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Jiden Tarmik - Kamikaze

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Tsuki Yomi

Tsuki Yomi
Jiden Tarmik - Kamikaze Image
Jiden Tarmik - Kamikaze AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Alias: Jiden Tarmik
Actual Name: Yin Zu
Title: Kamikaze [The Divine Wind]
Age + Birthdate: 2nd October (20)

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human

Specialization: Intelligence | Wind  
Tier: D
Jiden Tarmik - Kamikaze JudalTab_zpsa330a902

Personality: Jiden is, quite honestly, an elitist. He appears to believe that he's above everyone else because of his rank in society, and enjoys having those who see him as superior around him because of this fact.

This doesn't mean that he doesn't like other people; in fact, quite the opposite, he loves other people a lot. However, he also thinks he's automatically better than them because of who he was born to.

Unlike his friends, he's not a goi-hater. He doesn't believe that just because someone is born with or without communication with their magoi that they're instantly lesser or greater people. What he cares about is their soul.

Not being a spiritualist, he sees someone's soul as what drives the rukh to them, the thing that makes someone's rukh white or black. The only exception is his family, as he takes the belief that they are demi-gods to be literal.

The most noticeable thing about his personality is his constant desire to prove himself. Though he's long since lost the only person he truly cares about proving himself to, it seems like he now wants to prove himself to... well, himself. Proving that he's not just some spoiled rich brat like other people assume he is.

He's got a wonderful sense of humor, and finds it very hard to take things seriously. He flirts with people for fun, frequently dresses up to look, in his own terms "Pretty" and just does things for the thrill of doing it. Although this might seem immature, he was raised as a prince, so nobody was really ballsy enough to try and correct him.


  • Love: As the neglected child of the family, Jiden has always looked for love in what could probably be considered the wrong ways. Whether it's romantic love, something that he enjoys even if he never plans to do anything with it, or whether it's just idolization, he loves to be loved - It makes him feel wanted, something which he rarely was before he came to Magnostadt.   
  • Respect: Tying in with his love for being, well, loved is his desire to be respected. This is not simply the base level of respect, no, he wants to be seen as a historical figure, someone that will go down the ages. He cares little for helping people on the small scale unless it will give him something in return, such as money or affection. However, when given something that will cement his existence in people's memories, he will jump on it without taking his boots off first. He's going to be around for much less time than anyone else, so it's understandable.  
  • Winning: Tying in with his somewhat spoiled personality, he loves to be able to win. At least, he loves to be able to win fairly. Despite coming from a family that was very much about winning at all costs, Jiden has a basic level of honor. He might be better than everyone else, but the only way to truly be that way is to earn it, to prove they're worse than him fair and square. Anything else would be pathetic, weak-willed and not worthy of any praise whatsoever. 


  • Being ignored: This should be obvious, considering the little time that he has on this planet, but Jiden hates to be ignored. If he's hated, at least people will acknowledge him and he's not just swept to the side like some insignificant speck of dust. Yet, what he truly hates about it is the loneliness that being ignored can cause. Being a bastard son and thus ineligible for a throne he would never inherit, being ignored has been a major part of his life so far, and something that he will, at all times, strive to keep away from.   
  • Embarrassment: As any person who truly cares about their reputation does, Jiden hates being embarrassed. He does not, however, hate embarrassing other people, and in fact he openly makes a game out of how many people he can mess with on a daily basis. Yet, despite being able to give, he can't take. He's a sore loser, although mostly he keeps that hatred and anger at his own failure inside and merely lets it show through quietly patronizing his opponent and saying short little dismissals like "I didn't really want to play anyway." 
  • Illness: Illness is a part of Jiden's life just like abandonment, and just like abandonment it's one of the most hated parts of his life. Due to his illness, he frequently wakes up in cold sweats in the middle of the night, throwing up or coughing up bloody mucous. Through his pills and a constant guardian on hand with life magic, he's managed to live so far, but the illness that he lives with is also the thing that drives so much of his character, making him so eager to become well known because he's forced to understand that his own time on this earth is too short to just let it happen naturally.  


  • Abandonment: Well, it should be no surprise that someone who was constantly forced to the outside of the family should fear abandonment. This is shown nowhere fiercer than in his relationships with his friends. Whilst there are times when he can grate on their nerves with his love of teasing them, he cares about them much more than a normal person does because he knows what it's like to be alone, and truly would do anything to avoid ending up being left on his own once again. 
  • Death: Death has become something that Jiden has to face in his every day life. The kind of death he fears isn't the glorious death in the heat of battle where your death stands for something, where you become known for your endless strength, where you become a symbol of something so much greater. Rather, what he fears is a quiet death before his time, choking to death on his own blood or something similar before he's able to get any of his goals truly accomplished. The likelihood of this, however, has given Jiden a lot of night-terrors over the last few years, and means he can't sleep most nights any more. 
  • Failure: Failure is something that is absolutely unthinkable for Jiden. It's not so much little things like losing a game that he's so afraid of, although it would be no over-exaggeration to say that he hates the concept of losing, but it's more about the fact that, with his limited life span, he's going to need to be remembered for something. If his friends remember him more for being useless, for being a failure and for never managing to accomplish anything in his life, he will be little more than a blight on existence, and since his existence is so minimalist, it seems that this is a likely possibility. 


