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The Wandering Lost [Social/Garret]

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Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
Ari sighed heavily as she wandered through the streets of the capital city. While she appreciated being in her grandmother’s native land, it made her yearn for her lover even more. They had made plans to come visit the desert metropolis, once things had settled down, but that had been before Azix had disappeared. She wanted to believe that perhaps he had simply decided to isolate himself as he struggled with the powers of his Djinn, but she feared the worst, that something horrible had happened since he had entered Eligos with Ayero. She had not seen either of the two since they had entered the dungeon, despite the tower crumbling to the ground, indicating it had been defeated. She was at a loss and even her flying serpent, Nilexa, could not bring a smile to her face with her antics.


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