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Learning more about the desert country [Social/Open]

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The fanalis walked around the market, bored and looking currently for something to do. She was most likely going to a job board to find a way to earn some money. Now that she was in this strange country she needed a place to stay, and while she still had plentiful reserves of money she felt like she needed to earn some more. As now that she was back in the city who knows how much she would end up spending in her time here. The girl would give off a light sigh while walking through the crowds. It was only the afternoon, the sun beating down with the crowds filling the air with noise, and stench too. The day felt so long though, and there was still quite a bit to go. Hopefully something fun and exciting would happen whilst she was here.


Learning more about the desert country [Social/Open] BB2kzwq
Learning more about the desert country [Social/Open] TXTx1qB
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