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Gaining strength [Learning strength spec]

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It was time for something important, something very important. Ani had been fighting with her beast by her side for awhile now, but in the end what would she do if her best was taken out during an important fight, or when she was inside of the dungeon. She could use her strength and her magical tools, but Ani didn't know how to use her strength well at all. So she had made appropriate plans for her to learn so that way when she is fighting in any such area that she would be able to fight alongside Hoyo, The reason behind this was the last few times she was confronted with a situation that involved fighting she relied on her beast. While Ani was confident in her abilities as a tamer and knew that she could easily take out her enemies with Hoyo at her side she believed that it would be more beneficial and practical for her to learn to fight so should would be able to take on some of the enemies while Hoyo fought the others. In general she believed that this was the best course of action that would lead to her becoming a stronger combative force. That's why for what was to come she was going to do alone. She had already trained working with Hoyo, but now she needed to work on her skill by herself.

Ani wasn't sure what she should learn to fight with at the beginning, so the instructor she was going to see had brought a variety of weapons that she could look at and then decide one of them to fight with. Though at first she wanted to learn how to fight with her hands first so that way if she happened to get disarmed that she would still be able to fight.Ani was trying to make preparations so that way she would be able to fight and protect herself no matter what the situation was. She didn't want to admit it, but the possibility that Hoyo could get killed and she would have to fight on her own was always a possibility, and one of the things the dungeon taught her was that you should always be prepared for the unexpected. Otherwise something you weren't ready for could surprise you and then end your life in a heartbeat. Though if she learned how to fight properly it would actually lower the chances of Hoyo dying in battle since she would be able to take out the enemies with him. There was virtually no downside to her learning how to fight like this. All in All Ani believed that this was her best option in order to become stronger.

She had talked to her friends and rented out a small fighting arena that belonged to a private trainer. After talking to him he made sure that everything was set up so she would be able to learn various styles of fighting and eventually pick a weapon when it came down to it. In total there was dummies, sandbags, other trainers, and best of all they had a magician there to heal Ani so that way after she was done training with specific things she could get healed and quickly go into the next subject of training. This had pleased her since it would allow her to get in max amount of training possible so that way she could actually learn how to fight properly, which was the entire goal of this training. Even though she would be doing this alone Ani felt kind of lonely since her beast wasn't here with her. Though it was to help keep him safe , so she would eagerly do this if it would make her stronger and help her protect Hoyo from any threats. Along with protecting those who were dear to her.

Soon enough after all the preparation it was finally the day for the training camp. Ani was lead into the home by her friend. He was tall, tan, thin, and had long wavy black hair. She had met him through the underground. He was someone who taught runaway slaves to fight so in case they got caught, or found later in life that they would be able to protect themselves. It was an honorable reason so Ani thought it would be good to use his services at least once. Walking around his home she was soon led through the rest of the home. She was shown were she was allowed to rest when she wasn't training which was a room near the kitchen. They were stocked up healthy foods and liquids so she would be able to build up her protein and nutrients so she could be in peak condition. She was extremely grateful and grabbed an apple taking a hard bite into it. It was then that her friend, Hassim, began leading her to where the training area was. She quickly bit into the apple and kept biting and swallowing. She choked for a minute before swallowing and throwing it away. It was then that she began following after Hassim excited to see what the place looked like.

The training zone was in a secret basement, and in order to get to it she had to be led through a closet. He opened it and moved around some of the cleaning equipment and then opened up a secret hatch that slid open. He jumped down into the hatch before she soon followed after letting out a soft sigh. He nodded up to her and she slid the door closed before following him through a short tunnel. It was magnificent, it was a small room with weapons lined against the walls and a small circle set up that was designated as the fighting ring. It reminded her of underground fighting rings which somewhat excited her. She giggled softly and looked around before he set up a few training dummies which were obviously there so that way she could begin with some basic footwork practice along with positioning.  It was then some other trainers of various body types coming from the dummy storage room carrying out equipment of their own. After talking with each one of them for a little bit it became appearant to Ani that she would begin with basic training, and then she would learn from each trainer individually.

