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Finding scum [job/private]

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1Finding scum [job/private] Empty Finding scum [job/private] on 30/06/16, 10:27 pm


With her face hidden in a shawl she walked around the city, basking in the light she walked around. Currently she kept her face hidden, normally she wouldn't do such a thing. But for the past few days she had been undercover, she had managed to infiltrate the black spiders. Her hair was now a pitch black instead of it's normal white, cute to hang barely above her shoulders. It was a good disguise but right now she was here to do work as Merrze. And in order to keep her identity hidden she had her face and body covered. She had heard about a small time slaver, one who was selling slaves in the area, she had planned to take him out. Normally the spiders would try to recruit then wipe out competition but she would use her connections to take out weaker organizations. But she would have to be sneaky about it, she couldn't let herself be found out or they might kill her for treachery.

Frankly, this was a slightly ignorant plan, and the female fanalis would manage to acknowledge this. The best plan would to climb among the spiders ranks and follow protocol. But the white haired girl had too strong a sense of justice to let that happen, she wouldn't be foolish though. She had to play her cards right, she would make sure to leave any traces. And if a job provided too much risk, unfortunately, the fanalis would not take it even if it was important. This specific time she would have to limit herself in what she did. If she was her foolhardy self then there would be a chance she would get caught, she could survive those situations, but the risk right now wasn't worth it.

With a heart weighted with anxiety and preparation of the future she would step through crowd. Shifting through the them she would find  the man that she was currently searching for. His face was riddled with worry, it was strange, on such a warm an bustling day. It was a puzzling look, the girl curious walked forward towards the man speaking. Her voice rolling off as mysterious, and soft.

"Sir what seems to be bothering you, is there anything I can assist with?"

The old man would begin to speak, his face still worried, pointing in a direction of people moving into an alley.

"My slaves escaped, I was transporting them through here in order to bring them to an auction. I need to get those mongrels so I can sell them, can you please help me?"

"Sure thing old man, I was coming to see you at the auction as I heard you had good products, so I'll be more than happy to help you out."

Of course no one had helped him, this was a poor residential area, where ex slaves, slaves, or slave targets would live. They wouldn't dare sell out one of their brethren to him, after all it could be them next. They would both follow after the slaves, he seemed to have a wand at his side which confused her. He could've went to get them himself but he didn't, he didn't really need help. Of course it was possible that the old man here was rather sloth like, wanting someone else to do his work for him. With no argument the lioness would keep up her pursuit. The wind slightly brushing against her scarf covered face, she lead the slave master through the alley way. The stench of rotting garbage, feces from Solomon knows what. She was used to these smells, the didn't bother her. But the stink and heat could get to a persons head so she kept the scarf close around her face.

As the sun stayed high in the sky like a radiant halo, their targets had been found. The had reached the end of a back alley, there would be no place for them to run. She would walk forward, her presence coming off strongly. She gave off an aura of pure blood lust, to them it looked as if they were being closed in by a beast. With looks of fright, the slaves quivered holding their weapons in hand, prepared to fight back against the young lady. But then things went unexpected, the young girl turned around pointing her blood lust towards that of the slaver. Gritting her teeth and taking a firm stance, she would speak coldly to the elderly mage.

"I've decided these slaves will get to go free, and you, well you will be left here to die."

She wouldn't draw her sword, the girl would just stand there waiting for the man to attack. And he would manage to fall bait to her plan. He would raise his wand and use a fireball. Singing the air the four balls of fire would head towards Merrze, but with a swift movement she would press her foot strongly across the ground. Using Blessing of Tera to block the force of the fire balls. Then using the same foot the fanalis would Palm of Gaea. The large rock would fly towards the wizard who would try to move back but would crushed by the rock. With this the slaves would soon run away past him, with a smirk her job was done. But the fanalis wasn't going to leave just like that, she had to make an example before she could leave.

The fanalis would walk away, her hands hidden under the cloak that surrounded her body. They were now bloodied, she had grabbed the man by his head, her hands in gloves. Then slammed his head into the wall with enough force to stick it in there, then using his own arm wrote with his blood "The corrupt will die". She had no plan on doing this often, but this would be a thing of fear making people think there was some sort of slaver killer on the loose. She picked up money from his corpse, and now her job would done. Now it was on to do black spider work, hopefully things would go well.

word count: 1000+/1000
magoi: 200/260
moves used:
Name: Miathios Art 4: Palm of Gaea
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15 sustained
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Offensive
Range: 15m
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Merrze strikes her foot on the ground pushing up a large rock 5m in height and 2m in width, which she then hits with her hand sending forward up to 15m dealing B-tier damage to whatever it hits at 20m/s.

Name: Miathios Art 5: Blessing of Tera
Tier: B
Cost: 30 | 15 sustained
Weapon Type: Body
Class: Defensive
Range: Close
Cool-Down: 5 posts
Description: Merrze Slams her foot into the ground creating a barrier of the earth in a circle with a diameter of 1-5m and the rocks being 5-10m tall at 20m/s blocking up to A-tier damage.


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