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The Eleventh Dungeon : Ronove’

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Ronove’ -The 11th Dungeon

The Eleventh Dungeon : Ronove’ QEauNPm

~The Djinn of Paralysis and Shock~


The Gate
The Eleventh Dungeon : Ronove’ WVpCBhi

A glimmering tower seemingly made of glass standing impossibly high in the deserts of Heliohapt, beckoning adventurers from near and far. The tower dwarfs even the impressive pyramids in the region. The glass of the tower looks almost warped or deformed and does not allow anyone to view the interior of the dungeon.

The Main Hall
The Eleventh Dungeon : Ronove’ LBQUXZI

Upon entry into the dungeon, adventurers find themselves in a serene countryside landscape, the peacefulness of the area broken up only by the random bolts of lightning that strike through the area. It wil take some searching to find the winding path that will take adventurers up a cliff where a windmill stands, the location of the portal to the Midway, but even this room may hold a surprise.

The Midway
The Eleventh Dungeon : Ronove’ TeOzs6E

As the adventurer appears in the Midway, they will find themselves at the top of steep cliffs, clouds obscuring the vision around them as lightning dances through the condensed moisture. The side of the mountains are scarred with black spots where lightning has struck and burnt away vegetation. On the far end of the dangerous area lies a cave with a portal inside that will take an adventurer to the Necropolis.

The Necropolis
The Eleventh Dungeon : Ronove’ LbvgxjV

In the Necropolis, the beautiful landscapes fall away to reveal an area of desolation and destruction. Static in the air makes hair raise on end and causes pebbles to float. All around, chunks of buildings and large rocks float as lightning dances through the air, making the trip to a small tower on the opposite side a dangerous one, leaving the adventurers unsure of if they might suffer a sudden shock before they can make their way to the tower and the portal hidden within.

The Chamber
The Eleventh Dungeon : Ronove’ JuuC7Nv

Upon entry into the Chamber, adventurers might become disoriented. In the near distance is a massive tree that seems to fairly dance with lightning, the colors and shapes of the tree almost give the tree the appearance of a volcano, but it is nothing more than what contains Ronove’s most sacred domain.

Dungeon Enemy List

  • Lightning Crow
  • Lightning Hawk
  • Shocking Centaur
  • Zapping Fox
  • Lightning Mage
  • Young Harpy
  • Matured Harpy
  • Lightning Serpent
  • Shocking Arachnid
  • Zapping Wolf

Dungeon-Beast Transformations

  • Harpy

    • Perks:

      • Can fly at 10 m/s
      • Can deal B-tier damage with its claws as natural weapons (Must be repaired at Hakim’s Smithy)
      • Loses all racial downsides

    • Downsides:

      • FC must resemble a harpy, including wings and clawed feet
      • Loses all racial perks
      • Maximum ground speed is 8 m/s due to talons instead of feet

  • Lightning Fox

    • Perks:

      • Loses all racial down sides
      • Max ground speed is 12 m/s
      • Can register 2 Lightning Abilities of B-tier or lower

    • Downsides:

      • FC must resemble a fox (cannot exceed 5 meters long)
      • Cannot ride a mount of any type (this include dungeon mounts, carpets, or Dominance beasts)
      • Loses all racial perks


  • You must post within 48 hours from when it has become your turn. If you do not, you are subject to being hit directly by one of the enemies or some other form of punishment.
  • If an enemy does not post within 48 hours, you are free to presume that your hit went through and killed it.
  • Only 4 groups can enter the dungeon at once. Groups can be no larger than 2 people. So it's a race to get into the dungeon first. A large amount of people can join The Gate topic, but only those with tickets may enter. If it is discovered that you did not want to enter the dungeon but you bought a ticket to block others, you will have your warning bar docked.
  • Sign-ups will be posted on March 19 and will close on March 31, 2016 at 11:59 CST. The Gate will open on April 1.
  • THIS DUNGEON WILL BE OPEN TO ALL PLAYERS, EVEN THOSE WITH A DJINN (that's right, you can have more than one now)

Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy

Congratulations to SolomonxKing for capturing Ronove's dungeon and acquiring Ronove's metal vessel.

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