After speaking with them Ani's friend Hassim led her over to the training dummies instructing her on basic footwork and how to keep a good solid stance. Ani listened intently and soon enough he let her stand in front of the dummies and see what she already knew. Ani was allowed to attack the dummies for a while doing what she thought was right and proper. After awhile of showing what she said Hassim scolded her and put her in the right positioning and the proper way to throw punches and kicks. After all Ani was strong, but it was unrefined so it was important for her to master the basics before continuing on to anything more in-depth. Soon enough Ani got a good hang of it and it was then that she was told that she wouldn't beat any of the trainers during this training camp. They were all masters in their fields and even if Ani was strong they knew how to take on Imuchakks. Ani knew what he was saying was true since she had been observing them since the beginning. Even though she knew that she wouldn't be able to beat them Ani was quite excited to get to train with people of such skill.

For the first few days of training Ani learned the basics until late into the night. Afterwords she would eat dinner, take a bath, and then take a short sleep before she was awoken once again for the training. It was quite fun and Ani learned from him easily making her happy that he was such a good teacher. Though soon enough it was time for her to move on which she wasn't allowed to do until she had proven that she had learned all the basics. It was a simple task all Ani had to do was take out the targets with everything that she had learned from him. It didn't take long and Ani had finished up the task, and afterwords the three of them went up stairs for dinner. It was at then that she was informed about that tomorrow she would  begin training with the striking master. She nodded softly and finished up her meal before going upstairs to get a good rest so she would be ready for what was to come.

Ani had a very fulfilling sleep and soon woke up early before running downstairs and into the kitchen. She grabbed a slice of melon and ate it with a cup of milk before letting out a soft sigh. She soon enough made it downstairs and into the training room where Hassim was sitting with the other two trainers. Instead standing with a punching bag was the striking trainer. He was short with bright red hair, and a half shaven head. His name was Shamu and soon enough he brought her over to the punching bag and soon began instructing her on how to strike properly. Soon enough after a few days of training Ani had learned a little bit of his fighting style Once he was done training her she was given a simple test. All she had to do was take down the punching bag only using the stances and techniques she was taught by him. She passed the test learning that it was harder since they reinforcements they were using from the chains. Like the last time they went upstairs for a big dinner and  then she took a long fulfilling sleep.

The next day came quickly and Ani soon enough did what she did on the days that she began training something new. She grabbed some sort of fruit and ate it with milk before she made her way downstairs to continue learning. Though what she saw had surprised her. Instead of three trainers there was only Shamu, and Hassim along with the grappling trainer. Ani was soon informed that the weapons master had to leave on business and wouldn't be back for a long time. This upset Ani slightly, but believed that she should learn her weapon training after the dungeon. At least that way she might have a better idea on what sort of weapon she would want to fight with. Soon she met the grappling trainer Kimi, another Imuchakk like herself. She was taller then her and had medium length spikey hair, and and eye patch for some reason. There was just a ring, and themselves. She was going to learn counters, throws, and grapples in case she was ever stuck in such a situation that striking wasn't possible.

The training was simple at first. She showed her the moves with Shamu first so she would be able to get a good grasp on how they were done. Then after that she was expected to do the same with Shamu. Luckily she was able to try out the moves successfully. Though each time she tried it Shamu gave her a look that said otherwise he would kill her. Which she knew from seeing him with his striking. For Ani this was the most difficult training as she wasn't used to doing such moves unless it was with Hoyo and wrestling with beasts was much different then wrestling with humanoids. Though after a long week she finally was able to get most of it down. However, her passing test was the most difficult thing of all. She had to get Kimi to the ground at least once. The trial was long and hard, but eventually Ani was able to get Kimi to the ground. Though Ani was beat senseless and afterwords was healed by the mage. Despite what had happened she had still completed her goal of learning how to fight properly.



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