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Transformers Prime: Convergence

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TFP Convergence Admin


Our story begins shortly after the beginning of the Transformers: Prime storyline as a major canon divergence due to the meddling of the wrathful Megatronus, the Fallen member of the Thirteen Primes, whose vengeful actions result in the splintering of time itself and the accidental convergence of many timelines into one.

The boundaries between universes and time periods begin to overlap. Major events begin to happen out of order, or else do not happen at all. Individuals who were previously dead now live. Strange things happen. Memory itself becomes blurred as the universe tries to correct itself, but soon the tears grow too large for the universe to patch up. It is not long before alarming inconsistencies are noticed by hero and villain alike.

Fate and destiny hang in the balance as the universe slowly falls apart. Will the eternal struggle between Autobots and Decepticons be put on hold in order to face this dire situation, or will differences be too great to overcome?


  • Welcoming community
  • Divergence from canon that allows for endless story possibilities
  • Many canon characters available
  • Open to incorporation of characters from outside the Aligned continuity family
  • OC friendly!

Join us in the adventure to stop the Convergence before it’s too late!

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