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Helping the scholars

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The mission:
Job Name: Ruins and Language
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: In the desert surrounding Heliohapt are ruins of pyramids, temples, and lost societies. Visit one of these ruins and investigate for the Historical Society. Bring back at least one tome and one artifact and the Historical Society will reward you

Today was going to be a good day for Ani, after all she had a somewhat easy job ahead of her at the moment, All she had to do was go into some ruins and receive a tome along with an artifact. She had already checked out the map and had decided to check out the destroyed temple to a cult that used to use a long time ago before they were destroyed by a group of laborers who were tired of them taking their daughters and son's away from their homes at night for whatever evil acts they had planned way back when. Though very little was known about the cult which is what lead Ani to going to investigate inside of it and bring back some information for members of the historical society to look at. She left Hoyo at home since it wasn't supposed to be that dangerous and Ani would most likely be able to take out any possible threats with just her mask and her pure brute strength as an Imuchakk. Though she began to wonder if she should try to refine her strength so it could become a more valuable asset when fighting in the future.

Ani stood outside of the ruined temple that was covered in sand, and looked like it had been bashed and raided quite a few times in the past years. She checked her equipment again, and the girl was wearing simple athletic shorts, and her banded leather top to make sure she would be safe as she walked through the old temple. She was wearing her fully strapped sandals that worked perfectly for staying cool, and also running around in the ruins. Her bag was strung by her side and her mask was in her left hand currently. Quickly tying her blue hair back into a ponytail she then placed the mask firmly on her face while grinning slightly a bit excited about what could possibly be inside of the mysterious ruins. She was also excited to see what these cultists were worshiping. Once she was sure that everything was ready she began walking to the entrance, letting out a soft sigh as she finally stepped inside ready to find what she was hired to find.

Inside of the ruins she found what looked like writings on the walls, but they seemed to be encoded messages since some of the lettering seemed familiar, but the placement and configuration of the words and sentences were somewhat confusing to her. Though soon enough she found the first object that she was supposed to find. She found a tome that seemed to be in good condition so she gently put it into bag before she continued to walk through the run down temple. She found the altar room and began looking around at the various drawings on the walls of magnificent beasts and towers that extended into the skies. She assumed they were dungeons, but she couldn't be for sure. After walking around for a bit in the altar room she found a cracked dagger which she put into her bag. Not long after that she left the ruins and made her way back into town giving the items to the historical society who payed her for helping them out.



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