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Artemis AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Artemis
Tier: D
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan Sexual
Age + Birthdate: 19 | May 15
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence | Clairvoyance

Artemis JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Calm to a fault, Artemis rarely shows her true emotions. Masked under a confident aura and a cool exterior, the girl often comes around as bored or annoyed. Her style of speech is fairly blunt while also carrying an eloquent style to it. She'll ramble off words like silk in order to call someone out on a mistake. Her blunt nature is only seconded by her seemingly polite habits. Artemis is someone who acts polite to a patronizing extent. She will be polite to everyone, even if they do not deserve it. Quick to belittle others, Artemis has a fear of admitting her inferiority out right. She will try to dance around subjects in order to avoid a loss.

Artemis has a large fear of being useless, and she feels that being weaker than someone is the same as being so. As such, she refuses to acknowledge weakness within herself, fearful that it might lead to more unsavory discoveries. Artemis often hides away her weakness under her cool exterior. Rarely can one break her self imposed delusions. She seemingly wears her heart on her sleeves though, often feigning sadness or happiness to throw others off guard. In reality, she hides every true aspect of her personality deep within.

This goes especially for her feelings towards Goi. In her mind, they are no better than ants or any other animal. All they do is infest and bite upon humans. She often finds herself either completely ignoring them or patronizing them to extreme levels if she needs to interact with them. Her views on Goi are not obvious at first glance. If a Goi is with another magician, she will tolerate them, however, when alone with them, she will ignore their very presence.

Artemis enjoys learning. She's always loved learning about magic and using her skills to obtain knowledge. Another love of her's are sweets. Ever since she was a child, her father would gift her with small sweets from whatever village they were near.

She holds a strong dislike for the Goi, blaming them for the destruction of her tribe. Artemis also dislikes combat, preferring to solve things with intelligence over brutality.

Artemis fears losing her magic more than anything else. She fears becoming as useless as a corpse, like her father. Her fears stem from the weakening magic in her family's bloodline, despite her seemingly strong skills. Artemis is terrified that she is slowly becoming as useless as her father was before his death. This extends to her constantly being petrified of going into battle or using a skill and having the results be very lackluster.

Artemis wants to help lead Magnostadt into a glorious age of enlightenment where the goi will behave as they should. She believes that anyone who cannot command the Rukh is not a proper human, making them the same was animals or bugs. Her aspiration is to have the world one day be the same as Magnostadt, or at the very least, have her country last for ages to come. She wants to help the nation live in peace and wealth.

Artemis ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Original Art
Weight: 102lbs
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 4'11”
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Traits: 
Artemis is clairvoyant. This trait has been passed on in her family through the usage of secret spells on unborn children. The visions vary, sometimes several come in one day. Other time, she wont get one for months. They can be extremely accurate or very fuzzy. They can display the past, present or the future.
Artemis ITvfXqJ
Artemis is a fair looking young lass. Her hair is blond and reaches past her waist. It has several small waves in it, making it appear very messy. She typically keeps it tied into a ponytail on the side of her head. Due to her hair's messy nature, Artemis typically keeps her ponytail wrapped in small circle shaped wires. She wears a feathered broach with the symbol of her tribe on her head that is held into place by such wires. Her eyes are both a bright and startling emerald green. Her skin is a light peach color, and her cheeks are almost always somewhat flushed. Artemis typically wears cream colored robes over a black undersuit that fits her somewhat too large. She also enjoys adding golden ribbons to her outfit, making her look somewhat childish. She typically adorns cream colored boots as well that match her coat.

Artemis YunanTab_zpsba28a063
Born in a small wandering tribe, Artemis was the daughter of the group's leader. She was his only child, and as such, she was expected to succeed him. The tribe her family belonged to was unique in that the families that made it up were all magicians. They had traveled from the West in an attempt to avoid being forced to partake in wars. However, in the East, magic was still in it's infantile stages. Because of this, the tribe was often forced to travel to avoid witch hunts. Each of the families in the tribe specialized in their own special type of magic. Artemis' family had honed their skills over the year in the magic of clairvoyance, using their spells to guide the tribe away from danger for years. As the heir, Artemis was raised with the same expectations from her.

The family had been exposed to so much clairvoyant magic that they were capable of having visions without the use of spells at random times. These visions were random and could be important or insignificant. At times a family member could go months, even a year, without any of them. Other times, a family member could have them daily for a month. These visions were a passive spell that those of their bloodline had come to share. As such, Artemis' childhood was filled with the call of visions and restless nightmares depicting the future and past. However, despite these powerful visions, the family held a delicate position within the tribe. The other families all wielded magic of great destruction and power, making them formidable foes. Her family, however, only had the ability to foresee disaster and gather information. With the power of their visions waning with each new generation, her family feared for the worse. Should their power dissipate, they would be cast from the tribe, despite their positions as leaders .

Because of her family's delicate position within the tribe, she was expected to constantly be on her best behavior. She was three when the visions began, causing relief throughout the clan. There had been worry that the ability might have finally slipped away. As such, the girl was thoroughly trained and groomed to succeed her father. At the age of five, she was introduce to a young boy named Apollo who had been conceived around the same time as her. He had been born to act as the guardian of the tribe's leader once he was old enough. They were to act as the leaders of the tribe once they were of age. The boy was said to be gifted with heat magic at a young age, making him the pride and joy of his family.

