


603. A Tale of two Empty Re: 03. A Tale of two on 14/09/16, 12:08 pm

Lilithia Galavant

Lilithia Galavant
The breaker was tired of waiting and he decided to attack Lilithia first, so he ran towards the blue haired girl until he got close enough to attack and readied his shortsword. The man would lift his sword up and then attempted to give the Imuchakk a downward slash, but little he knew that the moment he swung his sword, Lilithia already prepared something for him in return. An ability that her race called as the First Harpoon would be launched right when the sword was coming towards her. Her left hand that she already poured a magoi inside would be unleashed and will be clashing with the attack as she thrust her hand to the man. The magoi-infused hand would be overpowering the attack and it would wound the man’s shoulder badly as it made its way there. After clicking his tongue, he saw Lilithia used the chance to fed magoi into the axe and swung it towards the wounded gladiator. Lucky him, he was able to flashed his left arm to deflect the attack by using his gauntlet.


Lilithia said coldly as she headbutt right on his head, giving him the deadliest headbutt that he might ever receive from his opponent. She was already aiming for this, where his attention would be focusing to a lot of direction and making him thought that Lilithia got no more chance to move after she was using her both hands to attack before. With a sigh, the Imuchakk lifted her one of her leg and kicked away the poor man from her. Darkness began to creep into his eyes, his head felt so painful and his body was incapable to move.

The audiences stood up and cheered for them, making Lilithia realized that Azrael had successfully beaten his own enemy. Then when their victory was announced and official, the woman would give the Fanalis a slap on his back. “Good job on defeating her.” She said before receiving her Huang reward and leaving the arena, satisfied from the victory.

WC: 800++/800
Magoi/Stamina: 140/250

Item Used:

03. A Tale of two HcJ2nGH
Name: Executioner's Axe
Tier: C-Tier
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type:  Plague [Life + Poison]
Appearance: This axe is as tall as some people, coming up to 150 centimeters in height. The axe-head is 60 centimeters in length from its highest point to its lowest point, and 35 centimeters from one side of the staff it is affixed to towards the opposite side. There is a green dragon forged into the blade, the color being added with the help of magic. The pole itself is a strong black material, and includes amethyst gems adorning the opposite ends. The magic circle is hidden within the image of the serpentine dragon.

  • Rotting Edge - Feeding magoi into the tool wraps the axe-head of the weapon in plague magic. A strike that lands upon an opponent while this is active causes that opponent to also suffer from an additional D-Tier damage for the next 2 posts. During this time, the victim will suffer from coughing fits and dizziness. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Skills used:

First Harpoon
Tier: A
Specialization: Imuchakk Racial
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium(5m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: For every tier the user is below A-tier, add one post charge up time required before use. Stance must be held while charging and if broken, the charging time resets.
Scaling: Range
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 4 posts
Cost: -

    This ability can be used with a thrown weapon or the Imuchakk's hand. First, the Imuchakk takes a stance where their weapon or hand is pulled back. Then, they focus magoi onto the medium of attack before unleashing a powerful throw/thrust. The resulting attack has the benefits of magoi manipulation abilities.


03. A Tale of two MzH8gu

703. A Tale of two Empty Re: 03. A Tale of two on 14/09/16, 04:28 pm

Azrael Godfrey

Azrael Godfrey

Azrael, when it was all said and done, stood alongside his partner both victorious in combat. Much like his previous bouts, the two had ended the affairs rather quickly and their names became testimonials to the culture and nature of the coliseum. She collected her huang and he did the same, both exiting their respective entrances and going on about their own devices. Hopefully their paths would cross paths again, it appeared she knew what she was doing.

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