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One Piece: New World

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Tenju Ichidai

Tenju Ichidai
Do you love One Piece? Have you ever wondered how one fruit would match up against another? Have you ever wanted to be able to harness the amazing devil fruits that were created by Echiro Oda? Have you dabbled in D&D or any other Table Top RPGs? Do you enjoy creative writing? Do you like meeting One Piece fans? If you answered yes to any of these questions:

One Piece New World offers a world centuries after the canon storyline with an overarching goal that is unique to each original character created and submitted by and role-played by the community. A good friendly staff, quick approval process, plenty of things to do, and an easy to understand stat system that ensures you won't get cheated out by someone and that your powers and their powers will be pitted fairly.

It is a progressive stat earning system that means the more you play the faster you get stronger, however its a laid back community meaning that you wouldn't need to rp all the time to keep up. Customize your character with our dozens of trait system options, various devil fruits, create or join a crew or division, and make a character totally unique to you and your play style. Enjoy climactic battles, an active bounty system that ensures pirates don't get away with too much and Marines are never bored. Journey into the world of One Piece like never before. We await you on the other side :D

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