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Time to Get to Work [Private/Plot]

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Adrastos Thanatos

Adrastos Thanatos
Adrastos stared out into the night from his room in his mansion, the one he used for public appearances. He was alone, aside from the Fanalis named Zayn, but he wasn’t considered to be decent company for the silver-haired magician. Cherilyn, his little elf princess, was gone, much like all the others he took interest in. He had no pawns other than Zayn and that meant little control. Doing nothing was a waste of time, especially when he had yet to prove himself to The Alchemists. They were always watching. Adrastos knew they were less than pleased with his progress, but at least he hadn’t told their secrets. If he had, then there would be more cause for concern.

The magician clenched his fists together. It was time to stop goofing around. He had done fine before needing his own pawns, so why was he letting it get to him now? Such foolishness.

“Zayn! Get ready! It’s time to get to work.”


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