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A Different Fate [AU Season 5 The Walking Dead RPG] [PB]

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Daryl Dixon

[align=center]A Different Fate [AU Season 5 The Walking Dead RPG] [PB] 2ry0hsy

A Different Fate is a RPG forum based off the AMC television series The Walking Dead with an ever advancing plot.

Members can create their own groups in their own parts of the world though only two boards are open right this moment. Rick's group is located in Georgia still but they will eventually venture towards Virginia. There are many canon character's available. Many people remain alive on the site that died off in the show such as Beth, Merle, and Tyreese. The story takes place end of season 4 and just beginning with season 5 of TWD. Terminus still stands and Rick's old group is still separated from each other, but is AU in part that they haven't run into Terminus just yet. Beth is still captured by Grady Memorial Hospital and thought to be 'gone', but she is still trying to escape her 'saviors'.


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