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Shipwrecked (Cyrus/Plot/Private)

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1Shipwrecked (Cyrus/Plot/Private) Empty Shipwrecked (Cyrus/Plot/Private) on 26/06/16, 06:52 pm

Cyrus Argentum

Cyrus Argentum
Cyrus sat in his room bored, defeated and fed up. Not only was his mother not here but also none of his family had bothered to enter the country or Heliohapt either. From what he had heard his father was still in Balbadd and his brother was still studying magic and Magnostadt academy. On top of that he was unable to enter the dungeon that appeared in the deserts to the south of the city. Lying on his bed, he watched as the sun slowly cooked the earthy streets. There were few people out at this time of day on account of the scorching heat outside however, every now and there he would see a few people going out from his apartment being careful to stick to the shade without for fear of getting burnt alive in this weather. Although his windows were closed and the fan was on, it wasn’t really doing much for him. The magic on the fan had clearly run out and all it could do was circulate the desert air around is cramped room.

Looking outside he could see the dungeon though it was just a glint of bluish crystal in the distance. It was still there so it seemed that no one had conquered it yet but he knew that he was not going to see it again. Cyrus had no plans anymore he was doing trying to find his family and go on an adventure. He was done he would just go back to his home in Reim and not really do much, just wait for his family to come home. He was sick of trying and failing to track them down and since they obviously didn’t want anything to do with him, he wouldn’t bother any more.

He made up his mind he was leaving on the first boat out the city.  The sun was finally started to set when Cyrus emerged from his house. He looked at it one last time before he headed off to the docks where he could leave. The boat was incredibly small but since there were few people going back at this time he figured that it would be fine to carry him and his stuff back. Soon after the boat left the pier into the sun the sky purple and blue and the orange sun disappeared over the horizon giving the clouds, the few that were there, a reddish pink tint to them; It was idyllic. Just looking over the water, smelling the salty air, watching the navy blue water lap up against the boat as it cut through the sear the sound of the sails blowing it the oceanic wind, he wondered if he could just live on this forever without cares or responsibilities just nature. As he thought his he began to realize that he was slowly nodding off the soothing sensuous input had worked to secure him and transport him to a land of dreams.

That was short lived, a storm had begun brewing and had taken them off course, instead of northwestward to Reim, they were heading east/ southeast to Balbadd the soft and puffy pinkish clouds corrupted into big black monstrous clouds dousing the few people on the boat with could water. The lightning flashed and wind that was gently pushing the boat to his homeland wailed and groaned as it pushed the ship which had broken into a few pieces further into the middle of the ocean. Cyrus couldn’t believe his luck all he wanted as to go home but instead he would die in the open ocean, perhaps that was the same fate his mother and sister had suffered but he wouldn’t know. As he barely hung on to the three pieces of wood that constituted a raft, his orange hair wet and stuck over his eyes blood dripping from his arms and legs. He soon lost consciousness in the open angry sea. He only hoped that he would be able to make it somewhere. His wish was granted. When he awoke, he was surprised to find himself on a white sand beach. The storm had cleared up and the grey sky had been replaced to a beautiful blue just like the azure ocean below, shimmering in the tropical sun.  By the looks of things he was on his own in the middle of and island in the open ocean without his scythe, or any of his belongings save for his whistle and headband and not a single person in sight. He was all alone.


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