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Compass Rose Packs || Element Wolf RP [PB]

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In a realm identical to Earth capable of magic and fantasy, four packs live by the compass. Their names are Northern Islands, Eastern Rock, Western Sky, and Southern Snow. Three years ago, Eastern Rock laid seige on the three other packs. They could not win. As punishment, Northern Islands voted for Eastern Rock to be banished from their once rich forest to the empty, barren volcano at the sea. Southern Snow and Western Sky agreed.

As of lately, Eastern Rock Pack is becoming restless. Their numbers were low, due to wolves leaving or dying in battle, but it is starting to rise once again. There are too many restless, hungry mouths. They're growing desperate, and will stop at nothing to get what they want.

The other three packs are clueless... for the time being. But once they realize that Eastern Rock is once again rising, and have wolves inside their ranks, they must find a way to either keep the peace by sacrificing land and dignity, or to go to war once again.

Meanwhile, Fleshspark and the evil spirit wolves of Dull Pack are regrouping. It is said that they are using the transport wolves, by taking the energy of other spirits, to walk across Compass Rose once again, attempting to create the ultimate pack, Night Minions Pack.

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