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Gilead Bachman

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"The broken bird sings the most sweetest of melodies."

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Name: Gilead Bachman
Tier: D-Rank
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Age + Birthdate: 21 | January, 1st
Nationality: Magnostadt
Race: Human
Specialization: Intelligence | Life Magic

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Gilead is the type of person strict parents would approve of. He is very polite and kind showing utmost respect to his elders and his peers. He is a sweet heart and charmer some would say, as he often speaks what a person wants to hear. He holds himself with a confident air, but shows through his expressions and mannerisms that he is not arrogant or full of himself. At times he may seem shy, usually when congratulated or shown admiration or when he is near someone he likes even if it's not romantically. Gilead gives off a vibe of a person who is the perfect gentleman.

Yet if one were to strip the layers of kindness and humbleness, they would see his true self- a deceiver, manipulator, and a monster... In truth Gilead isn't all sunshine and rainbows despite the attitude he shows. He is surprisingly cold underneath his usually heart warming facade, showing a merciless and ruthless young man who is willing to do anything to achieve his dreams. With his ruhk stained black magicians would see that he is not one to be fully trusted. For he is a grinning wolf among the flock of sheep awaiting his chance to strike his prey.


Fruit - One of nature's best bounties in Gilead's opinion. He loves the taste of fresh fruit, may it be an orange at breakfast or some apple slices with his lunch he has always enjoyed the taste of fresh, ripe fruit.

Magic - Being a magician it is obvious that he loves magic. As a child he felt the need to fear and hate his abilities but when he was brought to Magnostadt his view changed quickly. He loves magic and all the wondrous things it can do, especially his main magical forte- life magic.

Men - Gilead is attracted to men. He won't vocalize it loud enough for the world to hear, but if asked he will not deny it. Though he enjoys the thought of being with a man, it isn't all sexual. He truly wishes to fall and love and start a family (through adoption of course) with the one he loves. Funnily enough despite his age Gilead is actually a virgin- something he is teased about quite a bit by his fellow peers.


Goi - Gilead had come from a tragic past that involves magician haters. Losing his parents to a magic hate rally in his home village. Gilead's hatred for those who fear and discriminate his kind just because of their gifts holds no bounds. Those who are Goi will be met with a kind but subdued smile just belaying his true feelings underneath.  Due to his upbringing and kind nature he'll at least be civil towards non magicians- but even that is pushing it.

Meat - Growing up he never had a taste for meat. He'd rather play or watch animals than eat them. The first time he saw an animal being cut up at a butcher's shop turned him green and forever scarred his mind, turning him into the vegetarian he is today. As an vegetarian, the only type of 'meat' he will eat is fish and even then that's only when he has no other choice to. Instead of meat Gilead enjoys things such as grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products- but meat? He'll pass on that...

Thunderstorms - The night of his parents deaths there was a horrible thunderstorm while he was on the run. Thus whenever seeing a thunderstorm he freezes as the traumatizing memory of the night he lost his only family is triggered by the sound and sight of a thunderstorm.


Thunderstorms - Losing his parents on the night of a terrible thunderstorm induced a trauma in him. His phobia is triggered when in or near a thunderstorm. He'll freeze up like a deer in the headlights, face pale and sweaty, pupils dilated, with a faraway stare, and body shivering from head to toe. If he happens to know a thunderstorm is coming he then locks himself in his room and curls up in a fetal position in fear, awaiting for the horrid storm to pass, reliving his traumatic memories.

Death - Or in more precise terms, death without accomplishing his goals in life. He wishes to change the world's view on magicians and to die before that happens is very counterproductive. That and he fears death which is part of the reason he's so taken with life magic. Why accept death when life has so much to offer?


To Bring About An Era Of Peace - His main goal in life is to create a perfect peaceful world where magicians are treated as equals. That's his dream. He wishes it become reality as well and is willing to do anything to make it so. Even if his view on an "era of peace" means that magicians would eventually rule over the Goi in the end.

