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Site History

Born nearly 7 years ago, in March, TNRPG blossomed into a wonderfully active site for the next three years. Slowly gaining members and the legend grew and grew until TNRPG became a well known Naruto RPG. It wasn't until 2010 that the administration were faced with a difficult decision. A growing site, and a aging staff population left them with two options. They could continue here, with an aging and at times difficult to reach staff, or move to a new place and breath life into a new generation of Naruto fans. The administration choose to leave the nest and carry on to greener pastures. Now, after 4 years of absence, TNRPG has been given a new chance at life under some of the former administration that previously left. The decision to return to its roots, and start a brand new grass roots movement entices some, it also intrigues young and old members alike. Giving TNRPG a face-lift, infusing it with new thoughts and idea's, while keeping with the same traditions that made it great. TNRPG will once again strive forward towards quintessential naruto site. We offer new and old a brand new chance to see Naruto the way it was meant to be enjoyed, with good friends and even better rivals. Come, join us on the next leg of the journey, TNRPG 2nd Generation, a change of pace.

Site Plot
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Our site is different from so many others, we strive to find that middle ground between whats been over done, and whats been undone. We are proud to say we are an De-canonized site, a site in which many if not most of the events from the anime/manga haven't/won't happen, and yet we keep all the good stuff for us. We offer an unique and rather interesting approach to the Naruto universe. Instead of forging ahead into the future, or go so far into the past, we have decided a perfect revelation of before Naruto, before the great shinobi wars. At the very foundation of the hidden villages. We open up our site to this interesting and unique timeline.


  • Humankind is constantly warring
  • Princess Kaguya is born
  • Princess Kaguya eats the Fruit of Shinju
  • Princess Kaguya has a son, Sage of the Six Paths is born
  • Sage of Six Paths defeats and seals the 10 Tailed Beast
  • Sage of Six Paths creates many wondrous and dangerous items, tools and instruments
  • Sage of Six Paths has two sons
  • Hagoromo near his death, creates the Tailed Beasts
  • Hagoromo Dies
  • His son strikes a bargain with the 10 Tailed Moon Beast, is taken over by its Malice
  • Hagoromo's other son fights the 10 Tailed Moon Beast and his brother alongside the 9 Tails.
  • 9 Tails sacrifices its chakra to destroy the Genjutsu World
  • His sons die, hiding the truth of what had happened
  • Just 50 years after the son's death, the first Hidden Villages appear.
  • Our site begins, just 184 years after the son's of The Sage of Six Path's have died.

What we stand for

Caring Committed Staff - We stand with our staff, and for them. We offer staff that genuinely care about the site, take the time and effort to make sure things are done right, and nothing is left to chance. We stand by a staff that is committed to make sure things are handled in a timely and effective manner, and most of all, we stand by a staff that treats its members like prized possessions.

Well Developed and Planned Systems - Our systems are well planned and developed out, so you won't be seeing them change every few months. We have built them on several trials and errors of other sites, using what makes them strong and potent to create a system that is unique and different, and also strong and stable.

No nonsense - Our staff take a no nonsense approach to handling affairs, they keep it professional and as impersonal as possible. We don't mess around with constant bickering, snide comments, and staff that refuse to lift a finger. We work with a slimmer, bottom heavy staff system, not one where top tier staff gets bogged down in needless debates.

Freedom - On many sites, the list of can and can't is almost longer than the list of do and don't. We have taken steps to ensure member freedom, but also to make sure we don't fall into anarchy and end up a dead site where the villages constantly burn because one hand or the other gets too powerful.

Wide Variety of Options - We offer a wide variety of starting options, Bijuu, Curse Seals, Mysterious Peacock Chakra, even Earth Grudge Fear and a few potent weapons to our new genin. We like to make things available to our members, rather than simply say no.

Sage Mode, Curse Seals, Gates, Bijuu, Edo Tensai and more - We just have a lot, from everyone's favorite sage mode, to the less common but popular curse seals, to gates, Bijuu and edo tensai, many in between.

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