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Farm & Barn [Training/Private]

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Out on the outskirts of the bustling republic of Balbadd during a bright sunlit morning once more, Trently had decided to aid the farming couple from the other day in their daily farmer life as strength training for himself. Strolling up toward the little cottage in which they own near their farm, Trently naturally took on a smirk before knocking on the entrance door. "Knock! Knock!" Trently exclaims as he lightly banged his knuckles against the wooden slab of a door. "Its me Trently! Just here to help you two out with your daily chores!" Trently shouted with a friendly like tone as he was eagerly waiting to push himself physically and mentally with the challenging chores that he may have to complete that day. Bright rays shining upon the grassy hills and resting cottage, the cottage door is opened ajar. "Oh! Trently! Glad to have you here again! Come in!" The couple exclaims in unison as they gestured their hands in a way which welcomed Trently into their small miniature cottage. "Thanks" Trently replying to their welcoming gesture. Once they all sat down, they began discussing what chores had to be finished that day. The cheerful couple handed the energetic mercenary a list of chores that would sure to have Trently exhausted by the end of the day.

Receiving the lengthy list of chores, Trently slowly took on a grin that reflected his hunger for challenges, even if it was chores he would have to do around the farm. Trently was ecstatic to be able to take on these challenges that they had set for him to complete. One of the first tasks that had been listed on the sheet of chores was to quickly go purchase feed for the chickens. Immediately, Trently zoomed off to buy feed for the chickens. As he bought the feed that morning, he also had to carry them back to the barn in order to feed the chickens. Sun beaming down on Trently as he was carrying two large bags on his back, he struggled but eventually was able to feed the chickens. Exhausted, Trently took another look at the list and saw that the next challenge was to groom all of the horses. Heading over to the range, Trently proceeded to groom the horses one by one using a dandy brush which was commonly used to groom horses. Constantly having to move his arm nonstop, his arms grew exhausted. "Don't give up on me now arms! Lets get this done!" Trently whispered to himself as he continued to brush the horses. Luckily, Trently was able to finish and move on to the next challenge.

Next challenge was to clean the horse stalls, Trently was extremely disgusted of manure but had to get the job done. Tossing all the manure and wet bedding into a wheelbarrow, Trently cried a bit as he was forced to smell the manure. "This is too much!" Trently shouted as he began to finish up cleaning the stalls. Once finished, he stared down at the sheet of chores and saw that he needed to pluck all of the weeds from the woman's garden. Dragging his feet over to the garden from being exhausted, Trently enters the garden and hungrily glances over at all of the weeds everywhere. "I'll... PLUCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!" Trently barks as he started to run up to ever single weed and yank them out of the ground. Sweat soon ran down his the mercenary's face quite fast as he poured all his strength in yanking them out. After pulling them all out, Trently wipes the sweat off his face and disposes of the plucked weeds. Giving a glance again at the list of chores, he notices there is nothing else needed to be completed. Exhausted, Trently heads back to the cottage and lets the couple know that he finished all the chores they set out for him. Calling it a day, Trently finds a local inn to crash for the night.

For the next month, Trently proceeded to help the couple out with their daily chores. They assigned Trently certain chores that they knew would assist the young mercenary in strength training. Majority of the chores tended to be those that required heavy lifting and constant movement. All of these chores helped Trently build a somewhat more muscular physique over the course of a month. Carrying feed for animals to moving buckets of milk, Trently managed to complete the chores that were set out for him. "Another day complete..." Trently states to himself as he examined himself from top to bottom. "All of these chores and training must have really paid off..." Trently whispers under his breath as he stares at his gradually acquired strength. After about a month of constant chores, Trently decided that it may just be time to depart on a journey outside of Balbad.

WC: 827

-Warrior Training D-C Complete-

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