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Altan Bey

Altan Bey

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Altan Bey

Altan Bey

Altan Bey Vault
Name: Altan Bey
Country Affiliation:Wanderer
Age + Birthdate:18,8 August

Personality: Altan is usually a calm girl but she is not afraid to show her cheerful side as well. In her daily life, she likes to give help to those who needs it and always smiling. Her kindness is not something that she forced, it is natural and she is a little bit selfless although she can be a little selfish sometime when she wishes to do what she likes. She believes that no one should be a very selfless one and that they need to be selfish a little bit so they can loosen up a little bit, making themselves happy to do their hobby.
However, the redhead didn’t easily put her trust into new person that she just meets. Strangers need to gain her trust first before she can consider them as an ally or she wouldn’t even try to get close to them and try to know them more unless she really needs to. Sometime if it is for professional situation, then she would try to work with the stranger even though she doesn’t really put her trust on the stranger.
This red haired girl is also has a good adaptability skill and sometime is a straightforward person who doesn’t really have a trouble to hang out or work with any kind of person except the boastful one as she hate that kind of person. Even though she didn’t look fierce in her daily life, she could be a hot headed one if provoked and it was easy to make her enraged over something due to her Fanalis blood. If Altan is in the middle of a battle, she would be very serious and cautious even though she still could be easily angered quickly. But she had trained herself to be able to transfer her anger to her attacks, mainly in how she would shoot her arrow towards the enemy. Sometime if she couldn’t control her anger, she would unconsciously break the bow before she could even fire the arrow that makes her need to bring another set of bow for her to use.

Horse ~ Being born in clan that specializes in horsemanship requires her to take care of some horses and also spending a lot of time with them, that makes her put her heart and soul to tend them. Because of that, she came to love horses and she think that they are her friends, not just an animal.
Flowers ~ Seeing beautiful flowers always makes her calm, especially flowers that managed to grow by themselves in the wild. She even grows some flowers in her house to study more about them.
Singing~ Singing was the way for this red haired girl to release stress, not only that, she sings to show her feelings and she is very passionate about it. Some people even like to hear her singing for them because it is soothing and calming, just like a lullaby.

Braggart ~ Person who likes to brag about their accomplishment to make them look better to others is someone that Altan hates so much. It means that they like to talk big and usually person like this does not really have a really significant achievement that needs to be boasted.
Loud noise ~ Hearing a very loud noise over and over again makes her head hurts and of course it is not pleasant for her. Altan would try to shut the source of the loud noise if she finds it unbearable for her ears.

Aspirations: She wishes to travel around the world to see what kind of wonders that she could get so she can remember it and tell it to her descendants later. Altan also wants to ensure the existence of her tribe because of the cruel thing that the previous emperor of Kou did in the past. However, the thing that she really wants to do is to look for her family that had abandoned her when she was a baby and to know more about her race as she noticed that she is somewhat different that most people in her tribe in the term of physical strength.

Phobias/fears:Although she really wants to go to an adventure, this young girl is afraid to now having place for her to come back even though she would never admit it. She is afraid that maybe someday after when she comes back from her journey, her tribe would no longer exist and she got no place that she can call as home anymore. Another fear that Altan might have is to be blind (typhlophobia), because it means that she couldn’t enjoy seeing beautiful things again especially the beauty of flowers that grows around the world if she is blind.

Face-Claim:Yona [Akatsuki no Yona]
Hair Color: Crimson Red
Eye Color: Violet
Height:165 cm
Weight:55 kg

Appearance:Altan is a girl that can be called as an attractive one for having a cute face feature. Her body is slim and slender but it is in a very fit condition thanks to the routine physical training that she did every day. She has a long, wavy crimson colored hair and could be seen wearing a white gown and a red vest with darker red borderlines and a pink sash being tied around her waist as her daily outfit. She wears a pair of golden-colored long tassel earrings that fits her violet eyes and fair skin. In some occasion, Altan would wear a grey colored cape with a hood when she is going out to somewhere.

Rukh Alignment:White
Special Traits:N/A

History: There is not much to tell about Altan’s past beside about the people in Bey clan that are kind enough to take her in. One of the clansmen said that it was a very stormy night when they heard a wailing sound of a baby. Curiosity struck their mind and some decided to check what was going on, starting from checking the source of the sound first. It was surprising that they found a baby inside a basket in the swift river being a very lucky one as a big tree branch prevented the basket to fall down stream. However it was not an easy task for the rescue as they needed to swim into the cold river to get the basket. Thankfully, after undergoing a harsh rescue process, they managed to save the baby and brought the female baby with them.

