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Staff Positions and Duties

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Staff Positions and Duties

There are various staff positions here and each one has it's own duty that each of them focus on. Below are a list of the various positions and what their roles and expectations on the forum are:

General Duties
These are things that all members of staff have authority to do.

◆ Approve any purchases that are made.
◆ Involvement in important staff discussions.
◆ Submitting and working on dungeons / plots / systems.

Admins are in charge of handling various background system tasks as well as managing the other staff positions. It is a leadership role that can make executive decisions in the event other staff members are in disagreement with each other.

◆ Updating user information as needed.
◆ Settling disputes between players.
◆ Preform duties that require the administration panel.
◆ Fill in for any of all the moderator positions.

Creation Moderator
A creation mod is responsible for approving or denying all general applications members fill out.

◆ Grading character applications.
◆ Grading abilities / traits / professions.
◆ Grading items / equipment.
◆ Grading jobs / job submissions.

Plot Moderator
This position is one of the few that lacks many moderation permissions on the forum that most other positions have. They are responsible for controlling NPCs and managing plot events.

◆ Roleplay as NPCs to interact with players using both the Solomon's Proxy account as well as unique accounts for important NPCs.
◆ Work together with members to generate interesting plot developments.
◆ Help generate plot events that tie into and result from existing player actions.

Community Moderator
A position focused on interacting with and monitoring the members of the forum. Their responsibilities are centered around keeping the community alive and strong.

◆ Hold activity checks once each month.
◆ Maintains a regular presence within the Discord and site to greet new members and interact with current members.
◆ Keeps an eye on member behaviors and reports concerning/troubling news.
◆ Run OOC events and discussion threads to stimulate the community.

News Moderator
An unsung hero of the team. This staff position keeps tabs on the threads of members and keeps the forum up to date on things happening around the world in-character.

◆ Reading threads and plot submissions.
◆ Reports new developments to plot moderators in the staff section.
◆ Generates news reports for each region detailing public information members could reasonably obtain IC without having to do so in a thread.

Questions and Answers

Can moderators have mixed responsibilities from various positions?

Yes, but only if given permission by an admin. In addition, the duties of their primary position take priority over their additional tasks.

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