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Imuchakk Night Patrol: Day 1

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Rokurou Isah

Rokurou Isah

Job Name:Day 1
Job Rank:D
Job Location:Imuchakk Village
Job Rewards:50 XP/3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites:N/A
Job Overview: The job is simple. A 5 day contract with the night watch. Join two other Imuchakk guards to watch the entrance of the Village at night and prevent any wild animals from entering. The Imuchakk people should really learn how to build better walls. Regardless it's an honest work for a decent pay. First day let's hope nothing bad happens.

The air was brisk with the rough caress of frozen specks, the usual among the afternoons in Imuchakk. It was on a frozen hill that Ro sat staring off into the distance with his rod in his hand, waiting on a bite. Sitting in his Kina garbs he waited for what seemed liked hours for a bite to pass the time until he had to go for guard duty at the gates. Something he had wanted to do for some time, he signed up because it would be fun and it passed the nighttime rather than sitting in his fathers hut sharpening spears.

At long last he caught a bite, a rather large sized fish that was no match for his strength as he reigned it in with his pole before de-scaling it with a small knife and cooking it. As the sun began to slowly wane down and night blessed the land his tall figure stood from the snow and walked towards the gate with his bounty on a stick, nomming lightly on it until he had arrived at the gates where he devoured it in mere seconds. Alongside him stood two other guards who were naturals at the job and waved at the half breed," How's it going Ro? I see you've finally done something with yourself," the tallest of the two exclaimed at the male which Ro just shot him "the look" and took his post on top of the gate.

The other remained silent and looked outward into the distance as he always did and was apparently the quieter of the two from Ro noticed during his ins and outs near the village. The beginning hours were silent, filled with the light whispers of the snow moving against the ground and the subtle flow of the wind whipping about caused the tallish male to doze off only for a second before hearing a snap to the west of the gates.

Jumping up and over his post he made way to investigate before bending down to see that it was nothing more than a single white rabbit moving among the snow and stepped on a branch. Shaking his head he sat the rabbit down and allowed it to hobble on its way before stepping through the snow and back to his post. " That should be your first lesson. Don't let the cold take hold of you...Rookie mistake if something were to happenp," but he didn't know was that Ro hadn't had any sleep in days.

As the night slowly rolled away and the sun came back up, he noticed nothing truly eventful happened. Besides him falling asleep, the deathly boring stories of one of the guards and the nighttime it was a rather simple job. He had been expecting something to happen but anything on a first night isn't too exciting unless you are at the bar or something. Packing up the things he had brought with him, he resigned his post and went home to prepare for the next night.

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