The two were raised together, expected to know everything about the other. One was to be the political leader while the other would act as the commander in times of combat. Her training consisted of studying and the research of spells in a quiet tent. Meanwhile, his was that of swordsmanship and combat magic, usually done right outside of the tent Artemis studied within. Their childhood was spent in relative harmony. Occasionally, her father would have a vision of invasion and they would move the tribe to avoid the conflicts, but other than that, Artemis and Apollo spent the mornings training and the afternoons playing.

All this remained the same for years. When Artemis and Apollo were eleven that all changed though. A battle was waged upon the tribe, and her father did not have a vision with warning of it. In the oncoming battle, half the tribe was slaughtered or taken by the Kou forces. They had gone too close to their territory, and the kingdom of Kou would have no patience for a tribe that could pose a threat. They managed to escape, but in the aftermath, Artemis' family lost a good deal of respect. Apollo's family still stood next to them, not abandoning them. For the next year the tribe continued to flee from the advancing assaults from the Kou kingdom. The kingdom had heard of the powerful and ancient magic held within the tribe, and they wanted it for their own army.

This all built up to the final confrontation between the two. The night before Artemis had a nightmare that made her wake up in the night screaming. Still young, and burdened with the growing doubt of the community, Artemis did not report her vision like nightmare to her father. As a result, when the Kou empire arrived the next day, her worse fears came true. The nightmare had been a vision of the Kou army destroying their tribe. As the battle began, she confessed this to her father. In the moments before they were separated, he warned her of the growing number of Goi within their tribe. He told her that they had been the ones to tip off the Kou Empire to their location countless times. The tribe had been taking in outsiders for generations, and now, they were paying the price. Before he commanded Apollo to take her and run, he told her of a kingdom in the West filled with nothing by magicians. He had been about to take the tribe there, but now, only she and Apollo would go. After that, he left to go and hold off the attack with the others.

Apollo and Artemis left the tribe nearing their twelfth birthdays. They were lost in the plains, not sure where to go from there. The one direction they had been given was to go “West.” They were told that the country of magicians would accept them as their own. That was all. The two continued through the plains alone, both left bitter as to their fates. However, Artemis kept silent, muttering softly to herself repeatedly that the Goi were at fault. They were inferior and weaker... so they felt the need to use dirty tricks. However, they had failed in the end. Along with their lives, Artemis has stolen away the secrets of their magic with her. Burnt into her mind were the secrets of the family. She read through them before burning the scrolls in the fires that engulfed the tents.

It took the two three years to reach the magician's kingdom of Magnostadt. They faced many dangers along the way. After two years of travel, having to face bandits, slavers and militias, Artemis came to a simple conclusion. The Goi weren't human. They were nothing more than animals masquerading in the flesh of humans. Any emotion she felt towards them dried up in that instant. Her life seemingly became better that moment. She could kick away Goi children and not feel an ounce of remorse. Her Rukh remained white as snow as well. After all, someone doesn't get black Rukh for disliking ants or animals.

When they finally arrived in Magnostadt, Artemis found herself overwhelmed by the number of magicians in the line to enter. Even more amazing was the young lady in front of them. She was a loud woman who spoke loudly and royally. The woman was amazingly different from anyone Artemis knew. Apollo and her began to speak to this strange woman. They didn't see her again until they had been sorted into the academy where she became Artemis' roommate.
Role-Play Sample:
While the fight, if one could even call it that, was going on, the villagers were gathering in force to watch the confrontation between the two and the guards. This was rather big news for such a small village. The royal prince was confronting the guards with a strange young girl! What was even going on? Why would the prince have worried himself with something like this, and who was that little girl who had shot one of them down? This was madness! Naturally, the crowd gathered the attention of the guards, who were all unsure of whether or not they should intervene due to the presence of nobility.

Meanwhile, Arashi looked to the prince, waiting for his response. Nodding, she reached into her back pocket for more ammunition to use. The prince made sense. Originally, there had only been four guardsmen, but now, their numbers seemed to be gathering with the crowd. She understood that the prince’s presence made things more interesting. Even royal soldiers couldn’t get away with harming the prince. No matter how corrupt they were, the soldiers were probably wary of getting involved with the prince in such a matter. 

Her eyes widened as the prince took the blade and smashed it down into the guard’s skull. As the guard fell into his spasm, bleeding out during the violent spasm before dying, she felt a large lump in the back of her throat. Arashi had been perfectly prepared to kill them, but seeing it actually done, well it shook her. Despite all her training, she had never killed anyone. However, she was trained to do so, and she had been raised to think little of it. Why was it bothering her so much? Was it because the prince did it? Yeah… that had to be it. There was no value in the life of a corrupt guardsman, but a prince was valuable. Seeing someone raised in nobility act was inspiring… Yes. That feeling in the pit of her stomach had to be inspiration. That had to be the explanation- especially when her shoulders tensed as he speared one of the other guards.

When the two remaining guards began to charge at them, Arashi moved to aim her sling. However, before she could do that, the prince led them off. When he did so, she watched, not sure what to do. The prince seemed perfectly capable of handling himself. There was a reason the royal family did not use bodyguards too often. Still, the force that pushed the guards back left the girl in awe. Magic was a terribly wonderful thing. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been born with the ability to use any of it. Gulping, Arashi turned to see that one of the guardsmen in the crowd had fallen over. 

Finally, the guardsmen had decided they had had enough with watching this. They held up their arms and began to march towards the two. Arashi frowned, looking towards the prince as she slid her sling into her sash. There were four times the amount of guards than previously. Calling out, she turned to begin to run, ”Prince, you should leave too!”

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Looks fine to me, just remember that these "random visions" cannot aid you in actual combat (eg. predicting an opponent's attack in battle).

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