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One Piece: The Last Cruise RP

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One Piece: The Last Cruise RP Mdck5q1YtpsR5ATqxWbX

One Piece: The Last Cruise

A place where you can follow your dreams and sail the seas for freedom or justice.

Based on the original series, but taking place 200 years in the future, our forum takes you to the Second Great Piracy Era where the death of the second King of Pirates Monkey D. Luffy has caused an increase in piracy for a century and a half, as no one ever got to Raftel after his death. As technology advanced, the World Government and Revolutionary Army became even more involved in direct confrontations and their activities are easier to notice than before. The race to the end of the Grand Line has been the end of many, but it may someday be the beginning of your tale.


-Choose among any race seen in the original series, or hybrids between most of them.

-Seven classes with two sub-classes each for a unique fighting style.

-Over 10 occupations with 2 to 3 sub-occupations each, of which you can choose three to define your character´s prowess in, say, tailoring or cooking.

-Occupation Mastery, which allows you to augment one of the three occupations to their max capacity.

-A Grading System designed to reward originality, good grammar and character development in each thread.

-Original Devil Fruits supported (by staff approval)

-Original Named Weapons supported (by staff approval)

-Level and Experience System

-Tons of options to customize your character in a truly One Piece-like, free way over their development

...and much more!

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