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This is not Goodnight; it is Goodbye

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Job Name: Lonely Orphans
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Since the attack during the Festival of the Broken Sun, there has been an increase in the number of orphans. The children are sad and lonely. Visiting them and cheering them up by making them happy through laughter, singing and dancing, telling them stories, or other means, will be rewarded.

Hazel eyes watched a group of children crying. He watched them weep with sad twinkling eyes. He could practically feel their tears. They made him feel guilty, though he could not comprehend why. He had not done anything to the poor children. He averted his eyes  away from the scene of crying children. His eyes swiftly flew to the children again. He wondered where their parents were. It did not seem like there were any adults around. How peculiar. Suddenly his mind pieced everything together. These children had no parents. They must have lost them. 'Their parents were most likely killed. Bastards. Not even caring about such an event would effect the children!' Ariel angrily thought, 'How selfish!'

Ariel, true to his empathetic nature, approached the children softly. He smiled kindly at them and knelt down to their level. They lifted their weeping heads slightly and looked at Ariel fearfully. The children trembled and huddled closer together. They seemed to have been afraid of Ariel. He offered a hand towards them. His hazel eyes met their frightened eyes. He hoped that his would be able to convey his good intentions of wanting to comfort them. He hated to see children sad. He also understood what they were experiencing. They were frightened because they did not know where their parents were or what to do. Just like he hadn't known what to do when he had been captured and taken as a slave the first time.

"M-m-mister, y-you won't hurt us, w-will you?" one of the girls asked. She gazed at him with wide, frightened red eyes. There was a sense of pleading in her voice. She wasn't just asking him if his intentions were to hurt them, she was asking him not to harm them. Ariel smiled gently and shook head in response. He would never hurt a child. He loved them too much. Besides, it was for the sake of children that he desired to rid slavery from the world. He didn't want any child to have to go through what he had ever again. He wanted to preserve children from such terrors, for it was their innocence that kept the world bright enough to live on another day. Without children, the world would be so dark that the only thing which would exist, in a world without children, would be fighting and terror.

"Never. I promise to never hurt an innocent child," he asserted. His hazel eyes gleamed with determination, confirming his promise to be one he would keep carefully. His eyes swept across all of the children. He was given fearful but this time, curious glances. He still had his hand out towards them. Hesitantly, one of them, the child who had spoken earlier, outstretched her hand towards his. Soon, all the rest of the children followed in suit. Hesitant as ever, they all gave him shy smiles. In return, he patted their heads and told them to keep their spirits up.

"Because while nobody can prevent the course of life, I'm going to make this world a better place!" Ariel declared spiritedly.

He watched in radiating happiness as the children brightened up. It seemed his energy was contagious because many of the children were smiling brightly at him.

Later on, he managed to find a good orphanage that was willing to take in the children. They were all reluctant to see Ariel go, especially the young girl, but he promised them that he would visit them often. As he watched them go, he recalled how his day had went. After finding the children he had spent most of the afternoon with them, talking and playing with them. Ariel watched with sad eyes as he saw the door close. He knew that no matter what he had promised to them, this was goodbye. Most likely, he would not see the children ever again. After all, Heliohapt was not his country, Magnostadt was.

- END -

Word Count: 657/500


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