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Training of the Achilles (Training/Solo)

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Val Achilles

Val Achilles
As the harsh wind blew toward the hero. Val placed his hand on the straw hat, holding it together before it flew away. He then looked up at the desert after the strong wind was finished. In this place, it is very rare to find strong, cool winds. Val sighed as he ran into the desert with his hands inside his pocket.

What Val needed is to become better with his martial arts. He does not want to be vulnerable or weak against anything that comes his way. In order to be prepared, he needs to train his body to the limit.

When he was a child, he was never athletic and never really trained his body until Sarah came. Sarah was a warrior from the Immuchak Village so she knew how to fight. That day, she asked Val to meet her over at her camp out in the forest. The hero joined in as at the time he was in love with her.

Flash Back:
The young hero looked down at his watch with a sigh. Its late. What does she need? He walked through the forest in order to see a bright light. Val moved the bush slowly to see a blazing fire and a young women placing wood into the fire. She was placing one by one in order to burn it correctly. Val said with a load voice. The women turned toward Val and dashed at him with quick speed. Sarah then places her sword on his neck ready to cut it off.

WC: 262/ 1000


Training of the Achilles (Training/Solo) OuJTgPh

Training of the Achilles (Training/Solo) Val%20Sigs_zps45gfcdgt

Training of the Achilles (Training/Solo) EvhHC < click on it ^-^

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