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A MMO near you SRO2BsC

Hello everyone, I am looking for a few beta testers to test out my system and enjoy the site. I also am scouting  for experienced moderators as well to help out.

It has been several decades since the days of Kirito and his legendary group of friends. The world of Alfheim has ever been growing since then. Ever growing stronger, updating with new monsters. But of course, in this given generation, peace never lasts. You thought you knew the true story behind the creation of the world of fairies and light. Though you just didn't understand how deep and ancient the war between these factions went on for. In the beginning, there was a coup between the gods and treachery among them were held in suspicion. They wanted absolute perfection, and so they did seek and conquer, dividing alfheim into five territories. The wisest of them, the goddess Freya, bestowed a secret gift unto the fairies, for she seen what would happen in the far future to come. To battle this great destroyer which she saw in her vision, Freya created the Deva, powerful elementals for those who had the strength to wield them. A MMO near you 42iAkdl
And so had time passed and that great destroyer would come, the world tree would grow cold and light from the sky would fade away as sharp shadowy fangs would consume the sky. The people would know this monster, quaking from such fear. RAGNORAK!! It was only then did the symbols appear on the warriors and their Deva's awakened. Welcome to the new generation of Alfheim

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