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Drunken Pit Stops On The Way Back Home (Solo/Job/Chain)

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Jumanah Necowl

Jumanah Necowl

The Job:
Job Name: Reliving Glory Days I/II [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
An old soldier is drunk at the local tavern, boasting various stories of his better years. A Kou soldier is sitting quietly in a corner, listening to the man. While the soldier does not care about the stories, the rest of the customers are worried that the drunk man will say something that would set him off. The Tavern Keeper is worried as well, and is willing to pay you to get the man out of the Tavern.

Escort the man home and listen to a story.


Knock him out and drop him in an alleyway till he sobers up.

Enemy Name: Old Drunk Man
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Old Drunk Man moves at a speed of 2m/s.
The Old Drunk Man is too drunk to fight back.

Jumanah was on her way back home from her busy day at the market when she noticed a drunken man outside a local tavern. He seemed to be shouting about his glory days or something. Jumanah slowed to a stop to watch the scene unfold. She blinked under her mask while looking at the man curiously. He seemed to be going off about the Kou Empire, her mother had brought it up a few times but seemed to try to avoid the subject.

She wondered what it was about the Kou empire that caused people to be so distraught about things. The tavern's owner then noticed her and motioned her over. She blinked again but went over then to him to see what he needed. He pointed out the Kou solider off in the corner then. "See that guy there?" She nodded slowly looking at the solider. "He's from Kou... I think that drunken bastard may tick him off soon if he goes on any further.

"If you get rid of the drunken mess I'll pay you good money." She looked to the owner then. "How should I do that?" The man shrugged. "I don't know, just kick him out and dump him in an alley way or something." She slowly nodded. "I'll do my best I guess.." She then walked over to the man and just as the Kou solider started to get up to yell at the drunken man Jumanah swung her staff down hard on the man's head.

The Kou solider looked amused as the man looked to her angrily as he stumbled a bit from the hit and rubbed his head. He rushed at her but she quickly back peddled dodging him just barely as she turned around and ran out the door. She lead him out and as he tried to grab her she quickly swung her staff again hitting him in the face as he stumbled a bit again. He glared at her and ran at her once more.

As he neared she hit him in the gut with the blunt end of her staff making him hunch over.  As he did so and held his stomach she then swung down the other side of her staff in the back of the head. He dropped like dead weight as she knocked him out. She panted but put her staff away and grabbed on of his arms and started to try and pull him away from the tavern.

The man barely moved due to her lack of strength and his weight. She though blinked as she felt him move and looked up to see the Kou soldier helping her. She smiled softly to him under her mask but dragged the man into an alley way with the soldiers help. They then both walked back to the tavern and she walked up to the owner who handed her a handful of coins. She looked to the Kou man with a smile "Thank you sir." She said happily before giving them a wave and heading out.  

((515/500 Words))


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