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Dante Vs Giana

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Dante let out a sigh as he awoke with a pounding on the door at nine am he stood in his pajamas, they had little dog faced patterns on them as he opened the door a man from the coliseum stood there.A normal persons reaction would be to ask what they wanted, however Dante is not a very good morning person.

"You woke me up....This early.....Do you know who I am? I could kill you in a moments notice child why have you come at this ungodly hour" Dante said his hand gripping his door frame so tight it began cracking as the boy now terrified for his life handed Dante two notes. Dante took the notes giving the boy a death glare before slamming his door in the boys face harshly. Dante sighed "Oh great a letter from the coliseum who am i beating to a pulp this time" Dante said flipping to the back letter from a Mr.Antonius. Dante sighed throwing the second piece of mail on his bed as he began to tear into his next letter.The seal break as Dante opened the envelope his eyes grew darker than when he was paired with Rufi.The letter read as followed.

'Our dearest Dante,
The people of Riem have been dying to see you.The fight we have scheduled you for is a fighter from Kou, her abilities were trained while in a alternative schooling program placed in Kou, Based on the sound of the woman she seems to be from a semi good home. It may help you to know she wields two giant fans and has been known to throw them from time to time.Best wishes, The Coliseum.


Dante Vs Giana 0DSOvQD
Enemy Name: Giana Antonius
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Giana Antonius is the daughter of a Reim noble family who had been sent to Kou for schooling as her father wanted his daughter to experience more than life in just her home country. Giana returned to Reim shortly before conflict between the two countries broke out. Much to her father’s horror, Giana had completely absorbed Kou culture and insisted on dressing in Kou fashion, even using Kou designed weaponry and techniques! Too infatuated with her newfound independence to take care of her duties as a noblewoman, this young lady headed to the coliseum to prove her worth to her family. She is a first time competitor, and confident in her skills.
Abilities: Giana runs at 6 m/s and sprints at 12 m/s. She carries a pair of bladed fans that impart D-tier basic damage.

Rising Moon - Flicking her wrists, Giana tosses both fans at the same time at 20 m/s. Each fan deals D-tier damage.

Falling Moon - Raising both fans above her head, Giana brings them down in an X-pattern at 20 m/s to deal C-tier damage.

Resting Moon - Twirling one of her fans around her body at 20 m/s, Giana deflects up to B-tier damage.

Dantes blood boiled slowly "How dare they do this to me again.....HOW DARE THEY PIN ME AGAINST A ENEMY I LOOK BAD BEATING!" Dante said starting to scream scratching his head in irritation before letting a sigh out he slowly reached grabbing the second letter from what Dante understood he assumed it was the father of the female.Dante opened the seal and letter and began reading.

Hello Dante, I am the father of the fighter you will be facing, I am going to make this clear, I do not want my daughter hurt, HOWEVER she does need to be taught a lesson, she learned the style and strength of Kou, her trainer was a powerful warrior, she can throw her fans fast be careful.

Dante's teeth began to grind coldly "If they ever do this to me again me and the damn Coliseum arena owner are going to have a little talk" Dante says to himself with hate in his tone.Dante began dressing in his normal outfit strapping his gauntlets onto his hands and fore arm as he slowly began walking out of his home and onto the road on Riem walking towards the Coliseum with haste.

Getting to the arena Dante was put into his corner, He has a few moments to himself as he looked over he saw the large fans 'Lets not get hit by those...' Dante said coldly as he watched her girly figure he realized his best option of a attack was brute force as the gates rose Dante stepped out and began running quickly the girl grinning as Dante got within twenty meters Giana used her signature move Rising Moon as Dante barely had enough time to move out of the first fans way the second fan caught him as he dodge to the left, Dante forced his body to keep moving however as he closed the gap to about ten meters as the girls fans come back to her, her hands raise with the fans in them as she used her Falling Moon attack in such a close Range Dante had no choice but to bail left as the top fan hit his right arm his eye winces 'This...This.....THIS IS PAIN!' Dante thought with a twisted grin as he stood up his left arm dangling as he began rushing at Giana with full speed closing the distance her fans got to her a second after Dante was a inch away already inhaling deeply as Dante let out a ear piercing Fanalis Roar the girls ear caused her so much pain she held her ears and dropped her fans as Dante let a mighty Twenty Five Percent Punch letting it land directly on the girls face welting up as she slowly stepped back attempting to regain her form Dante grabbed her shirt pulling her close as he began to slam his forehead against Giana's face as hard as he could seven times before her shirt tore of from the eighth looking down Dante saw the blood covered face of his opponent who 'seemed' to be breathing.Dante would grin as he would pick the girl up by her hair and begin to speak "This is the real world girly.....There are no redos here" Dante said with a crippling dark tone as he would preform his first ever Beast Fury Knee the force of the final attack on the already battered female would shatter her jaw Dante would then drop the girl and slowly walk out of the arena with a grin carved into his lips.

Spending it on Beast Fury Knee:
There were several normal C Tier Blows done.
Moves Used:

Beast Fury Knee
Tier: D Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must have solid footing. Can't be used on ice, or in the air.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 posts
Cost: 10 stamina

The user uses his/her legs to jump and use their knees as destructive weapons that is aimed at either the chin or chest of an opponent standing 1m (3ft) away, dealing D-Tier damage on impact.

Fanalis Roar
Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.


Twenty Five Percent Punch
Tier: C Rank
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Can only do it in hand to hand combat and can only target one opponent.Fanalis only.As well as the opponent must be within 30 cm of the attack if the user wishes to hit.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina

The users hand is sent so fast and hard you can hear it whistle before it hits the enemy and will cause a loud smashing sound. It will deal C-tier damage unless Dante use the damage scaling.

Left Over Pools:
Magoi: 80
Stamina: 140))


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