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Dante's Missions(Balbadd)

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Job Name: Motivation
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A trader needs money from a man who refuses to pay him because he doesn’t agree with the quality of the product. Try to get the money from him; force will be necessary, but the trader with pay you in return.


Enemy Name: Beatnick
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: The Beatnick is a gruff man who moves at 10m/s and does B-tier damage with his two-handed hammer.
Crush: Beatnick slams his hammer into the ground at 15 m/s creating a shockwave in front of him 3 meters wide and 10 meters long.
Guard: Beatnick brings up his hammer at 15 m/s to block an incoming attack up to A-tier
Swing: Beatnick swings his hammer at 15 m/s in a circle around him, inflicting up to B-tier damage to anything within 1 meter.

Dante smiled on a beautiful windy day in Balbadd, it was very warm and breezy as Dante slowly walked the rough stone ground "I haven't killed anyone lately...I am afraid I might go crazy..." Dante muttered as his hands would scratch his head roughly "DAMN IT. DAMN IT. DAMN IT!" Dante would scream as his wallet was empty and let out what seemed to be a losing sight looking at the local job listings with a smug face.

Dante's fingers ran slowly down the board, the paper guarding from the wood in back, Dante had his gauntlets on so he he had no worries of a dreadful splinter to his flesh his sword hung on his hip, sharpened very very nicely. Dante found a extortion mission with a smile on his face "Ahhhhhh....I-I-I guess someone is gonna get paid" Dante said looking at the pay out for the mission with a devilish grin "A pay like this I'll cut the mans fingers off and force him to eat them" Dante would mutter with gleaming eyes.

Dante would walk to the location of a merchant, his face seemed old with grey eyes, he had brown hair and a seemingly bad cold as his eyes were also red, his hair was dreaded, like a rasta, Dante was confused by the look of the man as he began smoking on a hooka Dante was seriously confused as he walked up with a gulp "Ah sir....Might you be having some money problems?" Dante would ask slowly and carefully as the man would look at him.

"Aye there boy I knew you'd come, much love, now I have a problem, I sell Shesha you see, and a local drug lord bought a whole pound of it man." the man said very quickly and in a ascent that was very broken in language, Dante noticed the darker skin and realized he was talking to a man of acquired taste viewing his golden hooka and armored horses Dante gulped harshly "So.... when is he going to be here..." Dante asked the man as the man looked at him "My name is Shaka boy, do not forget, now I will tell where he be" the man said in another broken up sentence pulling out a map of the city pointing to one of the slum district houses.

Dantes eyes grew dark looking at the area 'nobody in the slums can afford this much good' Dante thought coldly now standing and heading towards the slums slowly admiring the night city of Balbadd as torches lit the way he came across a boarded up house with the lights one, it was the designated spot as Dante's sword was held close to him he began up the stairs slowly.

Before Dante had a chance to think his sword was out, the door opened letting out a beastly man whom stood at at least six foot six, Dante was a little intimidated by him, not only because of his size, but also of his heritage as the mans glistening red eyes and hair came into view Dante knew this wasn't going to be easy also seeing the hammer in his hand, the hammer was at least a hundred and twenty centimeters which was a little over Dante's reach as the man stepped onto his porch "So Boyo, you come because of that frauds bull shipment? It wasn't what I FUCKING WANT AND IT PISSED ME OFF!" the man "victor' was pinned on his shirt as his hammer smashed the steps into oblivion it sent Dante into the air, Dante realized the man used Crush Dante was saved from the most of the ability as his feet had to cling tightly to the flipping porch Dante's sword lodged into the porch as he crouched he waited until a full rotation in the air pointed him straight towards the other fanalis 'My only chance...' Dante thought as he would use his strong legs to propel him off the wooden steps his fanalis legs strained as both his hands met the hilt of his blade it was pointed towards the mans heart he simply grinned putting the head of his hammer in front of the tip of Dante's blade using guard, Victor grinned as the force applied was parried, Victor would swing the hammer around completely hitting Dante's left leg with the blunt weapon with a signature Swing Dante was sent into the wall of the house harshly his body stood right up as his right hand cuffed the hilt of his sword his left legs cloths were in shambles Dante had fear written on his face as the man came over with his hammer and would swing at Dante, Dante would grin flicking his sword with his  strong right hand motioning it to parry the attack to the left of Dante, the left wall was smashed down and Victor would now be bent by the force of such a large hammer Dante would smash his leg free of the wall kicking Victor in his face as hard as Dante could inflicting C tier damage to his lose caused him to back up with his hammer Dante would tear himself from the wall and then Dante would Charge at the man with his sword pointing out, the man would move to the left being impaled in his right arm Dante would drop his entire weight on the blade tearing it through the arm as Victor would swat Dante once again he would also tear a chunk of flesh from his right arm with a bloody scream.Dante would slowly get up his blade pressing against the ground like a cane as his now broken left leg had sustained too much, Dante would watch Victor  pick his hammer up with his right hand breathing heavily "I....Will...Kill...You..." Victor would say charging harshly at Dante as Dante would grin within the range Dante would flip his sword up and parry the hammer above him standing on his right leg he would point his blade upwards quickly using his entire force stabbing through the mans jaw the mans movements would stop.

Dante landed on both legs and was immediately forced to fall to the ground and crawl to his blade, he would she Shaka approaching "Oh boy, you did good, very good, you see this man actually did buy drugs, but he owed a lot of money you see" Shaka would say with a dark grin walking to the house there was smoke coming from the hole in the houses wall Dante's face twitched as Shaka spoke again "You see in my business...We do anything for money" the man would say walking into the house as Dante would prop himself up against the now dead Victor his sword from the mans head and now in his hand as the man would exit with twenty tatteredly dressed women Dante's eyes grew in terror "God...Please...No..." Dante would say slowly as Shakas grin grew "Yes boyo....These are also mine, slaves I bought who now sell for a pretty price" the man would say caressing the crying girls face as Dante would force himself to his feet, his blade hoisting him fully.

((WC 1,198))


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