To Gain Immortality - The secondary goal that Gilead wishes to achieve. By gaining immortality he will have plenty of time to change the views of the Goi on him and his kind. Besides who better to lead the Goi to a better life if not a person who could not die?

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Face-Claim: Jack Vessalius - Pandora Hearts
Weight: 154 Ibs
Hair Color: Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Height: 5'10 Ins
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: n/a

Gilead is a tall, fair skinned young man with platinum blond long locks tied in a ponytail, emerald green eyes framed by soft yellow eyelashes, and a youthful and aristocratic face. He exudes charm and grace of noble standing despite his background and dresses like much like the gentlemen he is. Gilead dresses in clothes fitted for nobility or well off individuals. Despite this the clothes he wears are far less 'flashy' than what the wealthy usually don. Showing his more 'grounded' approach to his appearance, but also showing that he is still able to be vain.

To start off Gilead adorns a white dress shirt with silver colored buttons that trail down the center of the shirt. Over this is a emerald green coat tailed jacket lined in yellow on the cuffs and the collar. On his lower body he wears matching emerald green slacks also lined at the bottom edges with golden yellow linings. On his feet are black dress boots each with a silver colored buckle and a small heel, while on his hands he wears a pair of starch white full fingered gloves, while around his neck is a starched white cravat on top of his dress shirt, and sapphire earrings in both ears.

Gilead Bachman  YunanTab_zpsba28a063

Gilead Bachman was born to a small village nestled in some grassy hills towards the north west. His family and village were simple folks. They made their livelihood by taking care of livestock and crops for trade in the big cities across the map. Despite this they lived a quiet and content life refusing to live in a life of luxury as they enjoyed their quaint and peaceful lifestyle. Gilead was the only son to an elderly couple who found him on their doorstep when he was an infant, his parents nowhere in sight.

Without a second thought they adopted the boy and raised him as one of their own. For years Gilead was taught in the ways of husbandry and farming learning how to work with animals in the barns and crops in the fields. Despite this he was a frail young boy and could only do so much before tiring out. Still- he tried his best to please his folks and was a much loved member of the village.

However somethings weren't meant to last... Gilead who was assumed to be normal appeared to have a special 'gift' one that he and his parents feared due to the village's anti-magic ways. The fear of magicians was born from the fact they could do something so 'abnormal' and thus were considered 'monsters' and 'demons' to the uneducated folks of his village. Even though the village was kind and understanding to 'normal' humans, they outright detested magicians and often took part in magician hate rallies much to his and his parents displeasure.

When Gilead first awakened his magic he healed a small bird who broken it's wing when crashing into a tree fleeing a predator. When he told his parents they were horrified knowing that him doing magic was considered a 'crime' in their village and quickly told him to hide his abilities from everyone. From that day forward he hid his abilities of life magic no longer using his abilities for his amusement.

However he was eventually found out one night on a cold rainy evening in the spring after healing an injured villager's leg. The villagers marched to his house and began demanding that his parents give them the 'demon child' when they did not comply the mob began burning down the house trapping the family of three inside. Quickly the couple managed to escape through an underground tunnel that they had built long ago for when bandits would raid the village in the past. They ushered their adopted son through and the three tried to make their escape.

However upon making their way out they were found out by the angry mob. As they ran both of his parents were taken down by the angry hateful villagers. Lightning chose to strike at that moment as the downpour increased in rivets. He watched as the mob came down upon his parents as they screamed for him to run. Tears streaming down his face he turned and ran leaving his parents to their deaths. The villagers continued to pursue him down the river but they were stopped and killed by magicians who were attempting to camp out in the wilderness for the night before continuing their journey.

The magicians had seen this type of blind hatred a lot of times and offered him a home in a place filled only with magicians. With nowhere to go and thoroughly traumatized he agreed to leave to the city, if only to get away from his old home. A few days later he found himself in Magnostadt where he was tested for his magic skills and was approved. There he learned about magic and not to fear it but embrace it as a gift. He learned of the non magical beings that populated the earth that magicians called "Goi" and many other things about magic and other interesting and fascinating facts that drove his hunger for knowledge even further.