  • Being Respected: Well, when you come from a noble family, even if you only come from a very distant branch of it, respect becomes a major part of your life. It's what gives you the power you need to carry on from day to day, it's what allows you to be remembered, and it gives your name a lot of clout. This is the reason he cares so much about respect, because if he's able to be truly loved and respected then he can do almost anything, and the rest of his life can be easier. 
  • Growing Old: This is what most people would call an "unobtainable goal". Jiden is, inevitably, going to die much younger than most people. Whether it's in his twenties, or his thirties, he's not going to hold on forever. Yet, because of his hatred of that fact, he will go out of his way to be able to grow old, to be able to have a normal life.  
  • Lasting Memory: This has been touched on a few times, but this is the darker side of his "Growing old" wish. Whilst he truly, deeply, wants to be able to have a nice life, a life where he can marry some girl and have a family and die in his bed, he knows that is never going to happen subconsciously. Thus, he actively goes out of his way to make sure that, even if he is going to die young, that his life is something that people remember from generations onward, that people have no choice but to hear the name "Yin Zu" or "Jiden Tarmik" and to go "Oh, yes! That guy! I remember him!"

Jiden Tarmik - Kamikaze ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6

Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 65 Kilograms

Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Purple

Rukh Alignment: White
Face-Claim: Gakupo - Vocaloid
Special Traits: True Androgyny - Jiden is one of those rare people who's bodies don't give out enough testosterone. Thus, his body is constantly in a form of androgyny, fitting perfectly as a rather thin and effeminate guy, or a flat-chested and young girl.

Appearance: It is a rather un-ignorable fact that if you were to look at Jiden for the first time, you would not assume that he was a guy. Of course, that is what makes him so easily hidden from public sight, since he can pass as either gender without too much of an effort. This femininity gives him a rather cute appearance, looking much more effeminate than he probably should be given his lineage and his age. 

Coming alongside this femininity is a love of clothes. He's not the kind of guy who's okay with his wearing any old thing and writing it off as being able to cover him from the wind and rain. He seems constantly aware of appearances, and unless he's having to dress to get a certain appearance (i.e. as a bandit or a maid), then he tends to go for more flattering outfits. 

His default is a white buttoned up shirt, designed in the Balbaddian style, with a black long coat that takes the place of the stereotypical mage's cloak. Whilst he will wear the uniform when requested, his rather egocentric personality finds it hard to wear something so ugly on a regular basis. He doesn't even wear that hat when he doesn't need to, preferring to wear his hair back in a simple ribbon than doing something barbaric like covering it up. 

Jiden's body has a few piercings - Specifically, two golden rings in both ears. These aren't excessively flashy, but they seem to have a quite rebellious tone to them, further exaggerating his body language when he's going against the wishes of one of his teachers. 
Jiden Tarmik - Kamikaze Vocaloid_gakupo_by_ledogawa-d54wszl
Jiden Tarmik - Kamikaze YunanTab_zpsba28a063

History: Yin Zu was the son of one of the emperor's concubines, but due to the fact that only sons born to the actual wives of the emperor can inherit the throne, he was noble in name alone. 

Sure, he had every chance of growing up to be a daimyo in one of the small villages, but he was never going to be officially acknowledged as a prince. This would become something that disgraced him badly, but there was something immediate and a lot more pressing. 

Maybe it was a weakness of the body of his mother, or maybe it was the fact that she drank heavily whilst she was pregnant with him, but Jiden was deformed when he was a child. His most noticeable deformity, his diminutive amounts of testosterone, wasn't noticed until a lot later. However, from an early age, he was horrifically ill. 

When feeding, he would cough up blood-laced milk, much to the disgust of the emperor and to the horror of his mother. Whilst she still loved him, the emperor didn't want a child around the court. 

He was, thankfully, lucky enough to be placed with a local doctor rather than just thrown out in the gutter. It was this that allowed him to live through his early life, with high amounts of life magic being used on him throughout his first few years. 

It's unknown how much damage his very existence did to his adopted father, given the frequent high expenditure of life magic to just keep him alive and to stop him from drowning in his own blood-laced lungs. However, it's likely that he would still be around if it wasn't for his high-rate of magical use. As a wise man once said "the candle that burns twice as brightly burns half as long". 

For years, Yin was a relatively spoiled son. There were people around the royal city that saw him as their link to the emperor, despite the fact that he hadn't seen his real father in a long time. So, he quickly became bloated on other people's attention and, rather than become self-conscious, became addicted to the attention, turning him more and more into the attention hog that he is nowadays. 