They were curious to see the baby, knowing that the baby was a little bit different from the other baby. Beside from her crimson hair, her grip was a lot stronger than a normal baby and they came to believe that she might be a direct descendant of the race that is known as the Fanalis. But despite all of that, the entire clan agreed to take her into the Bey clan, knowing that innocent baby needed a place that she could call as home for the time being. The baby was named Altan, which meant “Crimson” that was given based on her crimson hair and Bey, the clan’s name, as her family name.

Bey clan was a nomadic tribe that lived in the Great Plains, they used to live right next to Kou’s territory inside the Jade Dragon Mountain but when Kou empire expanded, Bey clan was forced to be pushed to the west until they were living on the plains. The clan was famous for the continuous rebellious act towards Kou empire until one day Kou decided to give them an ultimatum by abducting the sole heir of the clan. For years, the clan didn’t have anyone to lead them because their chief passed away not long after his son was abducted, but they managed to survive due to their integrity. When the new emperor took the throne in Kou empire, Rashim Bey, the abducted rightful heir to the Bey clan was being released and safely returned to the village, taking the seat to lead the Bey clan. However despite all of that, Bey clan is specialized in horsemanship and archery. Altan was not an exception to be one of the promising young generations that was good at both horsemanship and archery. She is used to handle horses and also knew her way to deal with arrow and bow, thus making her as one of the capable fighters in the clan. Her Fanalis bloodline gave her a pretty impressive strength as well even though she didn’t really train it because at that time, to learn archery was her priority.

Her childhood felt pretty normal even though she knew she was not belong in any family, but the kindness of the clansmen made her feel that all of them was her family and she got a place that she could call as home there. The first time she learned that she was a Fanalis, curiosity struck her mind and made her wanting to know more about it. The clansmen even being very kind towards her and encourages her to find more about it, knowing that this red haired girl needed to find out about her own past sooner or later. In order to do it, Altan was advised to go out to an adventure and see the world. It marked the beginning of her desire to travel around the world to see if she could find out about herself more.

Role-Play Sample: It was a cold night in the great plains, but the red haired girl could be seen strolling with her hooded cape wrapped around her body. Altan was planning to check on the horse like what she usually did as her routine every night until she saw someone approaching the tribe’s territory. This person looked terrible, his white hair was all messy and his clothes were covered with dirt. She prepared herself to run towards the man, stopping him from walking any further. “Who are you?” The girl asked, her tone was not judging yet it was confident and had a hint of cautiousness in it. But the man didn’t answer her, he simply fell to his knees and looked down before finally uttering some words, ”Me… I have to go to Bey clan...” Altan simply lift the man up, knowing that this man really needed a place and food to warm up because his body was as cold as ice. “Well, you come to the right place… State your business…” But she didn’t give in just yet, she was a very careful person and she needed to know that the man could be trusted before she offered him some help. “I… Rashim Bey, the rightful heir of the Bey Clan… wishes to go back…home…” He was unconscious right after he spoke the last word, but that was enough to make the crimson haired girl surprised. “What… The rightful heir of the Bey clan…?” Little she knew that the man was telling the truth… But she brought him to her place and laid him on her bed so he could get some rest, ”Need to tell the other about this boy tomorrow…”


Altan Bey Vault EVN67aG

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Altan Bey

Altan Bey


  • Primary - Ranger
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -



Fanalis Physiology:


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Altan Bey

Altan Bey

D-tier Abilities

D-tier Abilities:

C-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities:

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Racial Abilities

[center][b]Fanalis Roar[/b][/center]
[b]Tier:[/b] C
[b]Specialization:[/b] Fanalis Racial
[b]Type:[/b] Supplementary
[b]Range:[/b] Short(3m)
[b]Requirements/Drawbacks:[/b] User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
[b]Scaling:[/b] AoE
[b]Sustain:[/b] -
[b]Cool Down:[/b] 2 posts
[b]Cost:[/b] -
After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.[/list]

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Altan Bey

Altan Bey

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Altan Bey

Altan Bey



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