He was considered a 'purple magician' due to his ability in life magic and soon began to train his abilities in the academy. Over time he began to ponder about his life and everything that had happened to him and others like him. He began to research on ways that he could somehow stop this pointless hatred towards his kind. But as time wore on his thoughts became more dark and twisted. His ambitions for peace were transformed into a dark desire to control the Goi so they could no longer do magicians harm. His view of peace was warped but he never even noticed it until it was too late.

By then he had just accepted that he was too far gone. And believed that his dreams and desires were valid as the end justified the means if he wanted 'true peace' for the whole world. He then realized that his search for 'peace' would probably take beyond his normal lifetime and thus began searching for a way for immortality, wanting to live longer in order to achieve his goals. As he delved farther into his madness his rukh had long became stained in the blackness of depravity but stopped caring enough to stop his descent. To him he had much to achieve and nothing would stop him from getting the power he craved and believed he deserved...

Role-Play Sample:

[My Roxas post from Kingdom Hearts: Hearts Through Time]

'Why am I here again?' Was the question that reverberated through Roxas's head as he stared at the trashed confines of the old mansion foyer. He had no clue why he had the sudden desire to explore this place again. Until now he had been trying to avoid this particular place as it held too many bad memories for him. But despite that he found himself wandering the dimly lit halls of the abandoned mansion as though searching for something... 'But what am I searching for?' He internally questioned, as his bright blue eyes scanned the large room, body tense in case of a potential threat. Whatever he was looking for, or he assumed he was looking for- tugged at him strangely. The feeling of familiarity washed over his being as he tried to put the pieces of this strange puzzle together.

As he made his way towards the main stairs he followed familiar hallways, as though he had just been here the day before. Before he knew it he was at the secret passageway to the lab, the presence of whatever he was looking for seeming stronger. Strong but dark memories began to invade his thoughts as he quickly shook them away, he had to focus. Making his way downwards he found himself going through the surprisingly untouched rooms eventually making his way to the computer console that he remembered he'd smashed in his anger at the fake digital Twilight Town... And as strange as it was to him, he wasn't surprised that this version- the real version of the console was untouched. Grimacing he turned away from it before making his way to the door that led to a surprising discover. The room he had entered was being used. Or at least it had been occupied recently, something that didn't bode well for the key of destiny.

Eying the area cautiously Roxas made his way further into what he now realized was a lab. And that's when he saw it... or her to be accurate. A familiar girl with short black haired, tanned skin, and was asleep laying down quietly almost like a princess- no... that wasn't right. As he neared the the unconscious figure he went to see if she was alive, his gloved hand touching her shoulder, wondering if he should shake her awake. However, upon doing so he was suddenly bombarded with intense pain, as memories long forgotten, that should of stayed forgotten rushed into his head at immense speeds causing the blond haired nobody to pull away and clutch his head in pain as he let out a strangled cry. Falling to his knees as the pain continued on, filling his head with images of a forgotten memories with the black haired girl, he was relieved when they finally subsided.

Finding it possible to stand, albeit wobbly- Roxas grabbed the nearest object to lift his hurt body up. Unknowingly he knocked over a few scientific utensils that were owned by the chilly academic himself- Vexen. After the pain and memories had faded the young nobody blinked as he finally could think again. Looking up he noticed the girl and instantly remembered her name... his friend.. "XION!" He exclaimed rushing towards her and picking her head up a bit, his hand under her head looking down at her in an oddly similar scene from long ago. But this time, she wasn't dying... she wasn't leaving him like before. "Xion! Can you hear me? It's me Roxas!" He looked down at his friend desperately, wanting for the replica to awaken. He couldn't lose her a second time- not again! "Xion... please... wake up." Tears began to well up in his eyes, threatening to fall as he feared the worse, fearing that she would never wake up... 'Please... Xion. Please don't leave me alone again!'

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"Let me sing my last song. This is my final curtain call."
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"Au revoir mon amour."


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Thank you all, for everything.

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Thank you all, for everything.

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