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A smelly Voyage, (From Heliphapt to Balbadd)

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Well today was the day. The day she would be traveling alone for the first time. She had always had her 2 faithful companions along with her but, she needed to head out and find her own path. It would be a hard and arduous Journey across the seas to Balbadd but it would be worth the risk. The young girl backed her belongings and paid for the fare to take a ship across the sea. 'Argh, you must be the Tiny Magician that we be transportin' eh? Welcome aboard The Sheele's Sea Shell, the only express ship that goes straight to balbadd no stops anywhere else.' Lestacia was appalled by the mans attire. He was portly, with a striped t-shirt that had rips and holes amongst it and he had the reddest of faces that almost looked like a cherry. He spelled strongly of Alcohol and had the subtle smell of Onions that clung to his skin. His hair was grey and unkempt. He wasn't the only one though. the whole ship stunk like a mens changing room. She Clenched her nose, taken aback by the smell as Muscular men walked past her packing boxes and bringing in the scent of fresh salt water. At least there would be another smell to cancel out the putrid aroma of the ship.

There was another upside to being here however. There were a Ton of muscular men. Men that Lestacia would only dream of being with. She was too shy however to introduce herself. They all seemed intimidating, but so very sexy. She drooled over them a bit in her mind. She couldn't understand why but she loved a bit of danger in a man. It was safe to assume that she liked these kinds of men due to the fact she grew up around old and nerdy wizards her entire life. 'Well doll face if You would be so kind as to wait until we finish packing we will be on our merry way. Lestacia nodded and headed under the deck to get acquainted with Sheele's Sea Shell. She was going to be here for a bit. However she loved to travel and the view of the workmen wasn't too bad either. In fact she was rooming with a couple of them. Some look wounded others looked tired. She had decided to put her life magic to use and maybe revitalize their spirits a little bit. She smiled while doing it. Caressing their muscles in the process. She was in heaven, Taking care of people and being around good looking but smelly men. "This trip may not be so bad after all." She thought to herself as the ship prepared to sail off to Balbadd.

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A smelly Voyage, (From Heliphapt to Balbadd) 6ouumjD

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