By the time of his eighth birthday, he was beginning to show real evidence of being able to use magic. This, naturally, worried his 'father' due to the strain that it might put on his body. However, after weeks of pestering, he was allowed to take lessons under one of the mages of the court. The man who taught him became like an adviser and like an uncle to him, noticeably harder on him but claiming to do so out of a need to toughen him up. 

So, for a few years, he began to train. He was never able to do very much as his body was weak and putting any sort of strain on it, even for something as simple as magic, was dangerous. 

Yet, slowly but surely, he began to show real potential for being great. Plus, his education under his 'uncle' had left his body a lot tougher than it had once been. Of course, it was still effeminate and lacking in noticeable muscles, but at least now appearances weren't accurate. 

It's likely that, without the attacks against the tribes, Yin would have carried on like that for years until he became a noble court magician when he acquired 18 years. Yet, during his sixteenth year, the massacres began. 

A lot of people, despite having major faith in their emperor, saw these attacks as being anti-mage, showing that if they weren't directly aligned with the Emperor's worldview, they would end up being slaughtered. 

This put the fear of god into Yin's father, and he was secreted away in the night under fear that he would kill his son who he'd long since thrown away like a piece of filthy cloth. 

Believing that the emperor's actions against the 'Prince' so far proved that he was willing to hunt him down, his father gave them both false identities and took them to somewhere where Yin could learn magic properly. It was one night late in spring that Jiden Tarmik was born. 

Of course, "Jiden" initially complained about the disguise his 'father' had chosen, although he had to concede after some argument that he had a point. If, worst came to worst, they were actually hunted for, then they would be looking for a young man with purple hair. They would not, however, be looking for a girl. It is this reason why he began the trend that he has continued to this day and dressed as a woman, his effeminate appearance aiding him in this masquerade. 

On the entrance test to Magnostadt, the guards made the very bad mistake of calling him a "cute girl". Bizarrely, there was some part of him that enjoyed the attention, even if they were calling him something he wasn't, but it was also horrifically embarrassing for someone as dignified and haughty as he had become through being spoiled. So, he launched into them. Not physically, of course, but verbally. 

This, apparently, drew the attention of a pair of young friends known as Artemis and Apollo. Whilst he began to like them rather quickly, there was always something about Artemis he didn't quite trust. 

She was, in his mindset, a sociopath. Oh, sure, she looked all candy sweet and innocent, but put her in front of a goi and she would willingly kick them in the eyeball with pointed shoes. He just thanked god that he wasn't a goi, since he was stuck with her - being room-mates and all. 

Role-Play Sample: There was something for the young boy to be scared of when it came to the court magicians. Like in all countries, the emperor tended to be advised at all times by a group of senior magicians, people who's supposed power and prowess in battle made them apparently fit for leadership.

Of course, Yomi wasn't going to argue with that; he was given power, and people got off his back about not living up to his mother's example. It's not his fault she was one of the strongest mages in the history of the Empire, how was someone like him supposed to live up to someone like her?

There was very little to suggest that the boy would be bothered today, especially since very few people actually knew that he was coming home, but Yomi was not one of those ignorant peasants who waited until he got gossip to find people.

Truly, he was not. It wasn't his fault he'd heard people whispering about the boy's presence in the palace, he wasn't eavesdropping or anything. He was just one of the ones brave enough to actually interrupt whatever it was that the young prince had in mind right now.

The prince, Adam, was a spoiled brat in Mi's opinion, always having to have everything his own way or he'd throw a little hissy fit. Not that he would ever say something like that to the boy's face. Emotional pain was sweet, but you could never keep your position in a court like this if you went out of your way to piss off the royal family. The amount of nepotism that was shown throughout the court was almost amazing.

The lock of the room's door would glow with a noticeable golden light, before it melted, turning into a metallic puddle on the floor, pooling around the entrance to the room. For magicians like Adam, the black rukh that accompanied the melting lock was a bad sign, and was almost familiar considering the few mages in the royal court with a black alignment, almost like a calling card.

Without anything to impede his entrance, Mi walked in without even announcing himself. His clothes were the usual black robe with a white haori, the sign of his position as a court magician. A small, polite smile met his face as he stood in the doorway, his infamous staff held in his right hand, resting on it like a walking stick.

"You know, it's not very polite to come home without telling anyone." he chided playfully, with an almost teasing twinkle in the tone. "I can't imagine what your father would say if he knew you'd not even bothered to send a messenger ahead. Does his son not want his presence to be known?"


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Tsuki Yomi

Tsuki Yomi
Completion Bump


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Unless you are getting rid of Tsuki Yomi, you need to make a new account for this character.

The only change that this app needs is the mention of "Daimyo" in your history. There are no Daimyo in Magi World to my knowledge. I know you're trying to be authentic but just change it to some other administrative title that is a bit more generalized. "Lord" "Magistrate" or anything else along those lines would be fine.


Thank you all, for everything.

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if these are not finished by 1st of May they will be archived please message a staff or write here for an extention


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